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long story short: making pwm motor driver circuit for as apart of my senior design project, trying to get TI's DRV8874 transient model to simulate inside of orcad. I believe I followed all of the info in the data sheet and it's not reacting to anything. Also, im fairly sure i imported the model correctly, imported the orcad file then tied library f
long story short: making pwm motor driver circuit for my senior design project, trying to get TI's DRV8874 transient model to simulate inside of orcad. I believe I followed all of the info in the data sheet and it's not reacting to anything. Also, im fairly sure i imported the model correctly, imported the orcad file then tied library file to it to
Hello Everyone, I have to design a NFC antenna in which it needs to radiate a strong field strength (H) from 1 A/m to 7.5 A/m. I have these following questions: 1) What equation I can use to calculate the magnetic field (H) based on coil's field strength? 2) What electrical current magnitude necessary to get this st
Hi, As you know, its not difficult to design and build an offline SMPS LED driver that can run at 235W output, and also be dimmable down to 25W output. (eg, a Boost PFC followed by a 2 transistor forward converter). However, its far more challenging to make it able to pass mains harmonic emissions at 235W, and also at 25W. This is because th
Hi Team, I have designed a circuit with a 1.2V dc power supply. Part of the circuit is a clock generator and I output a few clock signals out to test. In order to drive more load, I adopted 4 series-connected inverter buffers before the output pad. Simulation suggested it can deliver 0-1.2V square waves. When I have my IC back, I glued a piece
Hi, I am looking for thermocouples with readers. I just found one with software support. There is a statement in the user manual / datasheet. I am trying to understand this statement. "RS-232 port to transfer data to PC for analysis" Using RS-232 port to transfer data to PC means that the serial communication protocol is UART ? Is it po
Hi I was working on my old LCD TV ccfl power supply. Incidentally the TV was repaired by a non authorized TV repaier technician and now was problem associted with CCFL gate driver, I traced the circuit diagram for isolated gate driver for the MOSFET to be similar to the image attached. however I am unable to read the components value from the
Hi, I am using PIC32MK1024MCF100 custom board. I was able to get QEI 1,2,3,4 working. I want to use the same on Interrupts. I saw there are certain register u can set to generate interrupts and check certain registers to see if bit was set. But I don't know how to write the interrupt routine for the same(Like we open a driver for timer interrupt o
Hi, Can the longer dead time cause distortion in output waveforms? And as a result torque ripple?? And can we perform the operation also without giving deadtime in bldc motor control?
I want to test my concept of full bridge converter (12v DC to 400v DC) by generating 50kHz signal from arduino/other MCU. It will look like DC12vBatt--->H-Bridge---->FerriteTransformer(step up, say for example getting 400v)----->Rectifier-->Filter (400v DC) Major challenges are in making H-Bridge circuit basically driving the Hi side
Hi, I am designing a wide-range input DC/DC converter. I came to LT8316. It is a controller and we should use an external switch, but in datasheet, it is stated that the power limit is 100W. My question is why? while we can use any switch on output and scale feedbacks. Why limits the output power? Thank you
I want to make a car, use the driver module, just have a piece of ULN2003 on hand, just think about whether you can use this chip to drive, check the DATASHEET, the current of each port is 500mA, I use the two ports in parallel Do a mouth control 1 motor, a total of 4 ports control 2 motors,
Page 5 of the following says that when selecting the low-side FET in a synchronous buck converter, the Qgd/Qgs ratio should be as low as possible. It says that this is to reduce shoot-through due to spurious on-turning of the low side FET when the top fet turns ON. However, if this were the case, then all one would have to do would be to add a cap
Hello, i need to design a driver to the LCD described on the following image. 156281 I'm using a frequency generator with a 5Vpp TTL signal to activate one segment or word of the LCD and commuting the corresponding COMM's but i have many interference, so... - I don't know if i'm using this correctly. - How i can
Hello, im trying to interface my arduino uno with matlab. however, when i try to load my code in IDE software it shows the error "avrdue:ser_open():cant open device '\\.\COM4":the system cannod find the file specified." this in turn results in the connection error in Matlab "Failed to open the serial port COM4 to communicate wih the board u
Here is a problem I encountered in the Lab today and would love to hear your thoughts about it. I was testing a LLC converter I designed under high voltage (500V) and after couple of test under low power (100kHz, 300ns dead time), upper MOSFETs (SCT3160) of H-bridge got damaged. Both of the damaged MOSFETs had gate and source shorted. I replace
non isolated high power supply - led driver.
Hello folks! I am new in this area in analog domain... I have piezo ceramic ultrasonic transducer for humidifier... Specs: Voltage: 5-12V Res. Freq: 1,7 MHz Res. Impedance: <2""> I dont now what is this... Coupling factor> 52% Static capacitance: 1800pF I want to make driver for this transducer as simple as posible. Do you have any i
Hi, I am new in this are. I have ultrasonic ceramic transducer for humidifier, and I want to make driver for this device as simple as posible. Specs of transducer: Voltage: 5-12V Resonant freq: 1,7 MHz Resonan impedance: <2""> (I dont now what is this) Coupling factor: >52% Static capacitance: 1800 pF Do you have any idea? Than
hellow guys i have a JHD-TFT1.8-16A lcd with st7735 driver in it. i want to run emwin on this lcd using a lpc1788 board. my board has a 32mb external ram and i am sure the ram config is ok. i write the below code to run emwin. but nothing happend when i use gui_setbackcolor function. please if some one knows whats wrong help me. i know this l