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I have never laid out a PCB with potential higher than 24 volts, so I'm wary that must some "trivals & tricks" I will miss. so please give me your advice what should be paid attention when supply is 50v or 60v (and the current current may be 10A from the 60v supply.) for example special space between lines, cascade structure .... thanks.
Hey. I'm building a lab power supply, I've finished the schematic but when I begun to route the PCB found my self in a inferno of wires crossing over each other. I started out using all SMD but in the end I had to use some through-hole just to get the layout done, the power supply has a transformer 230V/28V-0-28V 0-12V, the 0-12V winding is bein
hi Pavani, If you want deal to high speed PCB layout designs, must be quite familiar with EMC phenomena, due there are a lot of propagation concepts involved. You will not find a unique cookbook with all tricks, and need to gather some guides and summarize the most impo
I don't know. I know only that models for rf transistors including more things than "normal" ones. Hi Dominik, Any tricks for layout more than one nfettw devices? I still got stuck at here :( I can only pass the single nfettw device Help!
Hi All, I am trying to increase my knowledge of matching considerations in op-amps. I know there are a lot of layout tricks that can help us get close to the sim results but never quite get there. But what I am interested in is what we can do in the schematic to have better matching (assume layout will be done well). For e.g. stuff like l
Hi All, I was not able to find differential signals (RXP, RXN) SWAP in RX slice and chip level people claiming that SWAP is present in layout. This block includes the inductors as part of layout. Please help or suggest some tricks to find the SWAP in layout design. Thanks in advance, bg
I need small value gm so the length of the transistor is really small. For example, W/L=3u/18u. Any suggestions of layout of such long length transistors? Thanks! Added after 1 hours 50 minutes: Is it good to divide length into several segments? Or just use one wide finger? Which way is better? Never
I am learning full customer analog/RF IC layout and was wondering if anyone has any TDB files to share that help understand better the intricacies (tips/tricks/rules_of_thumb/etc.) of analog IC design. Any technology, any circuit will do! Many thanks in advance.
β of the planar bipolar transistors is a big headache of the modern CMOS technology. Accoring to the principle theory, β is a function of base area width. Is there any paper/book report any tricks for maximizing the β with layout optimization?
Of course we will use dummy filling ,it hleps inreducing the variation and improving the matching,you can use some tricks to avoid the induced stress.Consult some layout books.
I am just wondering why in many standard cell library in an inverter layout the gate is not straight rather like a snake. What is the advantage of this structure???
the RF layout topic , it is hard to find in a book or article it depends in many things even the foundaries when providing u with models , it is valid for a shape of layout and it depends very much on the width and length so the transistors u donot have a real wide variaty of layout tricks but i think the (...)
I am not clear on your question. Have you referred to 'CMOS IC layout' by Dan Clein ?
Hi guys I'm designing a current amplifier from 100fA resolution to 1uA full scale. Any information like better topology, links to papers, personal experience, layout techniques, problems, tips and tricks will be welcome. Thank you in advance. Juaco
Hello everyone. It?s really important for me to find a detailed layout of a motherboard. The newer the better? I don?t mean the layouts you can find at a common motherboard?s manual. My purpose is to simulate computer buses like PCI bus, memory bus e.t.c. So, I need a layout which shows the multiconductors? structure, their (...)
I was just looking at a very interesting page: Wondered if any of you had any ideas, tips, guidelines ect on using GAL's to simplify layout rather than the design?