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hello to all ... I simulate a graphic lcd 64*128 in proteus and program the micro with codevision avr and atmega64 but just show some point! did you know whats the wrong? tnx from your good site the schematic and code is here 117920 #include #include lcd.h> #include void main(void)
Hi!I'm using a display from Winstar nt7108 driver compatible with ks108 and using the Glcd library mikro c compiler on a PIC18F452. By connecting the circuit the display shows only half, or just the chip cs1 or cs2 .. Does anyone know help me? The connections of the display are correct, have also tried to change the pins. But the problem remains. I
The following library is a good start for you : Universal C Library for ks108
Hello, I'm trying to make some games using Atmega16 and Graphic lcd 128x64 ks108. Well for sure you know about the flickering problem when you need more fps or in case, move things faster in your lcd. so yea, I need to have a clean and fast frame rate but when I move my pictures or anything else, I actually see the drawing process of it and (...)
This 128x64 pixel display ( with ks108 )controller is a connected to C8051F020. Here i attached the entair code this may help to you. 53922
try this link...
Hi, For microcontroller use AVR or PIC or anything else. I suggest AVR. For display, you can use Glcd with controller ks108/KS107/T6963 or you can use alphanumeric lcd with controller HD44780. Tahmid.
Hi, I believe the lcd uses the T6963C controller It could be using the ks108/KS107 controller as well. Check to be sure.
You mean, that the vendor doesn't provide application circuits for the lcd device? But they have basic data sheets of the lcd and some similar resistive touch screens. As you already found out, it's a ks108 compatible graphic display. So what information you're actually missing? ks108 is common used graphic chip, there (...)
why type of glcd you use TOSHIBA T6963 or ks108 SAMSUNG or SED1335 tell us your glcd type
i know PG12864 is a TOOSHIBA T6963 Glcd but i think yours is a ks108 (SAMSUNG) then look at ks108 datasheet.and tell me the ver you use thanks
Im working in a project , and need interface a graphics lcd 128x64 (ks108 controller) with an 8051 type microcontroller. Somebody have a C source code that interface this type of glcd with an 8051? TIA
hi, I can't say I've seen many 128x64 lcd's with the T6963 controller, there are some, but the more common IC for 128x64's is the ks108/9. Unlike the T6963 it doesn't have a built-in font generator, which means you'll have to store the bitmaps for letters/numbers in the memory of your contorller (microcontroller?). I've had real troub