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Dear all, I am having TVS company 1D bar code scanner. It will work only in HOST(Meaning PC). I need to access the data by micro-controller and I need to display the data in 4 line lcd. I am having little bit knowledge about FT232RL and PL2303.. These ICs will perform USB to UART. But I am not confident in USB (...)
ADC is working output is shown in bar LED . and the data is given to the Port - P1. and again the Port 1 vaule is given to the Port 3 ( just for testing ) nothing showing .. please help me ? #include #include "lcd.h" #include "adc.h" void main(){ unsigned char a = 0; P2 =0x00; P0 =0x00; P1 = 0xff; P3 = (...)
i am trying to interface 128*64 graphical lcd with PIC116f877A. i am succeeded with text, line , rectangle, circle but unable to draw bar and dont know how to display image. If anyone have sample program please upload
I need to design and develop menu driven user interface for 128x64 monochrome lcd for DDC. Basically expected to write things from scratch (in C). It should include scrolling menu, pop-up menu, progress bar, some graphs. Cannot afford to include any libraries. Most of the past discussion recommends commercial libraries which may not be (...)
When i write code in MPLAB software and buid it i got error............. C:\Users\DCS\Desktop\example\ex1.c:76:Error: syntax error nd my code is // Program to get input from keypad and display it on lcd. #define pad PORTD #define r1 PD0 #define r2 PD1 #define r3 PD2 #define r4 PD3 #define c1 PD4 #define c2 PD5 #defin
You cannot display your voltages directly to the screen/lcd.some interfacing must be included between them. Why you dont wanna use controller?
Hi Basically you will need to build 2 function(procedure) one that handle the background and one that handle the bar's You can find a demo application in ST STM32 application note on how to use graphic lcd with STM32 All the best Bobi The microcontroller specialist
Hi All, I am using Hi-Tech PICC-18 Compiler for PIC18F452 and I am using Hi-tech lcd.c and lcd.h File I want to Program lcd for different Graphics ( Like i want to add a Volume Level Display ( bar Graph Type) Please Tell any modification or any new function if any of You have done to (...)
Hello experts, I am currently using an LED bargraph for a portable product, and would like to replace it with an lcd display for power conservation purposes. The display can be directly driven by MCU GPIO. It must have at least 5 bar segments. If you know of manufacturers of such devices, particularly if they have (...)