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first digit is to be displayed start from left digit, 2nd digit in middle, last digit right . what if they are in reverse :roll: Try some already existing schematic, when you stuck up come he
when the program exits from isr last scanning status retained ,to avoid that JNB instructions are used. remove that lines and run your program to check the effect. I have stopped the main program using 'sjmp $'. you can remove that and enter your program loop there. then you have to use some status bits to know keypad status. when the keypad is act
I want to enter the data in eeprom with keypad and the display on 8 bit lcd. Please help me with asm code. its urgent...reply soon
I'm new to PIC Microcontrollers & C programming and I've been set the task of creating my own keypad scanning method that works exclusively on Port C (16F877A Microcontroller). Specifically, the program that uses this method only uses digits 1, 2, 4 and 5- so to be efficient, the scanner method is to only use RC0, RC1, RC2 and RC3 as the designated
Hi, Thats a lot of code to go though, but it builds first time so thats a good start. However what you do need to do more of is use more ; comment lines so that when you or anyone else looks at your code, its easy to follow, its surprising how quickly you can forget things and end up wondering , why did I do that ?? Some important info sti
70831Dear All Please see picture This is my Proteus project connected to 16f877a MCU with keypad. when I press the key the result put to the portc please advice, is this cct is correct?. meanwhile please send me a sample asm code for this cct to understand the operation of keypad. Thanks As f
dear try to use keypad with adc here is the link to help you Connecting a keypad to an AVR
hi , sorry for my English i have connected my project (8051 interface with keypad), the keypad output is in decimal, so by example (if i write 800 using keypad)i want to take this number and then subtract this number from (65535) and then load the counter (TH0 , TL0) with the output result from the subtraction process, how can i do this (...)
hi, i want to make controlled current source which use max5400 digpot as voltage controller, atm128 used 2 control it by 3-wire, keypad as inputs 2 determined wiper position and lcd 16*2 as display,, the problem is,i lack of any language programming,i used 2 try some of it like asm and C,could u provide me any source code or any link or any suggest
i am making a project on boile in which i have to give the temperature on boiler with the help of keypad and we have temperature sensor which are comparing with the input temp we gave ... and all the result should be shown on lcd .. this project should be made by help of microcontroller at89s52 ... i need code on this on assemply lungage plus schem
keypad with 8051, asm and C: Rgds, IanP
hi, i am designing a 7 segment display with keypad. the pressed key is to be displayed on 4 seven segment displays with the values shifting from left to right. i have written the software (asm) to the point where the key pressed is returned into a variable i have named KEY but i'm having problems on how to shift the units to tens, tens to hundreds
if you not sure how to translate to asm then check out a prog i wrote a while back for 3x4 keypad with lcd. its not the most elegant code but it works, maybe give you a clearer understanding hopefully Added after 1 minutes: sorry! forgot the link
Hello guys..:D For my project i want to transmit the keypad data to RF Txr and it should be Recieved in Rxr ..... In Transmitter side... the data typed in keypad should be displayed in LCD display(2*16)... I need Source code in '.asm' or '.C'.. please give some idea to transfer the keypad data to Receiver... (...)
This is an interface code that I take from the 8051 micro-controller - Iscott MacKenzie. I has modified some to satisfy my requirement, but I got stuck in some syntax errors and I don't how to solve it. Please help me !!! Cat Le Thanks for kind hearts ;FILE: keypad.SRC ;****************************************************************
4x3 key pad proteus schemetic. Hex and asm