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The appended dxf is useless because it has all data in a single layer. PCB layout data must have separate layers for each copper layer (apparently 1 in your design) soldermask(s) silkscreen ("marking") board outline drills Drill data must be probably manually converted because a file with x/y coordinates and tool number is expected. (
Hi, I'm trying to import my company's logo to layout (pcb editor), but it is being complicated. PCB Editor: Logo is already converted to dxf format. Import works fine (File->Import->dxf). Components are properly assigned to layers (silkscreen top). Logo is imported but is huge[/
Hi I want to export from HFSS to ADS , I go through this page but I have problem with naming the layers?? it is mentioned in there that Go to the Advanced page and define the names of the dxf layers in your file. How can i find the dxf layers in my design?:bang::bang: Thank you for your hel
114868 I need such view of my pcb. But I cannot do it in P-cad 2006& What utility I need to use/ I use the dxf-export, then Setup- Drill symbol assighnment. But after opening in Autocad I do not see anything but there is drills layers -- but why it is empty?
Hi Salim, open your .brd file. File-import-dxf. A window will pop up(Refer to attachment dxf). Browse your company logo.dxf file . Provide your dxf created units properly. Pick incremental addition. Pick Edit\View layers. A window will pop up (Refer dxf-EDIT-VIEW attachment) . Pick (...)
Go to dxf import option Browse the file u want to import select edit/view layers tab Map to the layer where u want to import close the tab and click on import option...
Maybe if you have exported your model to dxf in CST and then importe to Altium, it may not work because dxf (in CST 5.0 atleast) is 2D and all layers may not have been exported precisely. What I would suggest is to export the file in *.step or *.sat. Then may be you will have to again convert this to DWG using any CAD / CAM softwares and (...)
I was with Zeland myself way back in 2005. I must say it is one of the most basic tools available today. What you can try is get all the different layers on a single layer on dxf with a gap of say 100mm or so. Import it and it must work ! You may then move it accordingly in IE3D. Anyways which version have you been working on. I have last worked
So if there was two layers of copper, with a dielectric in between, would I export all three layers, or just the two copper ones?
hi i unable convert .dra (allegro board file) to orcad layout(.max). i am able to convert .max to .dra, but i am not able to convert .dra to .max. i am following some stepls, i am mapping all layers,classes,sub classes in allegro dxf editor, i converted into dxf format. but on importing .dxf file into orcad layout (...)
Hello ppl, I have a 4 layer PCB stack up and the corresponding .dxf file imported in ADS. My doubt is that I know that layer 1 which is signal trace 1 corresponds to the .dxf layer Trace_01 and same is the case with signal trace 2 i.e Trace_04. Now between these two layers I have ground and Power supply so the stack up something like this (...)
Hi Guys, I need some guidance to import .dxf file (which i extracted from HFSS) to ADS. I read few previous post but could not get the solution to my problem. The .dxf file that I get form HFSS is attached. I am really not sure if I extracted it correctly as its just 19KB and does not seem to have layer information. This is a symmetrical oc
What you need is to have some drawing editor that can access the .dxf-file. It is often the case that the drawing needs to be edited/repaired. For instance: The board outline should ideally be a closed polyline. You also need to know the name of the layers and what they should represent in the imported design. An editor such as AutoCAD Lite shoul
I am familiar with the Import dxf functionality of OrCAD PCB Editor, and have successfully imported drawings for things like a company logo and an ESD symbol for the silk screen. However, now I would like to import a dxf onto the etch layer, make all of the resultant shapes dynamic, and assign them to nets. I have been able to import the drawin
This junk data is not generated by allegro but the dxf itself contain the data. You have two layers with names "DBlayers" and "PART_ATTR" which contain the junk data. While importing the dxf to allegro donot map these two layers.
I am building capacitance sensing electrodes to detect insects/small animals. The electrode shapes are mostly driven by animal/environment restraints and I need a way to estimate parasitic/residual capacitance; the ICs I use only allow so much nulling. I have gerber/dxf of the layers and can generate 3D models. Any suggestions for a way to model
Hello, You need to know the Substrate material properties such as Thickness, Er, Losstanget & frequency of operation... Then import the layout dxf or GDS format & set the dielectric layers...& simulate... ---manju---
Do you mean dxf or DFX? If you need a dxf file you can activate appropriate layers and run dxf.ULP. There are similar programs available from the Cadsoft webpage (userfiles) which generate a dxf file.
Hello drewcam888, I think you have not selected the required layers export mapping in Layer setup (LPF) , first enable the layers you want to export then go to export the layout in dxf format.... if you still have the problems...upload your MWO project file, & the corresponding .dxf file so that I can look at the (...)
Hi all, I am having problem in mapping the layers while creating dxf in Cadstar. Please help me out suppose if i use a two layer board what should be tha mapping files or how should i map different layers(top elec, SSTOP, etc.). Any feedback will be of great help. Thanks & Regards. Ricky