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Dear. I worked for a company that their products are weighing indicators. they used cs5532 24 bit adc. i am new employer on their company and they wanted from me to design a microcontroller based device for tets their designed ADC board. after my design with avr mega 32 i can not read ADC! can any one send to me example code with c language to
Try PONYPROG from: Regards, IanP
I found wireless lan card with avr and pic on web "air drop". see
Hi ... I'm start to study on controll micro pass internet TCP/IP and lan.. What micro that easy to build a board .. that i could build with my self. my aim is to learn how to controll micro trough internet or intranet using lan. I not have much knowlage on TCP/IP stack so I need to find a simple example. so i could build it and learn with it for be