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Hi, TI has given LF398 bxl file and STP FILE Now Install Ultra Librarian and Export LF398 bxl FILE TO oRCAD. Then Open ORCAD CAPTURE -------> file menu------>IMport design------> BROWSE ALL three FILES, PRESS OK ORCAD .OLB LIBRARY WILL BE CREATED, LOAD LIBRARY JOB IS DONE, mAKE SURE IT IS sIMULATION MODEL. YOU WILL GET exported file from
You are asking for "RMW" troubles with code like sequential writes to a PORTx register. That MCU has LAT registers so you should always obey the golden rule: "Read form the PORT, write to the LAT". Also NEVER play wth the GIE bit in an ISR. Read the last few paragraphs of Section 9.0 of the data sheet to understand why your code is ineffective (or
Dear friends, I am interesting in this circuit of comparator, as you see it has three inputs, the comparator compare both inputs to a reference voltage and based on the comparesion it generates either 0 or 1 , I never had a chance to deal with three input comparator, may be it looks near to common mode feedback circuit but the later one is analo
I am curious how engineers are managing their jobs and life while the social distancing mandates are in place. Are you working from home?Been working remotely since last week. Has your employer suspended development efforts that require collaboration over a test bench?No but collaboration over a test
Hi, We wish to do Transient testing of our 3720W power supply. No_load to Full_load to No_load?.. Please could you advise if there is a quicker/cheaper way to do this than the attached? We need the three load switchs to switch at the very same instant. The power supply uses Vicor DCDC modules.
This 120 VAC Power Conditioner has its transformer disconnected and it needs to be reconnected. My skill level isn't quite there yet to be 100% certain on the wiring, so I'd like advice please connecting wires. This should be pretty easy for an experienced person. The circuit board has four black wires. The transformer has three black wires.
Hi all, I have a question and a few concerns. I currently building a class amplifier for bass frequencies. the switching frequency is 30 kHz. My problem is that I am testing my amplifier on a breadboard which is rated at 1A. The Mosfets rail voltage is 28v and I need a output current of 7A for a output power of 200W for a 4 ohm load. I am scared
I've no previous experience with 8051 MCUs. Recently I was trying to work with AT89S51 MCU. I'm having Chip Enable Program Error when trying to upload hex to MCU using Progisp1.72 158127 I checked many times to ensure this wiring to connect with MCU: 158128 Tried two different usbasp progr
Hello, I'm looking for a timer/RTC that will count how long the system power was up in total and will toggle a pin after a specific time that will be configured in advance. Does a timer that "remembers" exists? For example, on the first time that the system is powered up for 2 hours, after this it's down, and powered up for 1 more hour, so i
Hello, First time posting here (and, hopefully, not the last). Is there anyone on the forum with any type of manual for the Micromaster LV48 programmer they might be willing to share, please? Ideally, it would be some sort of service manual (dare I dream of schematics too?) but, otherwise, a user manual would be useful as well. I recently bou
Hi a friend has a Toshiba RGB CRT-based (3-crts) projection TV which has a convergence problem. There are some trimmers hidden below the shell of the TV to adjust the red and the blue, but they adjust these only horizontally. He does not want to spend money in ordering new convergence chips, so he asked me if I could do something to fix this. The c
Dear friends, thank you for your reply, it looks like I have systematic offset error in the layout because this problem was not appearing in the schematic, I am little confused in the way to measure it, first of all I am defining the output offset voltage as the difference between the ideal VOCM and the x value of the intersection value between
Hello, I'm looking into this reference design: . I have three questions: 1) What could be the reflected voltage? I see D1 is 110V, so it leads me to think they chose a low reflected voltage for this wide input range (64-1260VDC). This is what I think: With two 800 V mosfets, we should leave
Hello, The three pdfs attached depict the ?chimney tube? resistive load bank, which here is for 48V,6.5A (312W) It is an el-cheapo load bank, easy and quick to make. We just need to find the tube itself??we?d like it to be metal, but will settle for plastic. Do you know of any off-the-shelf tubing like this? (we can cut the air intakes out o
I don't get why you have the rnd signal set to be 10-bits it only has 8 states so only needs 3-bits. I would get rid of the inversion of the LED_status assignments and just assign a 1'b1 to the selected LED_status and add a LED_status <= 8'b0 just before the case to ensure each time you have 5,000,002 clock cycles yo
"keep all" / "save all" collects a ton of data that you probably do not care about. You can save only the explicitly-cared-about vectors. If you only care about the last N cycles of that 1-second run. then you can start data saving late, at a point of your choosing. I don't recall the syntax but I think it's there in the transient run settings p
Hi, I have been working in hardware board design since from last 3 years and now wish to switch to embedded software because i have very much interest in software development. But i am not getting how to start learning new skills. Please guide me if anybody knows good online resource so that i can learn coding Thank you, Ghana_
Hello, I am looking for is how the mobile knows which frequency or band it is using for transmission and reception? for e.g. : I am texting somebody. first the signal will go through triplexer then modulation of the signal. after that filtering of signal will take place. then it will go through power amplifier and in the last, mobile antenna
Hi, last page of the datasheet tells the burden resistances in current measurement mode. It is 102 Ohms vs 1.8 Ohms ... does not explain your results. Can it be you overloaded the uA range input in the past ... and it is broken now? Klaus
hi in this figure, what is the seen impedance in x point by M4T mosfet?pl. explain how calculate the impedance at this point? pay attention that M4T is in triode region. do 4 bottom transistors have role in impedance? what different is occurred if sources of vp and vm are dissconected?why this connection is used? thanks 157769

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