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Typically, you want the edges of the box to be at least lambda/4 away from the closest radiating surface.
In hfss : Is the Air Box atleast lambda/4 away from the radiating structure ?
Hello everyone! I made design of 5 x 5 TEM horns planar array in hfss, and found that there are the great back lobes (comparable -5, -6 dB to the main lobe) in all most frequency range. Element period in array < lambda (min). Has anyone seen this problem before? and how to fix it? I don't know where the back lobes come from. Thanks for advanc
Hi Bukero, You need to write an expression for refractive index, permittivity and permeability in terms on SYZ parameters. If you have the expressions, you create an output variable and plot them with respect to frequency. If you are using Driven Modal solution, you take a look at the effective epsilon and lambda from the Matrix data. -sv
I modeled a microstrip patch antenna in hfss with airbox only lambda by 4 over the patch antenna. The airbox sidewalls and base touched the antenna, so none of the substrate edge scattering ripples are seen in the S11 results. I, then, fabricated the antenna and saw bunch of ripples in the S11 results, though the pattern matched well with the s
Hi You should put the Radiation Boundary at least lambda/4 away from the radiating parts of the structure. Calculate the distance and draw a bigger radiation box.
Hi, lambda/4 distance should be applied to all sides of structure. this ensures absorption of signals at boundary with minimal reflection. you can always increase more than lambda/4 but simulation time increases as well. there's a change in resonant frequency as the E-field could be disturbed by reflections off the boundary, since the port is dir
Hi all i'm going to design an infinitesimal electric dipole above an infinite pec for height lambda/2.I'm going to earn figure 4.17 in antenna book,Balanis but the results aren't good at all.(VSWR and radiation pattern) i don't know how length i need for air gap in infinitesimal dipole?and don't know what is the problem? I'm using hfss13 and d
hello can anyone here please upload for me a layout for wilkinson power divider in hfss any design would be OK, i'm new to hfss and want to see how the layout looks like anyway my design is operating at 3GHz with equal P3:P2 lossy with lambda/4 matched Thanks in advance Hi, It's better if you can come with your la
Hy, I am a beginner in antenna propagation and hfss. I have a quesion about the monopole antenna. I fixed my antenna on a cylindrical Cavity build with a NEW material with relative permeabilty 1000. when I valdiate it does not display errors and when I click on analysis at the beginning it works then it stops doing in lambda refinement as shown
By "hole" do you mean a via between your signal trace and ground? If yes, the main requirements are that the hole/pad diameter is less than lambda/4 of your design frequency. This hole condition is required for it to not radiate (losses) and the length of the via should be less than lambda/4 in order to avoid an impedance transformation at the shor
1- radiation buondry means the space that you should define as a farfield area and make it as an radiation , so your device can radiate in far field. thid area should be more than 10*lambda 2- to calculate the equations, hfss has some passes, if the difference between two results in each passes is less than for example 0.02 (that yourself define it
Hi in literature sometimes we give the input impedance as a function of L / lambda0 (normalized length) Please, can someone show me how to do to plot it as a function of L / lambda in hfss for whatever structure (e.g. for a dipole, or a patch antenna). of course I know how to do it as a function of frequency. Thanks
Hello. I am new member in this forum. Please help me. UWB Range=3 to 17 GHz Notch at..range=5.1 to 6 GHZ My questions are.... 1.What should be my solution frequency in hfss? 2.What should be the dimensions of the AIR-BOX? (if (lambda/4) then....lambda of which frequency?) 3.What should be my frequency setup and sweep?
Hi. you should be choosen the size of air box,lambda/4 larger than substrate or your design. your design should be completely inside of air box. Good Luck.
Hi. you should be choosen the size of air box,lambda/4 larger than substrate or your design. your design should be completely inside of air box. Good Luck.
Hello, I have a problem with a very basic simulation. I am trying to simulate plane wave propagation from one medium to another. The problem is not the setup, but the phase of the wave. Setup: All lengths in the setup are parameterized. The basic length unit is the free space wave length lambda (@14Ghz). Die setup is 4lambda long, with (...)
Hello Everybody I am working with hfss. I need to design a circularly polarized MSPA with 5% AR B.w at 30 GHz the dimensions has to by <= lambda/2*lambda/2. Please any suggestions???
Depends on what you are simulating. lambda is often the rule of thumb for antennas since they usually do not radiate further than that. If you have prior knowledge to how far the fields radiate you can better estimate how far/close your air box has to be to your device. If you are to close to the radiate fields they could reflect off your air box
Hello, I am simulating some lambda/2 series CPW resonators, and have been getting some disagreement between my results when simulating by Wave Port or Lumped Terminal. They both show resonance at roughly the expected frequency, but disagree on order of a few hundred MHz. I am inclined to believe the wave port results as they are close to ADS Mo