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Hy, I am a beginner in antenna propagation and HFSS. I have a quesion about the monopole antenna. I fixed my antenna on a cylindrical Cavity build with a NEW material with relative permeabilty 1000. when I valdiate it does not display errors and when I click on analysis at the beginning it works then it stops doing in lambda refinement as shown
HI I am trying to simulate the eigenmode of a cylinder cavity, but everytime I hit the running, the process bar just gets stuck while doing "lambda refinement" and never go forward. I attached the model (HFSS-V12) here, can somebody tell me how to solve this issue? THanks.
Hi, I'm simulating a mushroom structure in order to extract circuit equivalent parameters at 11 GHz. lambda refinement set to 0.05 ΔS=0.05 The problem is how to mesh correctly the via ?because the meshing subject is not clear at all in HFSS help. Thanks
Has any one had a problem when using mesh settings (either manual or lowering the value of the lambda refinement of initial mesh) in computing far-fields. We have noticed that sometimes when we set these mesh properties too high, the far field calculation becomes garbage even though the S-parameters are correct. Any thoughts are appreciated.
Try to set: Maximum delta per pass: 0.02; refinement Per Pass 30%; Do lambda refinement: Checked Target: 0.1.
Hi Maybe for higher frequency you need mesh refinement and in that frequencies dalta to lambda ratio is less than numerical cutoff frequency. Regards
the adaptive freq. only influences the initial meshing of your design. if you choose this frequency to be very high and the "lambda refinement" is set to 0.33 (default) the number of tetraedra can get very big an the calculation time and ram-usage as well. if this mesh is not accurate enough you can refine it manually applying "mesh operations" (