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Hi guys, With the help of a project on Scrolling led Display of size 5x7 matrix posted in this forum, I took effort to modify the same to make a display of large size character (13x14). For this purpose I have designed the characters with row values of 13 bits. Actually, each character is of 10 columns and 14 rows. 3 columns are left blank (...)
Here is the board (third large image down) at the vendor
I have been searching for a led boardfor several months now, without success. I appologize if this is not the right category. What I need is an led board that will display rows and columns similar to that in Microsoft Excel. I need it to have around 30 rows that are about 1 1/2" high each and seven or eight columns of different widths. I also nee
hi everyone. i hv some questions about the large dot matrix led display... if i want to use the larger size dot matrix led,can i use the same program to control it? which of the transistor i should use to amplify? when i need to control 6 of them i also need to know which type of (...)
if i want to use the usb to get the data, which software is better? - - - Updated - - - because i hope i can make a large dot matrix led display can be always updated,,,so i need to use the computer to control and write some new sentences to display on the dot matrix led display.. i would like to use (...)
pls help me frens i want to build large dot matrix display using 89c51/52 and size is 24 by 96 single colour display . how can i built any circuit help me on circuit?i am using more than one microcontroller can i?
plzzzzzzz help , i want to design large led matrix displays which are connected through ethernet and a pc and displays what the user set from the pc. plz tell the over view which is the best way to do so!
I would like to know that what is the current solution solving the high power needed for the large matrix led Display Board? Thank you very much.
Hello, I have to build a led matrix for a large size display with 56x192 led's. This matrix have to be split in 12 Modules a 14x64 led. All parts have to be SMD Parts. I am thinking to use a uC with 100 pin count for each module and a basic module to send the data per master/slave (...)