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Hi, I have one question, can you tell us why you need 15-17 layered motherboard circuit ? You need just parts identification and aragement or exactly circuit ?
hello,every body . i need structure about layered decoding and how can i implementation it ,
Verification based project: pipelined LC3 microprocessor using System Verilog and also have to develope an object-oriented, layered test bench with random constrained. I want some idea on this project, how to the write the code for it. Any IEEE paper' on the same topic. I am searching not able to find the right one. Please help. Thank you.
Create a material with the correct magnetic and electric material properties. Select a surface where the thin film will be applied and apply a layered impedance boundary condition. Enter the thickness and the user defined material along with the substrate material, ie copper. It is of note that HFSS can only support linear magnetic material...wh
Sonnet prefers the "planar 3D" description to indicate that Method of Moments calculates the full 3D fields and is not approximate. When people talk about "2.5D" or "planar 3D" they mean the same thing. All these tools use "Method of Moments" simulation and they all are designed for planar layered structures with possibly many layers and vias, bu
the toold you are using is good but you may have to learn to use some good tools and used in companies and by professional people. you may learn orcad or cadstar and go still in depth of multilayered boards. i dont know how many levels of layered board are you comfortable with.. but the more you go in depth the more you learn and be more competent.
Hey, I was wondering what oscillator is used in this FM transmitter. Voyager MkII Page 1 Another question, if I used multi layered ceramic capacitors instead, would they work? Like the ones shown here: CK05BX-6
yes i wish someone to drill a cavern has to be atleast octaganal in granite or heavy rock first to give some sort of referance basalt is maybe better or maybe some tests to find idea size for such a void in different rock/stratus types add internal facing layered to form the cavern walls and planes maybe several different types
thanks for your reply. i checked out the multi layered components u mentioned, but there's no model for spiral inductor, moreover, i didn't find any option where i could specify the layer i want to place the component .
Hi For spiral inductor Momentum should be more efficient, it is designed for layered media like the one use in your case. HFSS is also excellent program but with much wider area of use - general 3D structures like waveguides, antennas, scatteres etc. flyhigh
Hi all, I want to find out the variations in the impedance of a FPC which is run closely and parallel to a stainless steel shield. The FPC contains a 3 layered stackup as given below. 1. Coverlay 2. TOP Signal Layer 3. Core 4. GND 5. FRClad 6. Core 7. Bottom Signal Layer 8. Coverlay Below which SS shield is present with an air gap
The Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) is described in a layered set of specifications broken into Parts. It is purposely described in abstract terms and in later parts married to existing technology on which software can be built. for details visit
… Tuesday Technote on Solver Debug, Jijo PS, Srini TeamCVC Dealing with simple solver failure – looking for really “quick help”. It is a layered SystemVerilog code for a SAN Router. An inherited constraint in a testcase showed randomize() failure. Before you jump to conclusion on the simple nature
Hi everybody I have a problem with feko: I need to apply a dielectric skin to a sphere of a different dielectric material, so I have created the two dielectic materials, the layered dielecric, and I have applied it to the face of the sphere as a thin dielectric sheet; but when I start the simulation, feko gives me the error: ERROR 1161: No m
You will need to design the circuit, pretty much any decent pcb software will do the job. You will then need to sent the gerber and drill files to a pcb manufacturer to make you a sample. Double sided is the most you can reasonably do yourself. Multi layered boards in small quantities can be quite expensive, make sure you get it right first time.
hi myself vijendra looking for part time pcb design jobs for home i am from india plz.. contact me at i can design multi layered upto 16 layers
Use Momentum and define an "x" layered board with the depth graeter than this hollow hole. This is not trivial to do right, so you might want to read all the help files, they call ADS's tech support. Good luck
you should practice writing code in layered structure.. i meant you should write hardware-dependent code and hardware-independent code separately for example.. check below code that sends string via UART High-Level or Hardware-independent function void putsUART(char *str) { while(*str) putcUART(*str++); }
It seems you having a layered display system. When full scree is activated, your settings of transparency are lost. I have no specific details, but I faced this situation when developing under linux systems that had multiple framebuffers. -- Amr
Hi all, I've been trying to simulate a tiny microstrip antenna inside a human head model (layered sphere) and got these error messages: 1. Could not write PEC into file cstproject\microstrip and head\Result\Model.fpf 2. Error in calculating solver matrix. I used the exact same model on the previous simulation, but with bigger size antenna,