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I need to work on a project where the microcontroller should: 1-)Read three voltage outputs of an accelerometer 2-)Log the data to an SD card 3-)Send the logged data to cloud by intervals via a GPRS module The requirements are to make it cheap and most importantly low power. I will have enough time for this I guess. But since there are zil
Hello guys I am Will from Levetop semiconductor. Our main product is LCD/TFT graphic controller, support resolustion: 320*240 (QVGA) 800*600 SVGA , to 1280 *1024 SXGA. Support 8/16-bits MCU parallel interfaces, and SPI, I2C serial interfaces Built-in Ggeometric Drawing Engine: provide Point Drawing, Line Drawing, Curve Dr
Dear all, I am trying to solve equation of a^7-2a^5-a^2 = -1. How can one implement this in verilog with minimum hardware? TIA
Hi I would like to convert the last circuit on this page to use only discrete components and remove the opamp somehow. Is that possible and how? I have made an ALC amplifier for RF which I think it can be used for audio as well, but this will be a total of 4 trans
..the datasheet doesnt say. It only says "up to 82%" Its the PDS1-S12-D15-M one *.................................. Also this one doesnt say do you know it? Also, the lack of an input capacitor at the input terminals of the ISE se
I want to design an array multiplier using verilog and need to dump it into FPGA, out of stratix III, Artix 7, and kintex 7, which FPGA I need to select, so that computation time of the verilog code of array multiplier will be less.
how do i determine the potentiometer value ? im doing a audio amplifier using tda07052a. 156634
In the circuit, I want to compare the voltage reference Vref and source voltage Vdd. It is necessary to make Vref change with Vdd, which means a constant voltage is supposed to connect between this two voltage. But I have no idea what structure can achieve this.
I have a simple universal SMPS of 12V 1A. The problem is I have three independent AC power sources. One is the main power, the other one is the backup from an inverter and the other one is from a generator. Both phase lines provide 230VAC 50Hz. I want to power a microcontroller-based board that will use that 12V 1A SMPS. How can I use single SMP
Please recommend me any IC for measuring Single and three phase power measurements. That is, MSP430F6779 and ADE7868 they are only Polyphase IC.. But I need IC work for both Single and three Phase System.
Hi all. I am designing a circuit and am using an INA105 op amp to generate an adjustable +12 to -12 VDC output. My input will be from a VAWQ6-Q24-D12H DC/DC converter. I will also be needing +15 and -15 VDC to bias the op amp. I'm wondering if I can tap off the output of the first DC/DC converter to provide input power to a VAWQ6-Q24-D15H converter
I was looking at affordable yet a good quality spectrum analyzer with tracking generator that can perform in 0.4 - 6.0 GHz range and has a decent ability to produce reports and graphs. After a targeted search I discovered the following products from SignalHound company ( ) - SA124B spectrum analyzer with matching SG124A tracki
Almost certainly this is a power supply problem. A "bridge" in a power supply usually refers to a "bridge rectifier" but they are extremely reliable and would be one of the last suspects for being faulty. Before going any further, check the lamp is good, if it isn't the chances are the power supply will shut down automatically to protect itself. D
We have no idea what is at the other end of the cable! If we assume (that is the best we can do) that the black wire is negative and red wire is positive, because that is a convention, from left to right they would be red then black. The other two appear to be RS232 data transmit and receive connections, if you have a DVM, solder the black and red
Hi. A Hoover brand 18V battery pack with 5 cells has three terminals. (+), (-) and (C) How to learn what signal this particular 'C' battery pack contact expects to enter into charging mode ? The pack uses a microcontrolled management circuitry in it. For sure signal is not needed at 'C' to discharge the battery. It powers the load fine with no
Hello. Well after the 3rd time getting hit at work, this last time was major damage... of course no one said anything. I suspect that the issue is parking. The parking lot is a crappy design. Anyways, I built a bull bar for the rear bumper (its a truck) but I need some type of proximity device that will cover the sides. Especially the rear quarter
Hello, I am new here and would like to greet all forum users first, :-) I have several questions probably due to lack of knowledge and experience. 1. IC1: cFeon EN29LV040A is the equivalent for IC2: SST39VF040-70? I have content written down from IC1 and I would like to write it on IC2. The saving process goes up to ca 50% and programming is
Hello, I designed my board in Altium designer. After checking the DRC I had to change a clearance in my PCB library. Howeve after doing that, updating my schematic librar and schematic, there was nothing to update into PCB window( it means changing a size,clearance, ... in PCB library which nothing else (such as numbers of pins , ...) happens wo
I am developing a test rig for my motor controller. Below is the image which shows a motor is connected back to back to act as a load with load resistor 156455 left side is the controller that will run the motor of 400W. Right side i am connecting another motor with a coupling in between and resistor R1, R2, R3 a
156449 Hi, the structure of a general GNSS receiver is attached. Question: can this receiver only process three channels? Senmeis