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Hi! In need of a PC setup that reads data from an external microprocessor and displays that in real time. Like a low level DAQ. Which would be the most suitable software to be used on the PC side? Considering matlab, labview and the like. Software with GUI plugins are more convenient.
I think Mathlab and labview are a lot of simulation software... mathalab is maths based Mathlab is used for Data Exploration ,Acquisition ,Analyzing &Visualization, Engg drawing and Scientific graphics, Analyzing of algorithmic designing and development, Mathematical functions and Computational (...)
Hi, The labview software may allow you to simulate port(s), but these ports are work within the labview and also in same PC. It?s not possible to send / receive any data to external world, If you want real data communication then the below message may useful. Before start communication between labview (...)
I would use neither. I dont know labview, but matlab and simulink are just high level modelling environments and pretty poor FPGA development tools. The HDL code they generate is sub optimal. Its fine if you dont mind wasting a load of space in your FPGA, but to get the most out of it you need to hand code (...)
Can any one tell me how can I learn these for my respective interests ?? & which will be better for me to deal with during the programming part of my project : Keil, labview or matlab ??? (to programmed the controller-8051) & how can I learn labview and matlab ???!!!... GOOGLE Please suggest me (...)
Hi, I have a SP8T pin diode switch and I would like to ask how can I control the switch via matlab or labview? e.g the TTL control Thanks! =)
Hi Sugestion is to Develop a programme in matlab (or the language you wish to develop skill C, VB, labview etc) which will do the following things.. 1) Get the MP3 file from user 2) Decode the MP3 file 3) Drive the speaker For decoding MP3 file, Strong understanding of file format is needed MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer 3 (or III), more (...)
hi i want to do real time acqusition of BP and temperature on my PC. what do u think which is better labview or matlab?
Try using a USB to serial port converter hardware. Does the ports that you create are shown by the device manager? I faced a similar problem with matlab using actual hardware and each time i had to close matlab to solve the problem of "device in use" I suggest labview software for such experiments. The easiest way is to send (...)
hi. i'm working on a project that i have to make a pci card that can transfering data from pci slots and monitoring them by labview or matlab. i think if i can convert the it to rs232 it would be easier but how i can convert pci to rs232? because after the convert i can use microcontroller and use the data. help me please.
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen :D, I am trying to integrate matlab(/Simulink) with labview. I could download only a pdf file (attached with this is not very useful.'Coz I cannot use mcc command to generate dll in my matlab version.:cry: Could anyone please help me to do this??? How to generate DLLs in (...)
What is better .. matlab or labview... can you share the difference.. including cost, portablity, target market, software issue Thanks, Tom
Dear all, I want to set up a link between PLC and matlab/Simulink or labview. I searched for the link and I found the OPC server solution. I have a RSLinx Lite software from Rockwell. I wonder if I can use it as an OPC server? Thanks,
Dear friend matlab and labview not same cathegory. matlab very powerfull programming script language. clasical style write code, use simulink build block or use stateflow. its very flexible and powerfull. labview very powerfull programming tool for NI cards. not writing code u (...)
I want some information about how can I interface a device having GPIB Port to pc and use its data in my program or a in softwares such as matlab or labview?
I want some information about how can I interface a device having GPIB Port to pc and use its data in my program or a in softwares such as matlab or labview?
danymic: FFT static:code density histogram tool: matlab or labview
Hi both are ok. But I think labview is more user friendly and have more graphical interfaces. can be standalone instead of a microcontroller since it has a DAC. Instead of writing code you can use graphical icons. I think it supports VHDL as well. Check their website.
In my opinion the best software to program a DSP are :matlab, labview or MPLAB They r totally three different softwares If you don't like programming the best one to chose is :labview since it is graphical
I would recommend labview Best Regards,