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DE2 has a PS/2 connector, perfectly suited to connect a PC keyboard.
iam trying ti interface ps2 keyboard to fpga kit(spartan-3e) can any one help me for code
I have to do a project using verilog, but I haven't worked with it before, therefore I'm clueless. The main idea of the project is to synchronize the monitor and the keyboard with the fpga this way : In the middle of the screen particles appear as pixels with an initial speed and an initial direction, both random from one particle to the next. The
If you have knowledge on VHDL or verilog,the You can write a code for keyboard logic first then you instantiate your code in your top module of ur project.
I need verilog cod for keyboard ineterfaceing with LCD....? i will be thankful to you for this act of kindness...
Hi, I am trying to type words onto the LCD screen of my Spartan 3E board using a PS/2 keyboard, but I am having trouble. I have been able display the scan code values of the keyboard using the 8 leds on the spartan 3e, and i have also been able to program words in my code to be displayed on the LCD screen. However, I am unable to use the LCD
I want to display inputs 0-9 using numpad of keyboard & the output will show on 7segments display of FPGA My FPGA Spartan 3E
the website has some open source keyboard controllers in VHDL/verilog. I have used one of them on an FPGA. You can check their source code to see what they do internally. And either re-implement, or re-use.
Hi dear, download scan codes of ps2 keyboard, develop logic by understanding PS2 protocol, refer datasheet of LCD(16x2) or any microcontroller book for the same
Hi I have written a code in verilog for interfacing PS2 keyboard to FPGA it seems to work fine on ModelSim but I am not very good at designing testbenches I am uploading my code here please see it and give your suggestions If you have a test bench for checking PS 2 keyboard interface code please cross check my code against it and share (...)
well, my modulator uses a unit to capture the sequence to modulate from a keyboard, then I used, to generate the signal, a ROM with enough samples to generate the correct signal with a DAC, then I used a SPI controller to use the DAC.
hi i would be glad if someone post inormation,verilog code for displaying the simulated results on lcd of spartan 3e kit.please help me
Why dont you check PS2-keyboard chapter in FPGA prototyping by verilog examples by Pong P chu. This book is available online. Search for this title in edaboard search. Hope it helps.
How to write the verilog code for fpga to recieve input from the computer keyboard through RS-232 Is this right? module serialfun(clk, RxD, TxD, GPout, GPin); input clk; input RxD; output TxD; output GPout; input GPin; /////////////////////////////////////////////////// wire RxD_data_ready; wire RxD_data;
How will the input will be given to your system, keyboard, buttons, another MCU will be interfaced with a keyboard then it will transmit it to your system using Serial protocol ,..... or what ?
Hi, is there a way to "scan" keyboard strokes during a verilog testbench simulation (instead of using a file) ? Thx
PS/2 keyboard and Mouse verilog available in . From this u can understand how the ps/2 working. thne u modify to vhdl.
Hi, :?: :?: Does anybody have a keyboard Scanner in either VHDL or verilog? :?: :?: Thx in advance, - maestor