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Hello Everyone, I've run into some issues recently with importing a library of I/O cells provided for our technology, Global Foundaries GF 8RF-DM (previously 130nm IBM cmrf8sf). I am now creating a pad-ring for our completed core circuit but am running into many issues regarding LVS. I have communicated with the library provider (ARM) regardi
this is impossible to answer without details. it is very common to drop voltage markers and labels on layouts, even though those are not physical layers. I think that is what you are talking about.
Introducing Waveme A new, free, GUI-based, digital timing diagram drawing software for Windows. Waveme is intended primarily for documentation purposes, where diagrams can be exported (stored) as image files (PNG, BMP and TIFF). Waveme can be used to draw waveforms (signals and buses), gaps, arrows and labels (see attached images). Highly
Using the j operator simplifies the mathematics when analysing circuits with Rs, Cs and Ls. It labels components so they are known to have currents and voltages at 90 degrees to each other and the + or- signify whether the current is leading or lagging. Frank
Anyone know how to remove all the left over net labels on a schematic once a wire is deleted?I can not what you want to do at all. However almost all functions are available in Edit menus. Confirm Edit Menus.
hi... let me clear this up: when we do programming, we write them either in assembly or c the first stage the labels of one file is unrecognized for the other files. and when we compile it, consider the case that a function is in one file, and the defenition for it is in the another file. so we use EXPORT/IMPORT to access the differen LightScribe, invented by HP in 2004.
loop chks1 btfsc PORTC, RC1 ;check if S1 if it is pressed First error - what is "chks1" ? It isn't an instruction and it isn't in the first column so it isn't a label either. Second error - "pttnH" and "pttnL" are labels but have no addresses, they are outside the program space. Third error - the MACRO definintion isn't correct. It
There are many best practices for surface clearance on PCB (creepage ) for safety, snubbing transients to prevent false firing and leakage current control. Low side or neutral switching obviously leaves the circuit live when not triggered but safety labels or common sense assumes the user will switch the breaker before servicing. Keep in mind wh
What do you mean by "established" bias voltage? What do you think is the meaning of Vcm1 and Vcm labels in the original Filter Designer schematic? Names for floating circuit nodes? Vcm1 must be obviously connected to a voltage source or a bypassed voltage divider, Vcm at least to a sufficient large bypass capacitor, or shorted to Vc
Hi, cdl refers to circuit design language i think mostly netlist level language format similar to spice and used in LVS and DRC .gds is graphic database system format is unreadable. It is a binary file format representing planar geometric shapes, text labels, and other information about the layout in hierarchical form. The data can be used to re
Hi all, I'm looking to a Volt, Watt and Ammeter using a microcontroller to be used in a home made power supply that regulates the negative rail. The range must be 0-20V and 0-50A and of course 20*50=0-1.000W and if possible with labels in portuguese like Tensao for Volts, Corrente for the Ammeter and Potencia for Watts but other languages are we
I being an engineer myself take precautions. I was just asking for common knowledge. Your problem was solved by Edison in ~1890. He designed a FUSE to prevent overheating anything in all installation due to overload current. Keep all contacts in a good state and read the labels indicating a maximum rate
I am experimenting with the ARM7TDMI-s in LPC2119 and trying to figure out what is in the startup.s code to understand the vector interrupt system. I have this curiosity where the labels like Reset_Addr and SWI_Addr are defined because they are not in the same file and neither in the header. Appreciate any help. thanks
I think these problems/warnings just arise from pin labels which overlap each other. Make them as small as the pins themselves. For your own orientation you could use additional text labels in the current size, which don't disturb the LVS. Anyway: 114749
Hi all, I was trying to move some of the components into a new sheet in eagle 6.5 when this happened. If I go to the layout file the connections are still good but the labels that are common to sheet 1 and 2 automatically changed. How do I get rid of the "/1.2A" part? Regards
Use a search engine like google, instead of asking others to do web searches for you (that just labels you as a lazy bum that should be added to their ignore list). I already gave you your 1 freebie web search for the month.
Hi all, In a big schematic design, there are several net labels connected to the same node. When I upload sch to pcb, one is selected arbitrarily. Therefore I may see 'ENABLE_XXYY' label on traces/vias/pads etc. instead of 'GND' for my global gnd. How can I select the one I want? Thank you.
Could you post the code? Do you write the labels you want inside ' '? plot(a, b); xlabel('Something'); ylabel('Something'); title('Title for something');
Your question is not clear, you are talking to which micro controller and assembly or C these look vector labels where your program will jump in case of interrupt. labels are user defined you can keep any name as you wish, as my_ISR.
You didn't show the actual errors lines. Apparently, the assembler is complaining about undefined lowercase labels. Do you consider that labels are case sensitive by default?
Have You correct pins/labels (gnd, vdd) placed on the lowest level cell INVERT_A? It would be better if You will post your layout screenshot.
if you want to hide wires simply use wire labels it will reduce the cluttering.. you can also use terminals for input and outputs and label them as requires.
Though, not specific but actually: How to read an electronic schematic? How to identify its different labels and part? How to figure if its functional or not? What is the role of a resistor inside an electronic circuit? Resistor: as voltage, current limiting, timing etc divider What is the rol
One looks like the above, but has a name , and , but I cannot find any breaks or offwire labels or anything that would cause the error! The negative label is missing its because you have to name the as . This is must for a differential pair. Look at this video... [video=youtube;Ql
Hello all, I have several basic questions about Machine Learning to better solidify my knowledge. I hope to find the answers here. 1. SVM I have a one dimensional feature vector (x) of length N and the target vector that haves labels of two classes (e.g. 0 and 1). The case is not linearly separable, so the histograms of those features given c
V25 is 8086 core. OK, any recommended 8086 disassemblers that will run in Windows 7? Preferably one that will locate the data, and insert labels etc.
It's not clear what you want to achieve. Why avoid else? The shown snippet doesn't look like legal C code, e.g. goto to labels outside the function context.
Altium ver 9x Is there an easy way to assign a hot key to change the font of a net label? I would like to change from size 5 to 8 and add BOLD I'm familiar with the find similar objects feature however this does not work well because the font attributes of all the net labels are presently the same and I want to change perhaps 50 out of
Hi guys, I've been doing multitone Harmonic Balance simulation with ADS. I've been using "labels" to monitor the evolution of the power amplitude of the various tones between the devices. I've noticed that the value of the power amplitude shown is always a little bit higher than the expected, and after some controls I've found out the reason: it wa
You can edit the labels by double clicking it.
I STILL don't know what your waveform is showing us; those labels on the diagram are meaningless.
The bags will show product results with bin labels, but they cannot dial this value into their process. It is a statistical variation of production. Vf group "D" is the "cream of the crop" with the lowest Vf. All customers want this. You would have to buy the lot and sort yourself for this product.
I am posting a delay code generated at I see goto $+1 and $+2 instructions but I don't see $+1 and $+2 labels. Can anyone tell me where to put the labels. I want $+1 and $+2 to be replaced by loop1 and loop2 labels. ; Delay = 1 seconds ; Clock frequency = 20 MHz ; Ac
Here is some links on how to convert GDS text labels to drawn text (polygons). This is applicable to "klayout" software - so if you need to apply this for Virtuoso, you would have to save GDS file from klayout and import (stream in) into Virtuoso.
You need to connect a bus to the existing but and then wires from that to the individual pins. Then add labels for the wire identifiers. 88633 Search for the word bus in isis manual
Hi there. I want to get sweeps with proteus, and the circuit has a sine and a cosine current sources and is as below. The first question is if I've inserted correct elements as sources with right parameters (according to the labels they have). And my second question is how can I get the sweeps for the voltage probe I've inserted? I don't know wh
actually the whole purpose of having a single name for a net, is so that you know what connects where. Having multiple labels sounds a bit risky. You could try just using Text, and placing this on some layer of your choice
Hi all, I have a rule file for extracting a net using caliber. But it's doesn't extracting the net which labels on metals. Please let me know your suggestions. I'll stream in filter_EN.gds to view net Rule file: LAYOUT PATH "filter.gds" LAYOUT PRIMARY "filter" LAYOUT SYSTEM GDSII DRC RESULTS DATABASE "filter_EN.gds" GDSII _EN
The good practice is to give explicit net names to your wires. You can do this by placing net labels by going through the following menu items: Place > Net Label When your net names are explicitly given you can easily make rules based on your given net names / net labels. It is good to make busses of your nets where you can. This way you can apply
xplain with example by any household device
Hi, Good try, you are nearly there. Had modified your code slightly, the changes should be clear. The two main things, have changed your user registers for Absolute code rather than relocatable, much simpler this way. Your biggest error was not giving labels/names and a Return to your subroutines. Have also added a delay routine s
Please upload the clear waveform, left most side labels in your waveform is not completely visible,
It is a while since I wrote assembler, but as I recall, statement should NOT start in column 1 so you need a space or tab before them. Any labels MUST start in column 1. An mis-spelled or unrecognised command or instruction will be assumed to be a label if it is in column 1. Keith
Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but if you've purchased some parts from Farnell and not used them for a year, the labels may have faded to pure white.. The image below is of parts that were purchased in June 2011. 79354 Lesson: worth writing in ink what the parts are, in case there is a risk of not using them in
da is a std_logic_vector, but the paramater p to the function is a std_logic. try: d( da(0), mem(n) ); PS. What are you trying to do with this code? NOTE1. There are syntax errors: entity labels dont match. There is no architecture.
In ADS, you can put some labels, then You can write some equations to compare among these labels.
I used the lvsIgnore = true statement on an analogLib resistor in the schematic. This is working fine. But I do not know, how I should proceed in the layout. There are now 2 pins on one net - that is P_GND and GND, which is correct. I read a bit the Assura manual.. and there is an option to join two nets - but I did not find an option to jo
Hi veronika, This labels are default in footprint which help to identify the footprint.if you maintain the database for footprints it will help like cost verification for packages,available packages,current and voltage for the packages ...this is not a problem
count will be same as no of components untill unless you will not delete or modify ref des labels