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Hi To All iŽam trying to build a counter 00-99 two displays and keyboard whit pic 16f877 everything is fine whit the 0 to 9 number however i can get the 10 to 99 i read many post here about build a var to store data but i donŽt get results. iŽam using a 4x3 keyboard and kbd.c. if((k=='1')) { output_low(pin_c0);
Hi all, I just managed to get these strange pink lines on my schematic editor by touching some keys on my keyboard accidentally (see attached picture). What are they and how can I remove them ??? Thanks a lot, DYL :D
Hello, I need to make a homemade PS2 keyboard using a microcontroller and a matrix keyboard (many little switches connected in a matrix. The micro will scan the matrix and output the appropriate data on the PS2 Has anyone already done this, any such projects on the internet? I cannot find any.
I want to use matrix keyboard for my project but i want logic for entering the value & where it save.
My keyboard is hs the repair man say he need a schematic or service manual for my roland kc-150
Show your circuit. schematic and/or pictures will help. You need to pull the clock and data lines high or the keyboard won't transmit. Throw a 1k-10k pullup resistor between clock and +5V and another with data. See or electrical interface section at
Importing text file- may not be straight away possible. I was using the following method to paste release notes in CAD : 1. Create the release notes in a note pad and use a sufficiently big font size- say more than 20 in your notepad program. 2. Save the file for future edits 3. With the file open, do a print screen (on your keyboard), make a BMP,
Hello, I Need a Morse Code Reader schematic based on microcontroller and LCD module but at the same time with the ability to send morse code using some kind of keyboard or switches. During the 80's there were some HAL machines that would be able to encode morse code but I have not seen a suitable project.
Did you check the user manual + schematic for the nexys2? Digilent has those on their website... Those 4 PMOD's can be used for input/output, depending on how you configure them. The only restriction I recall is that LD7:LD4 are shared with one of the PMOD's. But in practice that's not much of an issue. Your 4x4 keyboard doesn't need any supply?
8mhz is the frequency of the mcu core, the frequency that you scan the keyboard is much much lower Alex
Bru - you will get the same result in ANY language and excuse the pun but the code is messy and the schematic too wiring "goto top sorry bottom sorry keyboard" all over isis to lcd & keyboard and since you don't have time for this why do you want us to help you fix your mess in our time if you want help sure anytime. You start C like this (...)
Any one have schematic and software( preferably in C) for PIC18*, LCD(text) and a PC keyboard with rs232. That is a Dumb terminal with bi-directional communication between PC and Micro with Local Echo. LCD can be GLCD too. PIC is not mandatory, a 89c/s 2051/4051 is also most welcome. actually any Cheap and DIP package micro is ok.
Your description is vaque and hard to understand. Are you trying to build a dc-dc converter which operates of 12V. Has keyboard configurable output voltages (2.3, 5.7, 18.9V) and a LCD display displaying which value is currently selected ? Are you asking for a full blown already built schematic fullfilling these parameters. If so then you are out
Pls, i'm working on 16x72 led dotmatrix display using 89c52 with pc keyboard interface . Cam anybody help me with the source code and the schematic?
please helpme my experiment scrolling text with input keyboard,the final my project but i dizzy code no error but warning=1, i compiler with Code vision AVR. this schematic with ic AT90s8535 but i change ic Atmega8535,please corect this code if make Atmega8535 or please helpme fo compiler this code for Atmega8535,please share Hex after compiler At
Dear all, I need a schematic diagram of moving messange display using PC serial port / parallal port with text display software. if I press any word from PC keyboard then its dislay the word & also this word moving untill change the word again. If u have this, please help me... thanks all.
Such a device is called calibrator and is available from many instrumentation manufacturers. I would design it from a AD420 4-20 mA DAC and an uP (with a keyboard and a display) to control it. The critical analog part is completely represented by the AD420. You can probably get fully analog switch controlled calibrators from surplus.
The usual steps would be to hook up a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Then power up to see if it works. The machine should go through POST, and then look for an operating system on the hard drive. A machine this old that would probably be Windows 98SE, or Windows XP Home Edition, or perhaps (heaven forbid) Windows ME. If no OS can be found, the
Hi, if anyone have it or schematic please share. I need for my midi keyboard. Thank you
Cross Probe already has a keyboard shortcut - use "TC" when in either the PCB Editor or the schematic Editor. The cursor will change to a large cross, and when you click on an object in one document type, the corresponding object will mask and select in the other.