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I am trying to interface JHD12864 Graphical LCD(ks0108 LCD controller based) with PIC16F877A using MPLAB and Hightec C.Can anybody help me to make header files for it.The code which I get is enclosed here.but it doesn't work properly.Also I need code for drawing images on it Is there any pullup required In my circuit?
Hi........I am interfacing a GLCD 122x32 with 89c52 but it doesn't work.....can anyone please give me an assembly example code for displaying some pixels on the LCD? The GLCD controller is SBN 1661g... Hi, Just looking at that displays datasheet it seems very similar to the old ks0108 display which als
I am using a graphic lcd with ks0108 controller and i would like to invert chip select 1 (CS1) and chip select 2(CS2) pins from code, I am using mikroC. Is this possible? If it is, how should I do this?
any one have idea for wave representing on glcd with at89c51 or any pic,pls give me ans
I am using AT89C51 Micro-controller to interface it with my Graphical LCD, Writing works fine, means i had displayed the Images on Graphical LCD, but my requirement is to just high and low a single pixel on graphical lcd... But i don't know, why it doesn't works. (I am using ks0108 Based Graphical LCD) What y
I want to interface this graphic lcd that has a ks0108 controller with PIC16f877. Can anyone help me with some basic steps to get a satisfied result pls? All help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Maria You need to init the LCD first, read from ks0108 datasheet, For example : void GDispInit(void) { GDisp
The JHD12864E employs a controller chipset which is compatible with the ks0108 chipset. Therefore, you can substitute any of the GLCDs with 128x64 resolution and the ks0108 controller chipset: Under Optoelectronics:Graphical LCDs Ampire
In a forum, a seller gives this link for information. It seems a standard one. 128x64 graphic LCD routines and tools for ks0108 and HD61202 this page , it says needs -10v for operat
Hi, To send a character to a glcd you have to lookup that character from a font table, which then sends out the correct pattern to turn on the required pixels to make up that character. Before you start using a glcd you have know the type of glcd - say TS12864 , what its driver / controller are KS0107/ks0108 and what you are coding with.
i want a specific answer for my question on how to interface jhd12864 to either PIC or AT89c51. all the other links u have suggested, i've already been through all of that. Oh PIC thats great. Which compiler are you using(or ASM mention that). Search for GLCD library (ks0108 controller based) on net.or if you are using
I am having a 128x64 graphics LCD and the controller is ks0108.I am willing to use pic mc either 16F877 or 18f452 . I want to create a menu based program for setting some parameters eg: temperature and time.the digits are to be selected individually and may be changed.if anyone give the code in mikroc i will be happy.thanks in advance.
Hello, I'm trying to build this oscilloscope: I'm using a raystar GLCD with a NT7108 controller. I know it's compatible with the more common ks0108. I have a few problems however. More explicit, ONE big one. The display doesn't show up anything, just blank. It's also my first PIC to program (i only worked with some AVR
Hi, That glcd uses the ks0108 twin controller. Just search this forum for the many posts on that controller and the JHD12864E. You do not say what language you are coding in A,B or C ?
hello there =) I'm starting a new project using a PIC 16f876 and a GLCD device (T6963C or ks0108 controller) I would like to build my own tamagotchi, I used to love this game when I was young However, There are things about GLCD that I still don't get right Let's say for example I want the tamagotchi to walk left and right through the screen
Hi, First you need to get the full datasheet - just search on ks0108 or KS0107 . The Reset Pin just needs to be sent high when Intialising the controller, thereafter it is held low all of the time, so no need to alter it everytime you send out data. Data is sent to the controller as bits - so an ascii text character has to be (...)
Hi, Without a recognisable model number and knowing what the controller chip it is using its impossible to give any answer other than a guess. It looks a modern design so Vee will probably be set by the software. Only one CS would possibly suggest its not a ks0108 dual controller, which means it will not be suitable for that scope (...)
Hi everyone! :D , I need to represent a Glcd touch screen on proteus but I don´t have any Glcd (ks0108 controller) on the library with FOUR (4) control lines ** to connect to PIC (18f452) ** X+ = RA0/AN0 ** Y+ = RA1/AN1 ** X- = RA2/AN2 ** Y- = RA3/AN3 Can someone help me?? Thanx
well, hi everyone, and sorry for my bad English... I have worked with hdt44780 text LCD and a nokia3300 b/W GLCD and nokia3100 color GLCD but they are too small for my application, I also got an GLCD with a ks0108 controller (LM12864L) and made it works... My question is: could someone suggest me a model/number of GLCD to work with graphic
hi, i just started working on GLcd, i have no idea how to beggin. Am using ks0108 controller, 128 *64 LG display.can u pls send me some small programs controlling GLcd, using c on 8051.:|
Hi, i'am tryning to redesign elektor's reflow oven from december 2007 to use a 64x128 LCD with ks0108 controller. The code from elektor is for a S6B1713 controller, and i don't now how to make code. Best regards PicBlaster
I have been googling for an hour and still couldn't find anything except for lots of electrical specification sheets and a sample C code for a smiliar controller. If you worked with this ks0108 LCD controller before, or you just have the command-list for it, please share it with me. I will appreciate any help you offer. (...)
Like the title says,which LCD KS0107/ks0108 or T6963 or some other? I need relatively fast LCD so it doesn't blur, B/W, 128x64 pix or more, controller with enough info to program and not to pricey(~60-80$). KS0107/ks0108 - till now I used only HD44780, and this confuses me a bit, why two separate ic, it's fast T6963 - ok, but it's (...)
I m using spartan 3 with 400k gate density and i m working with xilinx 9.1. Currently i m doing glcd having ks0108 controller i m finding very difficult to display a character in that glcd. please give some idea in this it will be very helpful for me to fininsh the project.. Thanks in advance
Hi all this is a simple project of 8051 mcu. It involves keypad, PC (serial port using HT), GLCD (CV12864b) this GLCD has the ks0108 controller in it. the programming is simple (assembly level) and has a lot of commenting in it.
I have a graphic LCD with model number QY - 12864bg. Can anyone tell me the controller used in it? Is it ks0108 Samsung controller? Its made in CHINA.
Hi, I need any simple program to run a graphical lcd with ks0108 controller using C langauge..... just any program to initilize the lcd and turn on any pixels with any pattern... another request, is there an AVR function library deals with this kind of lcd??? thanx...........
Are any one have an algorithm to draw any line in agraphical LCD Ampire 128x64 with controller ks0108? Thanks in advance
how to program for graphic lcd in 89c51 using ke*il That's easy. Start gathering information about your LCD controller (Toshiba T6963, Samsung ks0108 or Hitachi HD61202 just to name a few; there is no generic driver for 128x64) and draw your schematics (i.e. if you want to drive the LCD in I/O map space) When you're read
I have used ks0108. But that is for Black and white LCD and much lower resolutions. Sorry, I dont have any epxerience on color LCDs, but if you have a question about ks0108, I would be glad to help out.
What GLCD you have in mind? Samsung ks0108, Toshiba T6963, Hitachi HD61202, Epson SED1330 ...? I could help you if you tell me type of controller. As far as I know mikroBasic is only working,at the moment, with ks0108. Right? meax98
Hi Yes, FastAVR works great with ks0108 (=HD61202) graphic controller (and SED1520 too...) Here are lignes to declare two types : '$GLCD SEP1520, data=PORTB, ctrl=PORTD, 122, 32 '$Gctrl A0=0, RW=1, E1=4, E2=3 $GLCD HD61202, data=PORTB, ctrl=PORTD, 128, 64, 2 $Gctrl CS1=4, CS2=3, DI=0, WR=1, EN=2 Code produced (ASM) is really
Hello IMHO porting code from SED 1335 controller to ks0108 is not a simple job. The first is AKA "intelligent controller" like T6963, the second is a lower cost controller (like SED1520) without character generator ROM and with some paging access to screen(s). You have to get some fonts and write low level (...)

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