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Hurry up 50% discount for Engineering students exclusive offers don't missed it..ITRONIX provides the laptop repairing courses in chennai with best cost for students. For details visit www.i
maven is the best Advanced Design institute.i think you have to join maven. laptop repairing Institute in Delhi
hello freinds i am in trouble for how i can idenfiy, IO Chip Is faulty or ICH, when an laptop is not switched on. Is there any signal which can help me. Thanx in advance please post your helpful tips.
First of all my i am kamal randhawa not karan randhawa. ok now on the topic your faculty was discussing about VRM Section, but he was not discussed VID signals which are come out from the cpu to vrm ic. after getting the VID's signal's from cpu, VRM IC generates the PWM and first open's the high drive gate and then low drive gate . High drives dr
Hello ! Can anyone help me how to repair a motherboard, I am a TV repairer. But i want to learn repairing laptops motherboard .. Are there any guide or BOOKS tha help or learn repairing motherboard. THANK YOU !
Dear Friends Would like to know how i can learn Chip lavel repairing of laptop motherboard, can you help me to give idea Regards Anil
If the Two wired adopter and has the same specification in current and voltage the it will charge the battery. But if there is any adapter with special feed back from inside the laptop to control the output of the adopter then it will be difficult. Obviously the connectors should be of same style.
i have hcl p28 laptop for repairing need schematic diagram Schematics about this thing is hard to find. Manufacturers of motherboards, laptops, and such things... never give circuits of their products. Be carefull this motherboard is multislice maybe 15 layers! You need hot air solder station, good flux and other
Dear Friends I am new in laptop repairing & this forum also i am facing lots of problems hope you will give me some tips to resolve the problem i have 1 laptop for repairing acer travelmate 4740 there is no display internal but external there is i change cable, lcd both but i am not able to solve it can some body help (...)
dear sir, I have a customer laptop lenovo G550 laptop which has a power problem. I have just very little knowledge about chip level repairing.. but i did open all the laptop parts and look after all chips damaged... in that one i found one chip which was little bit disconnected... like so i soldered it tight... (LM393 8 (...)
First is a normally misused term. When we started the laptop training facility at our service division in Kerala, India we have more than 6 years experience in servicing the laptops. When we goggle searched for the term laptop service training and laptop chip level training , we could not find a single entry. It date (...)
HI, i'm looking for laptop motherboard (for chip level service ) bga rework station, & programmer and adapter for up to latest bios program option. which model is best ? thank you!
hi all friend's and Thanks to all People to helping us and improve over knowledge My question is what i have to join for learn repairing of computer,laptop and all gaming device {PS2,x box,WII} Can u tall me what i have to join ITI Electronic Mechanic or Computer hardware classes Please give a suggestion
FRENCHISE REQUIRED FOR laptop CHIP LEVEL repairing AND TRAINING CENTRES AT DIFFERENT CITIES IN INDIA BEST OFFER BEFORE 31ST MARCH 2010 For already having computer class setup or having space min 250 sqft repairing CENTRE 1. laptop CHIP LEVEL SERVICE CENTRE 2. laptop PARTS, ACCESSORIES, (...)
Hello, I receive this laptop to check. Nothing. after control of the powersupply connector on the mainboard it appears to be cracked. I resolder it. After the reassembly, the led for the charging of the main battery begins to blink after pushing the power switch but the laptop doesn't run at all. after a night the led was still blinking. HDD, D
LEARN laptop CHIP LEVEL TRAINING THE FIRST IN laptop SERVICE TRAINING IN INDIA • laptop CHIP LEVEL TRAINING FULL DAY BATCH • BASIC ELECTRONICS, DESKTOP MOTHERBOARD CHIP LEVEL COURSE Basic Electronics Analog Digital . Block Diagram, How work, Basic Problems, Circuit diagram, repairing Steps of (...)
Thanks for your enquiry related to Chip Level Troubleshooting and repairing of Desktop Motherboard & laptop Course. This is the second reminder letter for the in-house course starting from 1st Dec. 2009. Compu Drive System (CDS) established in the year 1992 at Kolkata, India, has reached pinnacles of success; in the field of Electronics a
If you know electronics and how to test components you'll have a chance of repairing it. Else its better to give it to someone who's good at it. read some of the related laptop/motherboard repair threads in this forum for more info.
Hi Group, Myself Amol Jambhulkar , recently joined this forum to become the part of fraternity. I'm resident of Dist. Bhandara, small town 60KM east of Nagpur(Maharashtra). I'm working with laptop/Desktop Service provider as system engineer since last 04 years. I got hands on experience with troubleshooting/ repairing Printers, Desktops (...)
There are a few books about that in this forum look here: Added after 3 minutes: Unfortunately that site is down and such links can't be posted in this forum so search somewhere else :( Added after 3 minutes:[/co