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try reading keypad and lcd interfacing.
Both tutorials use C language, but they give the idea behind keypad and lcd interfacing.
look the tutorial may be helpful
:???:i want to interface 4x4 keypad with avr atmega32 along with lcd display. I m using avr studio. Can anyone provide me a c code for interfacing 4x4 keypad.
dear all, i am working on traffic light controller using atmega32. i am not getting the logic behind keypad. actually in traffic controller we have to enter the date, time, signal working time, slot time, red time, green time, yellow time and many more entries. at starting we get a message ''press any key'' at lcd. know we will press any key f
Look here
I have seen many on the internet using some mp3 decoder ICs. Can the decoding be done on software (16Mhz atmega) aside with controlling a graphical lcd and keypad or pushbuttons (is the processing speed sufficient)? I would tend to agree with sky_123 that the ATMEGA would most likely not provide the required MIPS or
hi.I have question which is :write a program (with C) which can read a number from a keypad that connected to the D port of micro avr.(Atmega 16) and show the sin & cos of that number according degree on lcd.pleas help me regard pesarirouni
I wanna Need your help to chose an uC for the such a abilities because i dont want to use an extra chip, but and audio amp. keypad lcd 2x16 (not recommanded) SD-card (or any memory card to save voice files) Audio o/p using PWM or DAC , should be integrated in uC should be from atmel avr or PIC, because its easy to bu
Guys, I want some opinions from you guys picking right Atmel/Atmega controller for my project purpose which following specifications: 1. UART connections 2. lcd display 3. keypad 4x4 4. SD card write/read data Regards Linspire