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What is the standard trace thickness used for multi layered,multi signal board.?
For an exact calculation, you need to model the microstrip line geometry with layered substrate in an EM (respectively AC electrostatic) solver. For an estimation, a weighted average should work. Considering fabrication tolerances due to substrate thickness, resin composition and etch width variations, don't expect better accuracy than +/- 10 % imp
See papers such as "Volumetric layered transmission-line metamaterial exhibiting a negative refractive index". If you have a transmission line model, you can compute it knowing the host TL properties and the loading component values -- what kind of unit cell structure are you using?
If I have a six layer LED driver PCB of 6 layers, 2 oz copper on every layer.......... what is the approx. cost difference of having different inter layer thicknesses as follows... 0.4mm thickness interleaving board sections 0.3mm thickness interleaving board sections 0.2mm thickness interleaving board sections
This is a many-layered question and one which simulation can only approximate. Minimum detectable, vs minimum -reliably- detectable, just by itself, has dark current, telegraph noise, detector circuitry threshold / noise contribution aspects. Not that almost all of these push into areas that often are poorly modeled or not well modelable (dark cu
I tried to make a S11 based measurement of a chip capacitor in HFSS (simulated measurements) I made a 50 Ohm microstrip line of layered impedance rectangles, put a rectangular patch at the end and applied 0.55 pF capacitive boundary to it. Other side of the capacitor is shunt with another vertical rectangle with perfect conductor layered impedan
I've no idea, it is just the way the manufacturer decided to do it. Often the collector is bonded to the center wire so the other two connections, which are layered above it in the silicon, can leave with one bond wire on each side. If the base was in the center and was providing mechanical support as the wire does, half the silicon would be on on
I constructed micro-strip PCB inductor (coil ) in ADS 2009 for a particular application, The setup is a 2 layered system which houses the coil on 1 side and layout for a few IC's on the bottom side. PFA the setup image. 104287 Now the issue arises when i export the layout in the form of a gerber, is that all t
Can anyone tell me the best way to simulate mutliple thin layers in HFSS. I'm currently having problems with the layered impedance boundary... I'm simulating the effect of a thin layer of Nickel Chromium underneath a thin layer of gold on the wall of a rectangular cavity operating at the fundamental mode (TE101). To impose this boundary conditio
Hello everyone, Can anyone list out some protocols following OSI model like USB (Universal Serial Bus) or UFS (Universal Flash Storage) whose design specification can be found on internet? Thanks and Regards, Akhil Kumar
Hello friends, I am new in antenna design and I am trying to design a layered MLA for a mobile handset. I prepare my design according to a paper and do some modifications in sizes. I use HFSS 13 for simulation and I started to use HFSS with this project. I used wave port as excitaions and radiation in a sphere. Here is my design and you can se
If the height is small relative to wave length, you can calculate an effective height for the layered dielectricum. e.g. H(eff) = H(FR4)/4.4 + H(airgap)
Hi all...This is Yugandhar. I am working with HFSS.I have 2 doubts. Can anyone guide me my multi layered problem analysis; HFSS results and closed form solution results are matching only at a particular height. If I try to change the dimensions of my model, results are invalidated(HFSS and closed form solutions are not matching for th
in modeling of a nano wire array that periodicity embedded in matrix, with scattering matrix method what should i do? i don't understand how to layered them please help me is there any similar code for that? this wires is ferromagnet and i want to calculate magneto optical activity of them
Yankie, This is typical of any layered protocol. You can do what you want with the following corrections obj_CIR = CIR::type_id::create("circle"); req = RECT::type_id::create("rectangle"); if (req.randomize()) else `uvm_fatal(); obj_CIR.radius = req.length; start_item(obj_CIR); finish_item(obj_CIR); You should always
I have an ADC in my system and a DAC. How should i design the ground plane, any tips? The board will be 4 layered. I have a 3.3V mcu. ADC and DAC has a 2.5 reference in common. DAC requires a 12V voltage source. Digital section of the ADC can operate at 3.3V or 5V but i plan to use 5V. Analog voltage supply of the ADC is 5V. I would appreciate a
I was trying to use ADS Momentum, but somebody said it was a 2.5D simulation software This "2.5D" refers to the layered modelling, instead of arbitrary 3D shapes. However, the solver solves for the full 3D solution of Maxwell's equations. which I guess will ignore the horizontal EM field bet
I am a newbie and I would like to know the connection of the terms bootloader, flasloader,monitor,device drivers,stacks,kernel,board support package etc. I do not understand how they are interrelated and how they fit themselves in layered embedded software architecture. It would be highly useful, if someone could answer with proper book reference w
Dear all, I have a multi-layered waveguide substrate which I want to simulate in Comsol. It's easy to create a particular geometry, but I don`t know how to create the materials with correct parameter, such as Er doped or Yt-Er codoped materials based on silica glass core or LiNbO3. Can you suggest me where to find material information about dop
Hi, I am a newbie in PCB design and I am presently working on my first PCB design which is a capacitive sensor. I am drawing a 6 layered PCB and on the top layer I have all my components placed and routed completely. On the bottom routing layer, I need to make use of a net that I connected in the top layer for sensing. So, I created a sha