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I am simulating a circuit that includes a symbol created in the layout (EM frequency plan 50MHz-350MHz) and lumped components. In the circuit S-parameter setup: frequency range is 50 MHz to 300MHz. Type of simulation - Linear. However instead of assigned setup the ADS is performing an adaptive simulation in the r
I am doing project on design of LNA (2 , 4 , 6 GHz). I am using NE76084 transistor manufactured by NEC corp. (formerly NEC corp.). I using the non linear model of the transistor in AWR Microwave office environment. I can not completed the input matching and output matching circuits using lumped element
I am not familiar with the method you mentioned, but the most effective broadband matching topology that I used (using lumped components) was a cascaded L, High-Pass-T, L, network. The frequency range was between 900MHz and 2.5GHz, but might work up to 3GHz with careful consideration of the parasitics of the components and (...)
Hi, I'm in the middle of a steep learning curve with Designer 8.0 and need some clarifications. Im trying to simulate a power amplifier input match network that contains lumped elements and copper. I want to simulate the copper with the 2D+ EM simlulator and attach the lumped components accordingly - except I can not figure out the (...)
You can generate layout with active an passive elements but you cannot simulate it with active and lumped passive elements to obtain s-parameters. In order to simulate the layout wit associated active and lumped passive components, you should create a seperate schematic view and do EM Co-Simulation with (...)
how to make a PCB layout design from lumped-components at schematic using ADS 2011? I HOPE YOU can make me easy to solve my problem
Realizing a 2.4GHz filter with lumped components is pretty difficult in practice due to small component values and their tolerances.You can add layout parasitics onto this consideration. 5.8GHz filter with lumped elements ?? Forget about it. No way... There are 2 ways.Either you will purchase fabricated standard filters or (...)
My circuit has just lumped components and a transistor in the schematic. How do i get about it in ads layout ? Should i get it transferred in terms of tx lines, if so how ? Kindly help me.
I am a beginner , i would like to know if Proteus can support lumped components layout creation ? If so , is there an automatic layout generator ? Please help. Thank you.
Am a beginner , i would like to know if Proteus can support lumped components layout creation ? and if so , is there an automatic layout generator ?
@All Your reply was helpfull. Can you tell me how to create the layout using ADS 2009 ? Do we have Auto- layout ?
Hi friends, I want to design a lowpass filter with lumped elements. I have no specs to meet, my goal is just study on lumped element filters. Operating range is DC to 1GHz. I have tried for fcut=160 Mhz simulated in AWR(schematic only)
Hello, How can i improve the mismatch between measurement (a microstrip line, closed boundary) and layout in ADS momentum. In which way can i model lines in momentum by using lumped components. Just an example: is it possible to move the S11 magnitude caracteristic ''left-right'' to have better matching. 2. What are the (...)
I have designed a microstrip layout of power amplifier at 2.4 GHz. The input and output matching sections have been designed in microstrip. But my DC bias network is containing lumped components - inductors and capacitors. I want to replace these inductors and capacitors with microstrip lines so that my complete design is in microstrip (...)
Hello vaka85, If you don't want to simulate & then only for layout/Schematic design then associte the footprints / artworks for the lumped elemnts & for the Chip components... See the MWO getting started guide lumped Filter design example... If you still have the problem then upload your MWO project file (*.emp) to (...)
hello friends i am new user for CST Family. i have problem regarding 3D Simulation in CST microwave studio. i have circuit with some lumped capactior for biasing purpose. i don't know how to use them in CST MWS. capacitors are multilayer and there is no available layout library for that capacitor.
Better check with EM co-simulation. In layout you can not place the discrete RLC components for EM simulation.
Hi 1.Add ports for lumped components in your layout 2.simulate layout using momentum 3.approach 1: make schematic based on s-parameters data component + lumped elements, approach 2: make layout component using option from momentum menu and make schematic based on layout (...)