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Well those tiny laser diode also spec-ed at 150mW and 533nm green laser. can you not use those tiny diode laser instead of the large moduled one? Am I missing something?
You need two things - a power supply and something to generate the pulses. Usually the pulse width on laser drivers is determined by the capacitor value, laser current and voltage. So, you don't need to generate a really short pulse. A 74AHC123 dual monostable should do fine. Keith The Absolute max specs for thi
I am going to do my final year project based on GPS and GSM with laser security system. can any one suggest future application of this project?? it can be used in vehicle tracking and any personnel tracking. Except that...........???????????? Also, concentrate more on laser security system......
hi I want to know that why laser module of same wavelength and output power is very much brighter than laser diode of same specification using driver circuit???
I need to buy some 900~1000nm laser diode for my experiment, anyone knows any info about that?(Of cuz! the cheaper the better) Many Thanks. :)
What is difference between laser diodes and laser modules? How does one choose between them depending on the application? Does a laser module require any driver circuit? I wish to build a laser transmitter in the visible range, which can travel upto 700 meters with minimum beam (...)
I am trying to send the data obtained from laser displacement sensor to PC using Zigbee. I am using Zigbee OEM RF module 802.15.4 but I am unable to transmit the data from sensor to PC. I am using software X-CTU to use Zigbee. The teminal arrangement of laser displacement sensor is attached below. Please help me with trasmitting and (...)
Hi I am using XBee PRO OEM RF module to transmit the signal obtained from laser Displacement sensor. PC will be connected in the receiver section. But I am not sure about the circuit connection and the process to perform this operation. Please help me with this. It'll be a great help..
This device is only the module of the laser, not the projector. Attention: working with this device, do not look directly in the laser! The idea of this laser is to combine three lasers of the basic colors (red, green blue) a
PCB's can be made by using the thermal transfer by an iron. This method was improved in this device. Using a heating module from a laser printer or a photocopying device(xero), a thermal transfer can be made. The tem
User ?motykami? presents his laser projector with a 532 nm, 500 mW green module and with Galvo 30kpps scanner, ILDA-controlled, DMX-controlled (24 channels, selection of uploaded patterns, rotation, magnification eff
Buying a ready-to-use laser pointer or low cost laser module with collimator optics seems to be the most easy way. I guess, you'll understand, that they would use a visible laser wavelength, e.g. red (630-635 nm).
your post doesn't really explain what want the circuit to do. under what conditions are lights supposed to come on ? under what conditions are they supposed to turn off ? what exactly is the ir or laser module for ?
Mostly these displays use microwave doppler, similar to a police speed trap, laser time of flight could work too. Ultrasonic would be difficult over the required distance, it's also affected by wind. Ultrasonic speed sensing can use doppler measurement similar to an ultrasonic burglar alarm. Unfortunately, the doppler shift at higher car speeds
i am confused with laser powers , i want to make a cnc pcb machine as a final project . any body having a work experience on laser's ? what power is enough (no more no less) which can etch , drill , and cut a (copper clad) pcb board . i just want to use a single laser module . would i use 10w-20w CO2 or (...)
I believe he's refering to the laser-diode direct modulation. You mean a laser diode as a bare element or a laser-diode module (like in a butterfly package)?
I want to know laser diode. What is laser diode? and What is laser diode module? What is different between this two metod? Please help me
Hi, Initially I've generated an unmodulated (power against frequency) spectrum, using a simulation software. Now, I'm trying to generate the spectrum of a directly modulated laser. This is done by changing the default values of the laser module laserRateEqSM. The parameters to be change are "BiasToThreshold" and (...)
The simplest/cheapest solution I can think of would be a simple beam-break timer. Use two phototransistors a set distance apart, with light sources (LED's, laser pointers, the sun, etc) illuminating them. When the first light beam is broken, your timer starts. The timer stops when the second beam is broken. From there it's only a matter of som
Unfortunatelly you can not use this module for fibre optic CATTV. You need a linear device. A Fibre optic CATV transmitter basically converts an RF input signal to an Amplitude Modulated optical signal. This implies that as the instantaneous value of the RF signal increases the laser diode inside the Fibre optic transmitter glows brighter and emi