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Hi, Yes you can do it with Assembly and you can use your Pk2 Usart Tool to act as the PC terminal. You first have to know what frequency crystal you are using the the 877A, this is because the Usart has to be set up based on that. You can learn how to use the Usart in this tutorial , the last entry 7.7 is based on the 876/877A chip so it s
Hello I'm using Design entry HDL (last version) and I would want to publish the schematic in pdf file. all my schematic and text are in CONCEPT font. When I publish to pdf format the font changes to courrier. Do you know how I can change this ? thanks
Do you have the "end of line" sequence (hex 0a for unix/linux, hex 0d 0a for Windows) after the second number? Some editors allow you to create files with "end of line" missing from the last line. Unix/linux editor "vi" does not allow that.
Make some door entry system with fingerprint reader device, and SMS sending data about each bad attempt to enter, also like data of users which enter inside (like first and last name, date and time of event).
Is this the last version to be developed. Mentor has stopped advertising Pads in the trade magazines and removed its List-Server.
Hi, I was not so much refering you to that posts project, but more the last entry advising how you can get started coding for yourself. You start off with the proverbial flashing led and build up your experience with the goal of making your thermometer and voltmeter work. You will find some ready made code for the ds18b20 sensor in this or
For each individual entry: Did you calculate all intermediate partial values in double precision? And store them as double precision partial values? Then as the last step, truncate the final result to single precision before entering it in your lookup table? (Good) Or did you store intermediate partial values as single precision, while calculatin
CST Studio error: The history list is not positioned at the very last entry. In this case, no parametric structure editing is possible. Please complete the structure update before editing shapes. I don't know what is the problem, anyone could show me the error? Thanks in advance.
Ok, it is true we can't search inside FIFO. But in order to find out the 2 identical entries in FIFO, we have to read out the entire content of the FIFO before we do the search. Let's say the first entry and the last entry are the identical pair we are looking for. It is obvious that we have to buffer all the entries. If the question (...)
dear gulson......... points and helpful vote also do not update properly on last day of month
Hi, From the link you provided, its full of feedback from users who have built the unit, last entry Dec 2009 so think you would be better posting there. The pics adc input can only handle 0 - 5v dc and needs a suitable network for other voltages. Resistor R3 is 5 ohm for the backlight . It seems to be a neat little project but be aware
Hi all, As a fresh VLSI design engineer..I am finding it very difficult in getting calls for entry level positons from companies..People say that usually guys are called for written tests only through referrals!! After applying for the last 2-3 months I am also feeling the same..Guys from india can help me in getting me some referals for
Hi, Chest: There are 2 ways: 1. If you want to know the distance between 2 vertices or linking a series of vertices, you can just enter the vertices snapped to these vertices as if you are entering a polygon. Then, select INPUT->INFO ON last entry to see the information. You can find the total path length and the absolute and relative locatio
I got master dgree,but I switched to IC layout industry for somereason, I am about to graduate in this month from a very famous IC Mask design school and I am top 3 student in the class. I started job hunting from last month, but realized that no company post their such kind of entry level job online or in newspapers. I am a little bit discourag
Regarding COSMOS SE what means dead end tool? I did not see any new schematic entry development the last 12 years! What dead ends should mean? Are all entry tools are dead ends? I found ECS or SCS or Laker AMS most useful because it allows grid based entry with all features for EDA and can export in vector MS (...)
Hi, this may not help much, but have you thought about capacitors? I mean the 1-5F ones. Their capacity rivals that of batteries, but you can charge them very quickly. Memory backup caps are cheap now, and last for about 3 years from full charge. Hope this helps. The cap in the link is
PCB design means schematic entry, assigning part properties etc. Layout has to do with placement, routing and other issues such as gnd ans power planes, high speed design, signal integrity etc. The last one of cource can be another specializer area. I feel you should know and be aware of both and specialize in any one. This will automatically