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help me, please ! i'm connecting labview to mcu by virtual terminal . i use pic 16f887 to transmit data from mcu to labview, mcu transmit 12 datas regarded as 12 channels. but there are still errors. i simulate on proteus , write code on ccs.116183116184116185116
I have been trying to read data serially from labview to atmega32 mcu(16Mhz) with baud rate 9600. For this, Iam using USB to Serial converter(TTL). But mcu could not read any values from the labview. While execution in VMlab software, the control is not entering into "ISR (USART_RXC_vect)" subroutine loop even though, (...)
Hi Everyone, I am newbie to USB Communication and don't know much about LAB VIEW's USB VISA. Have worked on Micro Controller and labview a little though. I want to know how send data from pic18f2550 that can be shown in labview even if its just some sensor value and to send command from labview to PIC18f2550. I want to do USB Communication. (...)
Hi RishabhG, we can do this by, serial communication using UART module in PIC16F microcontroller. Communicate with PC through RS232 protocol. labview dont have special toolkit for pic microcontroller.
i would suggest labview and daq ... as it can also be used to process the data that u acquire , if needed. and working with GUI bases programming is much simpler !!....
Hi, Did anyone used labview mcu module (for ARM)? Is it worth working with? Did you managed to develop your application more quickly? More efficiently?
what sre you using mcu or pc or labview or plc
I think you are talking about using the labview Embedded Module for ARM Microcontrollers. The NI labview Embedded Module for ARM Microcontrollers delivers a comprehensive development environment for ARM7, ARM9, and Cortex family microcontrollers. The development kit includes everything you need to get started including evaluation hardware, the A
I had had a problem like you. I have sold them with a GSM phone ERICSSONA A1018s. I opened the keyboard and conect contacs vith mcu (in my case DAQ NI USB6008). Then I have wrote (drawn) the software with labview and it worked then.
you can have a try with labview (Graphical PRogramming language) I have done this kind of projects.... (also with VB.NET,...) For instance a one-wire solution from can help you... I think they even supply free software for reading it out of the sensor!