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Assuming that the circuit was correctly assembled as well as you have not problem in hardware ( e.g contrast pin of lcd not properly biased ), the next step should you add directives to preset on code the configuration bits exactly as you defined on Proteus.
What device are you using ? If PIC16F then replace LAT with R in lcd defines. It should be RB5_bit like that. Only for PIC16F or 18f it is correct. There should be a while(1) loop at the end of the code. Try this. PIC will stop rebooting. //lcd sbit lcd_RS at LATB5_bit; sbit lcd_EN at (...)
the code is running but it is not displaying temperature value. following is code /********************************************************************************/ /*This program demonstrates the interfacing of lcd to PIC18f4550 microcontroller*/ /********************************************************************************/
What POWER ? Are you Powering the lcd from PIC ?
hello every one; i am working with pic 16F876A at mikroC pro...i would like to use many function in my program (main,interrupt,calculate) i put my program of keypad in function main and i want to displaye on the lcd the value calculated by function calcule; so when i try to call function calculate inside fu
mikro c v5.6.1 pic 18f4550 20MHz oscilator(15pf) Hello. I can't get lcd to work.He always shows squares. Frequency is set to 48 MHz. Diplay is ok because he worked with pic 16f887.When I try 18f with led's(using diferent delays) he works ok. here is code: // lcd module connections sbit lcd_RS at (...)
Hi, Almost any micro can drive a lcd or glcd the choice is yours. You do not mention what language you want to program in, Assembler, Basic, C etc. You do not say how you want to start building it, using your own hardware or via a development board. What is the final aim of your work other than a glcd ? There are many good ways (...)
Hi, Yes, I have some good code, but it would be better if I simulated it first if I knew what 18f chip your are using and what Port the lcd will be on. I assume you have a standard 2x16 HD44780 compatible lcd ? - - - Updated - - - SRJTH.M1 Try this...! [/QUOTE What a wonderful example of lcd code
Using The lcd Screen Of The PICDEM 2+ Demoboard - C++ Tutorials | Dream.In.Code
Here are a few examples: Nokia 3310 lcd Driver JAL PIC Library Interfacing Nokia 3310 lcd with PIC 18f2520 Is this for your ZigBee Project? BigDog
hi all, my first post, im having issues with lcd on pic 18f1320, have ported the code from 16f84 sample and can place the cursor on the lcd with ease, but just cant get a character to appear. my code is below, any help would be greatly appreciated ; lcd routine, testing delay routines for 5ms (4.1ms), 50ms (40ms), (...)
Hello everybody .. for projects with a matrix of LEDs, serial communications, RS232, USB, 7-segment displays, lcds and PIC microcontrollers visit: Pictronics there has electronic design of embedded electronics and microcontrollers. It also has some projects of very simple pogrammers and PIC PicKit2Clone programme
Hi, Well that code builds ok, but the result seem garbled - cannot see any obvious faults but not going to sit down and work out every instruction. Also that routine is a16 bit to 5 decimal digits, is that what your really need ? You say you want to display the 16 bit number on the lcd as 5 digits, so a 16bit to 5 digit ASCII converter s
Hi.. I really don't know, how come the problem, but the push on switch never give a bit of Effect to the lcd display.. here is my schematic diagram and code.. #include <18f4520.h> #include // MENU unsigned short kp; void main() { TRISC = 0x00; lcd_Init(&PORTC); Keypad_Init(&PORTB); // Initialize Keypad
You have not give us a lot to go Like where are you trying to read it to lcd or sending it to PC a Diagram would help and try to explain a bit more what your trying to do. With what you give us so far is like me asking you how long is this piece of string I hold in my hands :D Do you catch my drift :wink:
Hello: Does anybody have a working link for some assembler code to drive a 128x64 KS0108 Glcd. Interested in writing characters and graphics to the display, but most of the examples I have found are not in assembler. Thanks in advance.
Hi, I'm I new to 18f stuff, I only in the past (long time ago :D ) lost some time programing a 16F84, (yes the original) in asm. But the 18f458 is a monster, it have more opcodes and lots of peripherals that need lots of configs :cry: , when I looked at the number of registers to config... I need to develop in a short time some projects t
Hi, Try this nice C compiler from MIKROELEKTRONIKA: It cames with many examples including those you're looking for !!! ( .../extra_examples/Glcd)
hi i want to program an lcd with the pic18f family but with c compiler (may be mplab) lcd module has sed13305 compliant lcd controller, i found some software, best of them is easygui program but it is too expensive for me. is there any other software like this and cheap or how can i make a gui program for my (...)