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my project block diag: keypad(input)=>pic16f877a=>max232=>DTMF encoder=>RF 433 ASK Tx => RF 433 ASK Rx=>DTMF decoder=>max232=>pic16f877a=>relays the data is being correctly transmitted and received using max232. so in cross questioning if i asked why i'm using max232 is then what will be the (...)
There is some difference in 877 and 877A. You mention that you are using 877A chip but your circuit shows 877 chip. Confirm the chip. Your keypad circuit is wrong. Google for 4X4 or 4X3 keypad. If you are using 4X3 or 3X4 (12 Keys keypad) then you need only one PORT for the keypad interface (using digital IO). If you use ADC (...)
Hello, I have wired a wireless RF transceiver, 12 key keypad, and pic 16f877a together. Right, I'm trying to change the hex value that is being transmitted from the transceiver using the keypad, and onto LEDs, but my program seems to get stuck in the debounce section. The debounce works fine when only connecting the (...)
Hello there I am busy with a project where I must use a 4x4 matrix keypad to display 40 characters i.e (A-Z,0-9,comma,decimal point, exclamation mark and question mark) using alpha numerical display(same way the old non-touch screen cell phones worked). I am using a 16f877a pic and programming in MikroC compiler for picS. (...)
Hi all, How to interface 4 x 4 keypad with pic micro-controller (pic 16f877a) with detail : The numbers 0-9 will be used as the decimal operands and letters to specify the operation: F will carry on the addition ? + ? of 2 digits E will carry on the subtraction ? - ? of 2 digits C to show result ? = ?. please code only
sorry i don't have sample program for that ic i found this link which has the sample program for pic 16f877a this will help you.
im a beginner in microcontroller espessially pic microchip I use a pic 16f877a which shall to receive temperature through temp sensor on adc on a pic 16f877a and compare it with defined value I enter by keypad If the received value exceeds the defined value buzzer turns on. I cannot (...)
HI, I am repeating... I am doing a project to get input data from a 4X3 matrix key pad (just as in mobile) and display it in lcd using pic 16f877a.... the keys are like (.,1),(abc2),(def3),............(wxyz9).... i dont know how to write code for key identification as it uses multiple character in a single key..... if any one know
here is for lcd display Examples - Chapter 4 - Book: pic Microcontrollers - Programming in BASIC and here is for keypad Examples - Chapter 4 - Book: pic Microcontroller
Please help me by sending a 3x4 keypad programming for pic 16f877a and the key pressed will be displayed on the LCD. keypad is connected to port d and LCD to port b.
Here is some code in picBasic you can try and convert it to microbasic It will work with your current diagram but with an 18 pin device, I use it daily so I know it work. there is some disable code at the bottom that I use for security in case the customer don't pay me :razz: '**************************************************************
Dear friend, Below program is for 4*1 keypad reading. list p=pic16f877a #include"" cblock 0x20 r0,r1 endc org00 goto main org 04h retfie main bsf status,5 bcf status,6 movlw 0xf0 movwf trisb movlw 0x00 movwf trisc bcf status,5 bsf portb,0 top btfsc portb,4 goto l1 btfsc portb,5 goto l2 (...)
i have a final project and it title is a DIGITAL COMPASS.. i already have the hardware but i must create it program myself. im using keypad 4x4, lcd 2x16, pic16f87a dan sensor( Hitachi HM55B compass module ).. i have a program but it didnt works.. LCD didnt show anything.. im stucks.. here this program and circuit. .thanks so much for helping me..
Hello all, I am developing Training and educational kits for the newbies of embedded. Recently I've launched a training kit for pic16f877a. This kit contains many modules such as -LEDs -USART -4x4 keypad -7-segment display -LCD 16x2 -I2C EEPROM -RTC and a ICSP based programmer for pic (...)
hi to all i have car alarm system project , i need to arm and disarm the pic using keypad. so please help me i need schematich and C code thnx
Hi I'm also newbie in pic but I already try keypad and LCD once but for bluetooth not yet. I use MikroBasic V7.2 from MikroElektronika. i Attached the sample program. Just Checked. ( I Use pic 16f877a). LCD Connection : Port b : R/W = Gnd E = pb.3 rs = pb.2 data (...)
you can; pic16f877a has some EEPROM you can store your data even when power is removed. There are a lot of techniques how to connect a keypad to a 877. you may look at the microchip homepage for some circuit connections