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can some one help me converting cadence tech files of AustriaMicrosystem hitkit file to laker tech files? thanks hock
as I remember , in Linux eda enviroment (RHEL) , we usually use laker /Virtuso ., we never use Windows base layout tool , Tanner can be use just for small company or student , many foundry (Fabs) support drc/Lvs command file only dracula/calibre or tech file , not for ledit , you need write it by yourself , just like Korea EDA mychips (
Hi Guys, What about laker? I suppose it is better than Virtuoso
I am quite doubtful about your post, drc techfile ? seems to be new to me ,as there are no seperate techfiles for fact there are no techfiles at all. Techfiles are used as an input to the tool say Virtuso/ laker which is used for making layout/ writing out or readin GDS.(as per the technology) However, techfiles may have a drc/LVS
i heard after cadence's virtuoso, laker is good layout edit tool.