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Is the following an advantage which only applies to the Eagle PCB layout package? It relates to the ease of deleting unwanted components from a library. I just finished a PCB project. As usual, I have a single library file which contains all the footprints, symbols and devices that I drew out and used for the PCB. As with all PCBs that I do, I
I am design PCB layout for a PFC controller, and most of the suggested components size is 0603, and these value is not able to me as of the moment. Can I used 0805 or 1206 as a replacement to this 0603 components? what impact will these packaging difference may cause to my design? Or how will I compensate the difference? Can I just resize my (...)
First thing that have to look in those high-power failures, is the PCB layout. Second have to look to the power supply (bias) filtering and decoupling, and any unwanted coupling between high power components.
We see oscillations around 14 MHz which won't be expected according to AD8009 and LMH6553 bandwidths. Most likely conclusion, it's caused by parasitic circuit components like wiring inductance, cable capacitance, generally bad circuit layout or unsuitable measurement setup. I see that some oscillations are already present in the "input" trace. W
I need to create a layout using a bunch of existing components and some custom layout . However when I finalize the layout and do DRC, I get lots of violations which requires me to edit the layout of the instances of those existing components. When I try to in place edit the (...)
What print option should I use (mirror,not mirror) for making PCB single layer using photo etching method? for example : - components are on top silk - blue layer is bottom copper 130624 Options: 130625
Hi What I mean is this - I design and layout a complex, multi-purpose, circuit and it works OK. I then decide to use the layout for a sub-set of the the original functions. I can do this by simply crossing out bits of the schematic on paper, and not installing un-required components on the board. But I would like to edit the (...)
Dear all, I use in my schematic and layout (Cadence Virtuoso IC6) 2 same components (rpoly2,Lib PRIMLIB, tech AMS0.35). And, when I create the av-extracted view with QRC ASSURA, this specific component model become another model ( rpoly2c, it is the same model with parasitics capacitances to substrate). So, when I perform the post-layout (...)
Look at the LM2623 evaluation board layout to get an idea of reasonable wiring. I don't see a proper way to solder the device, hope you have at least the 0.65 mm VSOP not the WSON package? I have been sometimes mounting 0.65 mm components on a test board with plated holes,1.27 x 1.27 mm pitch, cutting each square pad into two halves. But that's
hi All, I want to figure out how resources are layed out in my Vertex 6 FPGA chip , The documents talk about BUFG, BUFH , and BUFR , basically I would like to see the layout of these components on my FPGA die , ideally in FPGA Editor or Planahead Device View. I have a simple design and it does not use all of these resources so it only all
1. Double click on component in layout (properties) and in the designator part, check hide option. For each component you need to do this. 2. Another way is click PCB (right bottom of layout) and select PCB list. In this change include only to components. Now check the show name column (whatever component's overlay need to sh
Top layer: 126352 Bottom layer: 126353
to do this I added a port to every component pad in the layout-view and exported the whole circuit as a schematic symbol (w/ EM-model) to the schematic-view, placed all the components on that and then ran the S-parameter simulation. Hi Annor, the workflow sounds fine to me, and the only missing details might be t
Hello from Sweden! For some days now I've been fiddling about with ADS and I must say I've been enjoying it immensely. Yesterday, I thought I would graduate from playing around in the schematic view and do some Momentum simulations with some real PCB-traces. I imported a test-circuit (DXF) into the layout-view of ADS from Eagle - with the cen
In schematic or in layout?
I am using ADS momentum to simulate a 3-layer structure. My structure is periodic which has 64 cells so fabricating it in layout window is really a big pain. I use ADS schematic to generate the structure and then transfer it to the layout window by layout option in schematic window. This method is really easy as long as it is just about the (...)
No, I can confirm that LM2576 is working correctly if wired according to the datasheet. So something most be wrong, either with the circuit layout or the components.
Hi, 1) I don't know if you mean schematic or Momentum but in both use ctrl+R to rotate objects. You can also specify your default rotation angle in Momentum (Options/Preferences/Entry-edit) 2) The way that I use is to generate a layout look alike components in Momentum and use it in schematic. 3) There is no way that you can simulate your active
Please give a solution of random numbers display on tc7107 using circuit from datasheet. Poor layout Defective solder joints Noisy power supply Errors in wiring or the netlist Defective or counterfeit IC Defective or erroneous components
Dear All, I am new to PCB design and layout. Currently I designing the PCB for testing my design prototype. For this purpose, I need to place a thru-hole SMA connector. However, I dont know - 1. Which part to use in the Capture schematic for the SMA connector. 2. Which footprint to be used. [ATTACH=CONFI