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HELLO, friends i have samsung laptop s3510similiar to (rv510) scalla 15ul is board and the backlight component is bad (led screen no light) because the flex cable was damaged 1)screen test ok 2)new flex installed(lcd flex) 3)data is present ok which component can be cause this any help please , i have checked over 2 days cant find the b
Hello, I have a Toshiba satellite U405D, the backlight of lcd screen does not work. Inverter works, I checked it. VGA output also works if I connect an external display. I have found out that lcd inverter doesn't get "display on" and "pwm" signals at all. I also checked the cable, it is also healthy. I have found schematic of mainboard and I sus
I am using arduino leonardo for moving mouse pointer with head tracking using MPU6050. It works fine in general. But as soon as I connect an external lcd screen to my laptop via hdmi cable, it stops transmitting. (that is the TX led goes off altogether and the mouse stops moving) I am not able to figure out what the issue is here Will using a teens
Short Answer : You Need a VGA-lcd converter. Long Answer : Few years back (around 5 years) I was thinking in the same direction as i have 2 unused unserviceable laptops. On Googleing I found few solutions but they are either expensive or impossible for me. So try a search and find out. Though it is possible but in my view it is not feasible.
Shenzhen Hongda Shun Technology Development Co. Ltd Established in 2004, our company is a specialized hi-tech company, manufacturing all types of adapters used in various Notebooks and lcd Monitors, Universal laptop AC Adapters, Universal AC/DC Car Chargers & Tablet pc charger as well as LED Power Supply. Since our establi
when laptop on screen will come.after few second lcd backlight off.plz help to solve this problem
You would be better off using PC PSU with 12V or a universal laptop charger with adjustable Vout and an LDO if necessary
Need to design a cheap controller to interface a 10.1" lcd tft display from off the market replacement laptop lcd to be interfaced with my beaglebone hdmi output port Urgently Need Potential Solution.8-O
I replaced my Sony VAIO vpcf115fm motherboard (M930 main board 1P-009BJ00-8012 REV 1.2 MBX-215) I bought the motherboard from this page: but I am having a problem, I don't get any image on my laptop screen even on starup I don't see nothing (even the vaio logo), I can get an image only i
Acer 5738 screen is all white , checked resetting the connector no success the display is proper with external Monitor. how to troubleshoot the lcd panel of laptop ?
Dear masters, Please help me. I have NEC laptop, model Versa P8100 with Intel Pentium Mobile Celero 1,7Ghz, 2Gb of ram. have trouble the lcd screen is Blank... even Back lgiht not light. And, the power led and charging led was blinking... Fan for cooling system rotate in high rpm. i've browse for trouble shooting in the net, but negative.
Hello, I'm having a problem with this laptop. Since one of the lcd panels was damaged and i don't want to simply change it, i was thinking about replacing it with a larger one as part of some sort of custom design i'm trying. The problem is that i don't know the pinout for the original lcd in order to find a way to test with another (...)
How to change laptop bios ic...pls give me full picture for changing ic,s... What laptop model and manufacturer ? What is reason? Password protection?
Dell? Inspiron? 1545 Service Manual This laptop have VGA on chipset, better look to replace whole motherboard.
look for the same type of lcd screen and size,then you cheak the flexible cable connect to the main board if they are the same then try it, it should work because their is no much difference between laptop computer screen almost the same.
I designed the M1 head mounted display for Liquid Image Corp around Y2K era. We made a 100 prototype units and they sold for $1k. I used the composite video signal from an ultrasonic scanner, RGB VGA laptop and NTSC VCR and made it sync to all of these signals and display it on an active matrix lcd from Kopin Corp. It was like a camcorder view
IOGT(Institute of Globaal Technology) 100% Practical Based Training Institute. Courses: laptop Motherboard Chip Level , Adapter, Battery,SMPS,Desktop Motherboard, Printer( Laser, Deskjet, DMP, All in one), CRT/TFT/lcd Monitor, Hardware, Advance Networking(
i am javed from maharastra india i need job in laptop and desktop repair job i have 15 year exprince in crt monitor and lcd monitor repair , 1 year exprince in laptop. plz contect me if you have any vacancy. :-D
Hi everyone im new to fpgas, i got this new board spartan 3a fpga starter kit, and connecting to laptop through USB cable. what configurations should be done to light up some words on lcd of the board? thanks 70324
I'm not with my laptop but I think there is a function I'd rather use. Try lcd_out(1,1,txt10), it should rectify your problem and besides the function allows for manipulation of output. Check the mikroC help for more. If it yet doesn't work let me know by next week I will send you a full code.
I have a old laptop 15.4" lcd screen that i converted to a monitor with a lcd controller. I'm planning to use this screen as a screen to view a signal that i recive from a wirless transmitter. But when my signal is to far from the s
Hi, Problem: I have a laptop Dell Latitude d830 to repair, it had vertical colored lines on the monitor, so i reballed the GPU and its memory chips. Now when i turned it on, it display does not work-niether the backlight or the picture, only a black screen and the leds power on. I heard the windows sound, so i plugged in the external monitor and
Dear Friends I am new in laptop repairing & this forum also i am facing lots of problems hope you will give me some tips to resolve the problem i have 1 laptop for repairing acer travelmate 4740 there is no display internal but external there is i change cable, lcd both but i am not able to solve it can some body help me thanks
hi all , I have a presario v2000 notebook pc and from the day I bought it i am not happy with it particularly with the build quality . Now the lcd has stopped working altogether and the motherboard EC chip alone heats up to a great degree when powered by the external adapter . Is this indication that the embedded controller chip has died ? It is wr
I do not agree wity you to do such a move,before check your configuration in the absence of the same case. laptop lcd and TV LED have a lot of difference ......good luck.
Ok so I want to use a backlight panel from a laptop (as the lcd is broken) as a light source for night photography, after reading and searching on how much voltage do I need to power up the backlight, I found that I need the inverter, so pulled out the inverter from the laptop also, but now I can't find how to power up this inverter and how (...)
laptop LED or laptop with ccfl makes no difference in efficiency. CCFL's are dimmable also. CCFL's are more efficient than LED. ......Of course, some leds are more efficiennt than ccfl but these type of leds are way too expensive for use in laptops
Dear Frinends, any one know laptop lcd screen lvds cable & screen function diagram. some time lcd screen half display only comming. what cause making like this? i'm sure it's not mother board problem.:razz:. how to i rectify this.thank you
YES, you can have a single 4700uF/50V. A set of parts would always be costly compared to bulk manufactured end product, let it be a psu. Many times, you get a laptop power supply at 19V and few amps , much cheaper. Generally for lcd and test bench supplies for digital circuits, you can have switch mode supplies, instead of Linear PSU. the rec
Hi member ! I have a lot of lcd monitor 10.4 inch (LTM10C209A,LTM..............) Help me to connect with PC or laptop. Thank you . ----------- lcd PANEL VietnamTravel
Hello everyone, I am new to this site. I am also a novice but like fixing thinks that are broke. I am working on a SyncMaster 172N lcd monitor. With the monitor hookup to a working laptop the power light flashes green and the lcd will only shows a white screen. I believe it's a bad lcd. However, does anyone know how (...)
Hi, While you could make a custom lcd and keypad unit thats it linked to several others plus a master, the cost would be rather high, both in development time and parts. It seems more natural to use and link each player to there own laptop. You could buy a few secondhand laptops from any of the big dealers quite cheaply - they (...)
You have given yourself a hard task here. I guess you would need a fairly fast processor with lots of I/O. Should be possible, but there would be quite a bit of work writing the software. Not sure how laptop displays and standard lcd monitor connections differ. Possibly you may be able to use the controller out of a standard monitor to drive them.
hi, my laptop ibm a30, has a red,blue ,vertical lines, and white background, the video out is ok ,when you use another monitor, is there a solution for this, is my lcd need to be replaced? thanks in advance
Find a driver card or rip out an old driver board from a damaged desktop lcd. Unsure would you need the correct LVDS cable. There also a french website or forum that shows how to design a simple driver board using Analog ADC and some other logic gates. You would have search for that in google. The other alternative design your own driver board base
hi colleagues:cry::cry::cry: my laptop compaq presario v3000 Compaq Presario V3015CA product of hp i have no display on internal lcd or exterinal monitor power unit is ok when i press on the power led works normal but fan turn off through 1 secand also hdd and cd rom by the way It does not have a 3 1/2 floppy drive some body have any idea wi
I step on my laptop at a wierd angle, and I think I jacked up my FL Inverter or backlight. Should I replace the lcd entirely, or should I try switching the FL inverter first. What does the FL inverter do? Would it cause my screen to be dark and make it difficult to read. My lcd screen was not bent or warped, so I do not believe that I (...)
I have a Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop. When I slide the lcd screen. It shows some lines on the Display. I want to Know that where is the problem. is it the problem of connector cable or TFT.
I have a Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop. When I slide the lcd screen. It shows some lines on the Display. I want to Know that where is the problem. is it the problem of connector cable or TFT.
Hi Guys I need your expertise... I am trying to turn laptop lcd to VGA with LVDS controller board (see the attached PDF and DOC files of the pin assignment and board layouts of both lcd and LVDS Controller) The LVDS Controller is PT551F and has LVDS 30 pins connector to lcd, i am having problem with connecting the (...)
Hello, I have a Sanyo LM-FB533-22NAW lcd module from an old ACER notebook (my acer board its broken but lcd module its good). I am searching for datasheet LM-FB533-22NAW or wiring diagram and I cannot find it anywhere. My idea, is to build controller using lcd of notebook displays, so maybe somebody here could help me. I would like to (...)
Help guys I need a Uniwill N340 Inverter partnumber PWB208-3 schematic. or any other similar schematic to repair my lcd panel. the inverter in my laptop has a texas instrument 5001C see below.
hi My laptop lcd became dim sometime. and I do not know why. I can separate all of my laptop components except its lcd. now I want a service manual for it ( or your experience to help me). my laptop model is nx5000, but any HP_compaq laptop service manulas can be helpful. Thanks.
Hello! Have you tried contacting the manufacturer for a data sheet? Self-made interfacing these panels to an analog VGA is pretty expensive and will exceed the cost of a complete new TFT monitor by several times. Your only cheap chance is to use the graphics board of the laptop where the display is mounted in and interface the graphics board
Normally, few would do such an interface, because every laptop gives a different interface. Good luck finding someone to design the circuit for you.
Hello, How can I connect lcd panel from laptop to my PC graphic card? The lcd panel is SHARP LM64C151 and it requires digital signals. I saw on the internet that it is possible to connect it to the VIVO (DVI) port on newer cards, but the pinouts do not match at all or I don't understand them :( Did anyone try this??? I could get (...)
Who has the interface description of : QUANTA display QD141X1LH03 It is the lcd screen of my broken laptop ... :(
I have seen many cheap laptop screens for sale, most on ebay of course:) I was wondering if it would be possible to, with some circuitry of course, to hook up one to my pc. I was hoping to do this so I could use one for my carputer project and possible to add one to my xbox once thats working with VGA output. Anyone have any ideas or know any
Hi all I have my old laptop and I want to use only the lcd screen of this old laptop without the PC How I can build an interface that will drive this lcd screen As first step we can use any pattern stored in the FPGA to be displayed on this screen Thanks
I am still using W*i*n*d*o*w*s but i want to change that! What is the best distribution? (Grafical, perfomance, etc). I need a distribution of linux to run on t*o*s*h*i*b*a t2130cs laptop (75MHz, 8mb Ram, Imb Video (Chips & tech), 10" 256 color lcd screen) I don't know anything about l*i*n*u*x so I hope that a moderator could edit my thread and