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Most of the integrated RF Power Amplifiers used in mobile phones are two or three stage PAs, using a single transistor in the last stage (with some exceptions in CMOS PAs). This last stage transistor always operate (more or less) in Class-AB, due to a compromise that is needed between linearity, efficiency, out-of-band noise power, etc. (...)
As said in previous posts: The first two photos correspond to a tuneable IF transformer (455 or 465 kHz) normally used in broadcasting radios. The complete set for AM radios (like Spica) had 4 pieces: oscillator coil (red core) and three IF transformers (yellow, white, and black or grey cores respectively). The last photo shows trimmer capac
The above quantities are defined for each phase individually and we can use single phase ICs for each of the three phases- apart for the last quantity- real power (KW?) and active power (KVA?)
This is bad code. What if all three of your if conditions are true? What will the value of tempo be? It will get four different values before the process ends. It's not clear what you want, but I think what you should use is an if-then-else NOT a bunch of independent ifs. In fact, your first and last if statements kind of collide with each oth
You seem to be missing many of the definitions that are normally held in header (.h) files. Which PIC24 are you using? You probably want to explicitly name it instead of "p24fxxxx.h" which sounds very generic. The last three lines of the errors are telling you there is no such functon in the program so you are probably missing a library file as we
Designed one layout of CMOS Inverter in L'edit software. Its extract file showed three Parasitic Capacitors and the last capacitor was between the VSS and 0 (VSS = Drain of NMOS). Wanted to know how to use this capacitor which is between VSS and GND??
how to store the last values of the led's to internal ram , so that if the power fails the led,s shows the last condition
you might want to look into STATE functions. Use global variables to hold the states. You need two functions related to it. One to find the state, and another to set the state. The state function(s) for the elevator might set/find: door open/closed, elevator moving up/down/stationary, and which floor it is or last at. Another different state f
Hello, Yes working with stm32f103 and IAR embedded workbench from last three months. What do you want to ask?
Dear Members , I have designed pure sine wave inverter using SG3525 and IR2101 . Now at last stage i just want to design LC filter . I have used switching freq 16khz of mosfets . Now i have designed LC filter of this value by using formula , F = 1/(2*PI*SQRT(L*C)), I have used F=50 hz , C=330uF and L = 30.703mH , when i used this filter at outside
I don't think there are PICS with more than one INT pin. Still most of them have Interrpt on change for PORTB pins. You can also use CCP modules in the PIC to capture events. As a last resort you can use a 3 input AND gate to tie the three interrupts to the one INT pin of the PIC. Hope this helps :) PS : 16F877A is a midrange PIC with lots of per
I had never heard of a "hickup current limiter" until recently in my last 40 yrs of Electronics. SO I decided to learn. The three major types of current-limit-protection mechanisms are constant, foldback, and hiccup. Hiccup current limit performs the best of the three types; however, the implementation is rather complex. In this scheme,
I hope you still need an answer The phase needs mapping. I suggest that you look at equation 7, which explains the mapping to run you matlab code, replace your last line with these three phi1p=acos((0:Npoints/2-1)/d/Npoints); phi1=; plot(phi1,20*log10(abs(AF_FFT))
Dear forum members, I am new to the forum and what is worse, the last time I saw physics was at the 8th grade.. I work for a research agency and we would like to measure a distance (ranging from 2-300 meters) of a reciever from three distinct points (at best several recievers and 3 stable beacons simultaneously) and collect the data to a comp
Basically there are three possibilities : 1) Mostly we try to make every scan chain working on the same clock edges... 2) if contain mixed clock edges thn we first put the all the neg edge scan cells thn all pos edge scan cells. 3) if scan chain in not possible to put all neg edge first and thn pos edge last --> we can use lock up latch for diffe
That's pretty funny. To me at least. Because the last DC-DC I designed took us 3 years and half a dozen spins to get all wrung out, and I was only responsible for some pieces of it - team of three, all very experienced. So it ought to fit nicely within your semeter of time and your available level of effort. Your technology will be driven primari
Hi all, In my design there are three clocks, Two the clocks in the design are defined at the ports(create_clock get_ports) but the last one clock is defined at the pin(create_clock get_pins). How can i define this clock as Scanclock for the dft signal declaration(set_dft_signal -type scan enable). Please help me Thanks In Advance Rakesh
I have Simulated 16x2 on proteus perfectly. If you connect 16x4 LCD in proteus and want to use only first three row then It can be done. When the cursor reaches last character of third row, it should jump to home screen again. That's how you can program and it will work fine. BEST OF LUCK Umair
Hi everyone, now i am designing a op for the bandgap, the common mode output voltage is 1.5v. i use three stage to get the gain demand, the last stage is common source(PMOS) with current load(80ua). my question is how to determine the common mode output voltage, how to determine the Vds of a MOSFET? i find the operation parameter ron in spectre, i
hello I have successfully build this circuit Economical Transistor Radio Circuit Diagram The last three transistors are AF amplifiers but I am not confident of how the first stage works. When I remove the tuned circuit and feed an audio signal on c2 the audio is ampli
Hi, The main difference between VP-280 has 48 Pin ZIF socket and VP-290 has 40 Pin ZIF socket other than the supported devices which are 6532 by VP-290 and 8108 by VP-280 as provided by Weilei Technology, China (the Wellon manufacturers). I am using VP-380 for the last three years without any problem. I would suggest you to decide for VP-280. They
Why not be more practical, don't let them leak their gases and when they are expired dispose of properly, althoug its not very practical. And also public awairness about what you call ozone. Like here when winter comes they say on tv dont sleep using gas heaters with closed doors. last summer every three days there was an incident people dying due
You're mixing three losely related points in your last post. Consequently there's no reasonable answer to it. Referring to your original question, the modulation input is varying the threshold of the comparator ending the output pulse. Insofern, the instantaneous value of AC voltage matters, it's like being sampled. Unfortunately, the modulaion
Please don't confuse about the setting of the equation: i the three first branches the consideration is te current flowa from a to b: so Is + (Vo - 0)/4 + (Vo - 0)/2 The last one flows from b to a it is opposites a to b so it is negative. That is OK The beauty of Kirchoff LAW is that you don't need to think laike you does. Only follow the procedur
hi first let me tell about the is a standard/common circuit of bistable state.Two inverters are connected in cascade form.Output of last one is fed back to input of first one.There is no input.Each inverter will have it's VTC and they will be mirror image of each other.They will cut in three points.Two are stable and middle one is metas
Hy I'm student and i have to design power electronic circuit, my circuit are composed from three parts, the first one is sensor circuit, the second one is control circuit and de last is power circuit. I want to know how i can do a good design, which think that i have to respect for my design. Thank you.
well the last zero is +gm2/C1. Just to let you know the zero's in a three stage amplifier are usually negligible. Also you have some sign issues in there. It should be +gm1 in the block diagram. Also all poles should be positive and the zero you have is correct and but should be negative. Hope this helps Jgk
that's 10pF (the last three digit 100) with tolerance value +/- 5% (letter J).. please refer to this site... Electronics 2000 | Capacitor Code Calculator I have to disagree with the above idea, 100 is related to the voltage rating and
Hi, I'm stucked in finding load impedance of a load in a one line diagram. I was able to find the per unit impedances of other components in the diagram. The last one was this three phase load. I'm given that the load absorb 57MVA, 0.6 power factor lagging at 10.45kV. How do I calculate the resistance and reactance of the load? I've tried calcul
Hello, when I learning the DLX instruction set and its corresponding architecture, there are a mux in ID stage to select the one from three candidate numbers to calculate the new address. Two of them are immediate numbers, to which I find the corresponding instruction. However, the last candidate is from a register. I have searched through the w
Hi all, I am using actel a3p250 fpga from last three years, but i have not faced such problem anytime. I am having some relay driving logic and a uart inside fpga. This programme works very fine in Modelsim, but when i download it in fpga it works sometimes but if i change something and reprogramme it main programme does not work properly. Even
Hi, I am trying to design the same. Attached is a document that shows a differential ring oscillator. Did you get a simple single ended three stage oscillator running? Try that first to see if you can get it to oscillate. It is a simple circuit with three inverters in series and the output of the last inverter connected to the gate (...)
Why wouldn't you connect Vin straight to the last MOSFET .. see attached picture .. It should work too .. Rgds, IanP
First of all to give a quick background about me: I am a electronics engineer with a B.Tech from one of the top 10 indian engineering colleges. I have been in the hardware/vlsi industry from the last 3 years. During this period i have worked in different types of activities including RF designs, FPGA design/verification, analog circuit simulation,
I am a bit confused about part of the method of detection suggested in the V-Blast MIMO paper from Bell Labs in 1998 On page two and three they describe the detection, and they say the best method is to remove each detected symbol from the received signal, and repeat till you ha
Simple Technology, Inc.(STI) has involved in creating and designing low-cost commercial RFID tag products for the last three years as well as the development of RF modules. STI owns a first-class RFID product design house in Las Vegas, Nevada and a large production base in Changzhou, China. Our highly qualified and experienced engineering team enab
There are three high-swing biases: why the last one is sensitive to body effect? and the others is less sensitive to body effect? could anyone help me to solve this problem? i will choose one of these circuit to bias my telescopic OTA. help me please. thank you for your help.
Ok. Here is the solution. C(MSB), B, A(LSB) are the three select inputs. ENABLE is Active high. Outputs are all active high. last two input codes 110 and 111 are invalid inputs which produces 0 on all outputs. +-------------+ | Truth Table | +-------------+ +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Simple Technology, Inc.(STI) has involved in creating and designing low-cost commercial RFID tag products for the last three years as well as the development of RF modules. STI owns a first-class RFID product design house in Las Vegas, Nevada and a large production base in Changzhou, China. Our highly qualified and experienced engineering team enab
hello, everyone . For Razavi's book "RF Microelectronics", I am cofused on the result that "the leakage to the receiver path is on the order of 30mVpp " in the last three paragraph of chapter 5.1. Can anyone give an explanation? Thank you.
Hello I am working of P89V51 with ISP Programmer with Flash Magic from last three year. Now,I want to use PIC16F877A . Can any send me schematic for ICSP ? And Application Circuit of PIC16F877A that is use with ICSP Programmer? Please Guide me.. Karan
hi: Can anyone provide me a dsp related paper published during last three years with implementation in matlab. Regards, Sohaib.
As a difficulty, there isn't any explanation. Also in the second table, three lines with zero output are omitted as well as the last four lines in both tables that have no existing input coding. The most simple way to understand the tables is to solve the problem by yourself. You probably get similar tables and then you understand. As
Having body effect is an advantage or disadvantage? I think that it is advantage as well as disadvantage bcoz wen we consider the three series nmos transistors then bcoz of body effect that is Vsb =0 for the last transistor so the effect is les i mean the input can reach faster than the other two ttransistor bcoz there the
As the availability of powerful computer resources has grown over the last three decades, the art of computation of electromagnetic (EM) problems has also grown - exponentially. Despite this dramatic growth, however, the EM community lacked a comprehensive text on the computational techniques used to solve EM problems. The first edition of Numerica
There are three books namely... Understanding DSP-R.Lyons DSP-Rabinar-Gold and and the last one is fabulous.. U will never fine something of this sort anywhere on this planet.... It is a free pdf it.. Thanks..
You can consider a PLC as a group of three box.One is input box, another one is control section box and the last one is output box.You can give input signal to control box form input terminal. The control section will produced output signal to the output terminal to contorl the machine operation. You can program the requried sequence of operation t
How does this work? Math Problem 1. Grab a calculator. (you won't be able to do this one in your head) 2. Key in the first three digits of your phone number (NOT the area code) 3. Multiply by 80 4. Add 1 5. Multiply by 250 6. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number 7. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number again. 8. (...)
Looking out for a job I have done PhD in Electronics Science and M.Tech in Microwave Electronics from University of Delhi I have got 7 years of work experience including teaching ( taught M.Tech in Microave Electronics for 3 and a 1/2 years )and research experience (6 mths Research Associate CSIR and for last three years working as a scientist
thanks,renwl! I've just make a beginning of the section about SC circuit in allen's book.last night i have got some useful information in it.Really a wonderful engineering book!