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1. my treo270 CPU is PXA CPU , may I connect USB device (like Hard-disk or mouse ) to Treo650 ? 2. acer N30 PPC PDA with USB host , and can connect USB device like keyboard but can not connect USB webCam , If I want to connect PDA with ToUCAM webcam *for get astronomy photo) where can I find PDA driver for PDA ?
Most of time you will burn down the inductors between your keyboard and PC chipset. It would be better to use open collector to PC.
hi all, i am searching for along time to sending keystrokes to directinput(directx), with visual basic and nobody have a solution. directinput don`t respond on any sendkeys api from vb code becouse,directinput is directly connected to the keyboard driver, so my question is, is it possible to simulate keypresses through the keyboard (...)
Will the PS/2 mouse and keyboard device work without the driver hidclass.sys in windows 2000?
Hi I am a newbie in linux and I would like to seek some advise regarding the above mention subject. My keyboard went dead after the inital "enter" key for installation mode. I had tried the option on "noprobe" but still not working. I think i may need a driver for usb keyboard. However, i cannot find a download for this (...)
When adding a LCD driver unit, a solar panel and a matrix keyboard controller it can form an energy saving calculator. probably with alarm clock.
Hi All I'm planning to built a small MIDI keyboard and want to communicate using a USB connection for laptop use Does anyone have any good Ideas or sample code biggest problem is the Windows driver and the device descriptor I have already built a few project using Microchips USB chips communicating with them as HID devices but I want wind