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You should be able to export GERBER if you have the ADIX license. Vias are modeled as 3D polygons. If you export GERBER, 3D polygons will be dropped. What I will suggest you to do is to keep a "clean" copy of your structure with layered polygons representing vias. You use the layered polygons model to create your ie3d model for simulation while
hello everybody, plz help me , i want to simulate antenna terminated in layered human body model i.e. wants to calculate the SAR in layered body model. plz tell me how can i do SAR setting for different layers like skin,fat or muscle layers??? and how can i plot SAR vs thickness of layers.....
hello Dear, when i simulated antenna in layered bio media then there are some error produced in cst software which are as follows? "Memory resources exhusted...solver stopped to solve matrix...program aborted" please tell me how can i remove this error? one more error: " the port 1 is inhomogenously filled within the first three mesh cell
Hello wakuhuaco, Yes, you can import the Layout from AutoCAD but not in 3D format... AWR MWO accepts AutoCAD DXF, GDSII file formats which may be multi-layered... To do this go to Layout tab => right click on Cell Libraries => select Import DXF library & select the Autocad DXF file... If you see the Geeting Started or User Guide -Chapter
J. R. Wait, ?Excitation of an ensemble of J parallel cables by an external dipole over an M layered ground, AEU, 31, December 1977, pp. 489-493.
Why spatial multiplexing is only occured, no coding in BLAST(Bell layered space time) system .. Can you please give some information about BLAST and SISO systems.... BLAST is a scheme which utilizes the spatial dimension to increase the throughput of a MIMO system without space-time coding at the transmitter, i.e. the tran
What is spatial multiplexing? how it occurs in Bell layered space time(BLAST).
Hi , I am using bluetooth module(F2M03AC2 from FREE2MOVE)in my the datasheet they have suggested to connect directly all the GND Pads to flooded GND plane.ALso if more than one GND is used make a connection between them using as many as vias. In the layer stack up i have GND Plane below the TOP Layer were the module is mounted. My qu
wow, never heard of three layered patch antenna like that.. whats the idea behind that? and what application are ya making it for? and what target frequency range?? regards, wiztronix
Oh, then I think it is a MIMO system. The MIMO system can increase the capacity a lot. It can use space-time coding for reliable communication or layered space-time code for high speed. You can search "MIMO wireless" in the internet. You might try this book Fundamentals of Wireless Communication, by D. Tse and P. Viswanath, Cambridge University Pr
Bumbar, Wired IP communication systems employ a "layered" network protocol design, made up of 5 layers that perform certain functions in the network. The physical, medium access control (MAC)/link and network layers are responsible for network access. FLASH-OFDM takes the same appr
Hi, Anyone has schematic for WRT54G v2 Linksys router? This is so popular that I assume someone must have the schematic, a leak from manufacturing shop or whatever. I want to know more about the wiring of that Broadcom CPU and its GPIO pins. The PCB is multi-layered so although I have a box of them, I can't trace the inner layers. Ok, a part
Hi I try running a new PCB (4 layers) and I need a scheme in AUTOCADE to RF(radio requency)layer or Microwave layer.
hi lightcloud, Are you talking about metal slotting violations, in DRC run? if it is so then, metal slotting goes like this. In most manufacturing processes, a metal layer cannot be layered in uniform thickness. Wide wires typically result in high metal densities. Metal applied over a wide area is thin in the middle and thick on the edges,
DEAR An SCR can be seen as a conventional rectifier controlled by a gate signal. It is a 4-layered 3-terminal device. A p-type layer acts as anode and an n-type layer as a cathode; the p-type layer closer to the n-type(cathode) acts as a gate. k': k; "k An SCR (left) can be thought of as two BJT transistors working together (right). Mo
Has anyone ever simulated a patch antenna with an ITO (indium-tin-oxide) glass subtrate with HFSS? I tried setting the boundary of the patch and ground as "finite conductivity", "layered impedance" or "impedance" but everytime I have a gain whose value is about 0 dBi. I would appreciate if you can share you experience or tell me how to set the pa
I am wondering if there are some analytical codes to calculate the EM fields of a vertical/horizental electric/magnetic dipole sitting in a layered medium? I think several books describing required theories and formulations. Waves and Fields in Inhomogeneous Media Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics Please post if you happen to ha
The most important thing in 8 layered board is to 1st determine the layer stack. in my 8 layered board case the main reason to go that much layered is due to a BGA ICs, thus we need more layers so that we are able to fan out n have enuff and strong GND and power planes If u have address and data lines do them and also those sensitives (...)
i dunno why must use pcb 8 layers to design an DSP hardware can anybody tell me??
i need help, my problem is how to correctly assign the values of Ca and Cb for Ex, Ey and Ez of the maxwell equation from dielectric constant Er(I,J,K) and conductance SIGM(I,J,K).