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Whats your budget for designing and building a PCB? they are not cheap (?1000s or ?10000s to get the layout and manufacture done on a single board), plus the licence costs for the expensive tools. I would stick with FPGA design.
hi I want to learn and design professional High Speed PCB Boards for FPGA etc. I have a work experience on Orcad 16 layout 16 and have designed RF Power Amplifier PCB's up-to 2GHz using ADS. What are the leaning steps involved and which tool is required (Altium, PCB Editor etc)? Do i need to follow any book on Signal Integrity? Regards
Greetings, I'm new to this forum but already find it a wealth of knowledge. I'm teaching myself Capture Orcad with the free demo version, Lite. I'm working thru the Mitzner book and in the example laying out a simple op amp circuit, with a 6 pin connector, I cannot place the conn6. The error I get is "Pin numbers do not match between s
Hey ppl, I have started learning SKILL by my self and I have three questions regarding my project. I converted symbol in to schematic (layout XL: connectivity->Generate->copy all from source). The layout has instance of pcell which is nfet without nwell. I wanted to place nwell somwhere near this instance, create pin for the nwell and (...)
Hi, I'm in the middle of a steep learning curve with Designer 8.0 and need some clarifications. Im trying to simulate a power amplifier input match network that contains lumped elements and copper. I want to simulate the copper with the 2D+ EM simlulator and attach the lumped components accordingly - except I can not figure out the types of po
The memory locations are apparently assigned in the linker script (or whatever defines the memory layout) and can't be used at will.
hi , thanks for the reply . I hav tool installed. but for pre layout and post layout which one is used and any help doc pls thanks
Hello, What is the hardest types of PCB to lay out in the world of PCB design? (not including microwave type circuits) As far as I know, one of the hardest things to "program" the PCB layout package to do is to handle multiple differential pair routes. Is this true? From a physics viewpoint, routing a differential pair obviously requires on
Hell all, I have a problem regarding PADS PCB. I am running PADS v9.0 in Windows 7 with Win XP compatibility mode enabled. I have recently installed PADS for developing PCB. Before I used Eagle for that, so I am totally new to PADs and learning to use PADS. There is no any problem running PADS logic and layout by running in compati
Hi, Here is my question of a analog comparator with its input differential pair of different single width but of the same total width (different fingers). And there is no symmetry of the differential pair on the layout. so why does it happen? I am learning this circuit from an experienced designer. Please anyone be kind to help to give me a h
I'm learning how to make an inverter, and need help figuring out what is normal and what is not, and fixing the latter. The basic layout is - make 320V from 12V, using a high frequency, small size ferrite transformer, rectify the 320V, turn them into AC with a full bridge. It splits nicely into two parts, and i want to debug them separately.
At lower nodes below 32nm, the traditional layout schemes provided in Neil West or Rabaey textbooks are no longer valid and are outdated. The most recent technology nodes use a regular SRAM layout since lithography limitations at sub 45nm nodes. I found an interesting picture online which gives both, the layout as well as the corresponding (...)
hello! I am trying to test the following scripts "basiclayout.tcl" set L set my_cell $L create cell $my_cell $L create layer [set layer1 set first_coord 2 set last_coord set coords $L create polygon $my_cell $layer1 $coords $L
I have moved this to a more appropriate forum. You need to say what PCB package this is for. Even so, with PCB layout you need to get used to creating your own symbols and footprints - you will not be able to avoid learning how to do it. Keith
I created the schematic in orcad and i want to move to the layout. Is anyone with information/tutorials how to move from schematic to layout ????
Please help me to design PCB layout for these circuits... I don't know anything about PCB designing software. I have Eagle 5 and KiCAD but don't know how to use it....Please can u give me layouts for these circuits?? Thanks.... Here are circuits.... 62669 62670
Hi guys, could u please clarify my droughts i am in learning stage now. why decoder is in big size ?? what is pitch matching in Memory ? and what are the portions available in decoder??? what is critical thing in decoder while drawing the layout ?? why decoder will not align with bitcell( i mean decoder size is big when we do pitch matching)
IC Mask Design: Essential layout Techniques
Hi All, Can anybody tell me good websites to learn digital ic layout from the begining. I want to learn on my own. Any help/guidence is really appreciated. -novice
dear sir, I want to learn analog and layout designing.. i dono anything about chip designing except that i studied in my VLSI designs subject in my college.. Presently i m doing hardware designing. how can i start to study sir?? what ll u suggest me to learn? should i take any course?? thank u in advance. Deepsss.