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Whats your budget for designing and building a PCB? they are not cheap (?1000s or ?10000s to get the layout and manufacture done on a single board), plus the licence costs for the expensive tools. I would stick with FPGA design.
Hi, I'm trying to learn Cadence PCB Editor Allegro GXL and Design Entry hdl 16.6. I searced for sample multilayer schematic and board files which are in same .cpm project, but i couldn't find. If you have any project file (.cpm-both schematic and layout files of same project in Cadence) or any idea and share, i will be happy. Thank you
Hello All, Is there any options to print the Schematic's of CAPUTURE CIS with Ref Des.. i mean if i click any Ref Des it have to highlight in Pdf, or if i click any symbols in Pdf it have to shows its attribute.. In concept hdl this option is available.. i m not aware about CAPUTRE CIS.. pls help me to find out.. And also., in PCB layout
Hi everybody, I am a Project with Schematic Entry in Cadence Allegro Design Entry hdl and a first generation of layout designed with PCB Editor. I have to update the layout with components that have a new footprint. I have thought to make this board update with this simple flow: 1. Start Part Manager in the DE hdl; 2. (...)
Hi all, in pre-layout I am using a non-synthesizable monitor component to dump to file the opcodes executed by an embedded CPU. In post-layout I lose the dump (I enveloped the monitor code in translate_off pragmas). Also I don't have enough spare pins to move the monitor outside the design top, to the test-bench. Is there a way in modelsim
I would recommend convert the schematic into hdl (verilog or vhdl) and then start the asic design flow which is RTL simulation synthesis Gate level simulation layout post layout simulation
Is there any option to import netlist from allegro layout to orcad & concept hdl schematic?
In the allegro layout and concept hdl schematic, Can we move group of components in the layout by selecting the components in the schematic by using group select options?
what do you mean by this... DSP is Digital signal processing you can implement many DSP algorithms on VLSI platform... VLSI is nothing but a platform like if you write something in C you generate EXE file that is software for particular algorithm simillarly if you make hdl code or layout level design for some algorithm it will generate
For an FPGA design back annotation is taking the delays (some time the pin numbers, too) from the layout (after place&route phase) and entering them into the description (schematic or hdl-based), this way allowing to do more realistic simulation. For discrete components design back annotation is just updating the circuit from the pcb (say, from La
Hi, Iam looking for exp pcb layout guys for a startup in Noida. Allegro,orcad,hdl concept and Pads, tool knowledge is must Spetra quest or Hypelynx is value added. Regards, Sam Mathew Business Email : Personal Email : Skype Id :
hi, the cadence tools concept hdl (schematic entry) and allegro pcd editor (layout) works with linux. but this is expensive and complex. regards hqqh
Can anyone share about how to crtoss probe between allegro layout & concept hdl schematic
Hi, Actually in concept you can set layout constranits in the spread sheet you can define length mating constranits and many more (routing topologies, stub length, via count, propogation delays etc) ... so the schematic designer can also have the control over the signal integrity... This can also be modified in the layout level also.. In ca
We are now doing mixed signal layout lvs. The digital circuit is described with veriloghdl, while calibre can only recongnize cdl netlist. How can I deal with this lvs problem? How can I translate veriloghdl to spice netlist? Thanks a lot!
virtuoso is a custom layout, you can't read-in hdl netlist. tech file in virtuoso is for layers and their fill pattern definition
thanks really helping me... actually I am not good in layout design. Can I just focus on hdl and finish by proved it using FPGA? can anybody give an idea?
Hey there... I am a second year EE student and I have always been interested in knowing FPGA,ASIC,hdl's....etc but I never had a chance to sit down and start learning them.Fortunately a design contest has been prepared for college students by a very well known company in EDA and I want to join this contest but I need to know what I should start
You can use it to design digital system, but not as you want (hdl --> Syntesis -> Place and Route which require other set of tools). Nornally for IC5141, you have to draw the schematic (using the digital cell library), then create the layout using standard cells. mm,
Hai, I am doing a DLL design ,can anyone send me some fully/all digital DLL circuits or papers,and websites which show the entire simulation and layout flow for DLL circuits. I am going to use the VERILOG hdl simulation tool (FPGA ADVANTAGE PRO)..