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Hi, Recently, I got this BLE v5 dongle , I plugged it to an ubuntu machine and started to check it using these commands $ sudo hciconfig -a No output $ sudo hcitool dev Devices: $ sudo hcitool lescan Could not open device: No such device But linux c
Hi all, I'm trying to diagnose a potential issue with my computer monitor causing me eyestrain in Linux with the Nvidia proprietary driver. The screen almost appears to have an almost imperceptible shimmering effect which causes eyestrain and a onset of a headache within minutes. I get no eyestrain in Windows, nor does it occur with Linux runnin
Hi all I am trying to control the speed of the DC motor using 89S52 controller using Timer0 Interrupt void main() { while(1) { status_flag=1; PWM=0; msdelay(5000); status_flag=0; motor=0; msdelay(5000); } void pwm_setup() { TMOD &= 0xF0; // Clear 4bit field for timer0 TMOD |= 0x01; //
Hi We have pulses which we need to delay by some approx. 280ns, and indeed we need to make the pulses shorter, again by some approx. 280ns The attached (ltspice sim and pdf) show two circuits which could possibly achieve this. Do you agree that the top circuit, which uses a logic buffer IC, is not workable in reality due to the high output impe
The primary current sense threshold of the LT1681 Two Transistor forward controller is 150mV max. Do you think this is too low (ie due to possible noise issues) for use in offline SMPS?s of 300 to 600W? Also, could the low sense threshold noise problem be in some way mitigated by using a current sense transformer rather than a sense resistor?
I am developing a test rig for my motor controller. Below is the image which shows a motor is connected back to back to act as a load with load resistor 156455 left side is the controller that will run the motor of 400W. Right side i am connecting another motor with a coupling in between and resistor R1, R2, R3 a
There do not seem to be good probes on the market. I want to see a 5 MHz rectangular wave with 500 ps switching time. Is anyone aware of a solution of this problem?
Hello All, Does anyone has an example source code of initializing NCV78763 LED driver? I have ONSEMI's SPI driver library. Need some help if there is an example code describing the usage of the driver. If anyone has already implemented them - please let me know. Note: This is only for learning SPI implementation purpose. Thanks.
Hi, I used a controller dsPIC33FJ16GS504 for on gird solar-microinverter, in my hardware part when I applied input (24-dc battery not a solar panel), also connect lamp of 300 W as a load, and applied a grid to the output side as per given in document (for detail microchip document AN1444). I also read a procedure to start hardware. As per proce
Hello We are doing Boost converter PFC?d LED driver in Constant off time using LT8312 controller. (0-300W, 240VAC) LTspice sim and pdf schem attached. We are adjusting the power throughput by adjusting a control voltage into the Vc pin. (This is possible because it?s a transconductance error amplifier) Do you know what is the control vol
What are sequence to initialize HD44780 display device ? . are given in page 42 to initialize in 4 bit mode but the table it seems confusing me 1. Display clear 2. Function set: 3. Display on/off control: 4.
Hi, The inductance of the spiral coil obtained is 96.0429nH. The capacitance & Resistor i have defined using lumped port is -6.1 ohm and 50 ohm. . But resonance is not acheived. The graph of S11 is attached here.
Dear All, I'm planning on using a transistor to drive a 75 Ohm coaxial line (RG6) with just a digital signal. From collector to VDD there will be a 75 Ohm resistor. The signal at the collector is than AC-coupled onto a RG6 coaxial cable. At the end of the long cable (100m, neglect the attenuation for now) there is a 75 Ohm termination. So if
Hi All, while hotplugging(5-8 times) FTDI chip usb-uart console onto my laptop; the processor reboots, this rebooting process is intermittent. the processors uart lines are connected to the consoles uart lines(I/O level 3v3 both processor and console); currently on the uart's TX and RX lines both, there is a series 100 ohm and capacitance
Hiya everybody: Im looking for ideas for an automated physical keystroker, this is intended for keystroking a particular physical keyboard Thanks in advance :)
Hi, We wish to program the PIC16F176X micro to be a constant off time controller for a Current mode Flyback SMPS. Please could you say if this is possible? All we wish to do is set up its comparator to ?look? at the FET source sense resistor voltage. When the sense threshold is breached, it is then required to switch the FET off (via an e
Hi everyone. I would like to make a PCB for testing a differential SAR_ADC chip (designed in 180nm process). I wonder whether I need an input driver for my adc or just directly supply all the signal( Vin_p, Vin_n) from the function generator. About the reference voltage, I didn't design a bandgap inside the chip, so do I have to use a reference cir
I am designing an LDO that will be used to power a small digital circuit. I have access to said digital circuit and have been simulating my LDO with it. My question: when designing my pass device to support maximum load current, which numbers should I use, average or RMS current? And why? Follow up question: when measuring the load current I
Hi All, am appealing to anybody who has a similar environment to give me a few tips here :) The internet problem is weird, the system default is ffox 70 that runs fine standalone but none of the quartus menu's that would invoke it (help etc) work you just get no response. The same is true even if you set the browser path directly to ffox instead
Hi i have a 2inch spi tft lcd with st7735 driver and i run emwin library on it using stm32f103ve. i dont use external ram for emwin and just use micro ram for emwin. i can use all of emwin capability except memory device. i try evrything but memory devices wont work. is that because of i dont use external ram or memory devices wont work on spi lcd