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Hi, I am new in C programming language, but experienced in asm for 8051 and AVR ... I'm trying to drive a segment lcd in Stm32L476 discovery board, i could do it well but i see a problem when using bitmap table, i use a table to assign true active segments for each number. i used a 3D array for this purpose: const uint32_t Table[
here you have example: see ZIP files! and here asm programming! and usefull PDF file: and here:
hi wondering if anyone can help me out with this, ive got the lcd displaying information, but i want it to display the temperature using the lm35 and adc0804 as well, using asm code. Basically i need to get the current reading from the lm35 and convert them in the adc0804 and then display that reading in degrees on the lcd display. I have (...)
I have some lcd tutorial but they are on 8051. I don't know if u'll still need that.
This is a full 8051 lcd 2X16 8 bit Interface i hope it will help someone Regards
I am pretty sure the code you already have does exactly what you need .. plus a little bit extra .. Try to remove sections which send data to lcd and generate alarms .. Regards, IanP
hi I am interfacing lcd to 8051 using PPI(8255) using C programming. i Dont know how to define the 8255 port address and control word register. can anyone help in this ?
I need to find this document for my project. Help me! Thanx in advance. ------------------------------- And i also find some documents which guide to build a large lcd (or monitor) merged by some specified small lcds (or monitors). This large lcd has a task is : it displays all information of some specified small (...)