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Hi, Wrong timing? Wrong initialisation? Did you show EN, RW, RS with a scope? Klaus - - - Updated - - - Added: It seems to be a wiring/code problem. lcd data lines are connected to port pins 2, 3, 4, 5, but code says 4, 5, 6, 7 Klaus
Hi, I am new in C programming language, but experienced in asm for 8051 and AVR ... I'm trying to drive a segment lcd in Stm32L476 discovery board, i could do it well but i see a problem when using bitmap table, i use a table to assign true active segments for each number. i used a 3D array for this purpose: const uint32_t Table[
Common mistake: Do you are using a pullup resistor on RA4 pin (your lcd RS)? This is an open collector output of the 16F648A !!
Hi Milan; Do you know my mikroC lcd libraries on LibStock? They are closed libraries, I know, but all work as well. As you see, my one-wire solution is also based on the Roman Black's circuit, but I used a lot asm code also. For your PIC12F683 use the p16_... librar
I am also doing project. we are using PIC16F877A I need to do it in asm language. But I do not know how to write code to run lcd in assembly. is there any way to convert lcd.c library in pic c compiler to .asm ? or can I find lcd library in assembly language? waiting for your great help thanks
I want to enter the data in eeprom with keypad and the display on 8 bit lcd. Please help me with asm code. its urgent...reply soon
hi, This assembler bin to ASCII works OK. You need ASCII characters for the lcd display. Change the .txt extension to .asm E
Hi, Well done, its always good to see your lcd come alive. Not sure what you mean by adding a lookup table, to the lcd routine ? You can advance your existing routine by introducing 32 user registers to hold the data to be displayed, see the attached sample coded. With this its easy to call predefined messages and update the registers /di
I am beginner for arm I just want to learn assembly for arm keil software I have written code for addition Area example , code readonly entry start mov R0 #5 mov R1#3 add R0, R0,R1 stop B stop End I am seeing 7 error massage assembling lcd.asm... lcd.asm(1): error A9: SYNTAX ERROR (...)
hi can anyone tell me what is wrong with this code and circuit digram.maybe you think the are alot of unnecessary line,i know but this code for test. port equ p2 ;lcd port en equ p2.7 ;lcd en rs equ p2.5 ;lcd rs dr equ p3.4 ;ADC RD rw equ p3.3 ;ADC RW intr equ p3.5 ;ADC intr
here you have example: see ZIP files! and here asm programming! and usefull PDF file: and here:
hello, To catch the information send to the lcd is a hard way.. because mode 4bits , but not impossible.. You can test in Win Xp environment to use VB6 + inpout32.dll see i don't know if the speed will be enough... because using a dll is not the fastest way.. best is 100% asm !!! so if
Hi, Thats a lot of code for anyone to go though and check and you have done it in a very different way to most examples I have seen, though no reason why it cannot be done like that Have you run it on your hardware or in a simulator - does it work ? There are lots of sites around with Assembly turorials for a 2x16 lcd, heres just one exa
checkout here
I have a code from mikrobasic example to display voltage on lcd in 4bit mode.the code is running in pic16f72 but does not run in pic16F873. I have been using codes interchangeably between 72 and 873. but in asm
hi wondering if anyone can help me out with this, ive got the lcd displaying information, but i want it to display the temperature using the lm35 and adc0804 as well, using asm code. Basically i need to get the current reading from the lm35 and convert them in the adc0804 and then display that reading in degrees on the lcd display. I have (...)
Hi, Thats a lot of code to go though, but it builds first time so thats a good start. However what you do need to do more of is use more ; comment lines so that when you or anyone else looks at your code, its easy to follow, its surprising how quickly you can forget things and end up wondering , why did I do that ?? Some important info sti
hi all i have 2 crystals ds1307 pic 16f628a lcd 2*16 and i have a problem the seconds not count i check the crystal and install the second one and install a 4Mhz crystal and still the same problem the second not count (and the sqwe led not run) please help me
Here's some code extracted from the following the code: ;******************************************************************************* ; File: m8_lcd_4bit.asm ; Title: ATmega8 driver for
Any one please help me?
If you using C Language, can refer here lcd HD44780. The header here.
Dear All I completed my RTC project with lcd As per Proteus simulator it does not display and update the time. I added asm file and coff file and Proteus file in the attachment. please advice where the wrong Thanks in advance 71515
Hi I am using 10 bit ADC and the coding has been done in Assembly Language. I need to display the input voltage (which is scaled by 2.5 ) on the lcd . Pls suggest me on how to do this in asm as it involves lot of floating point multiplications and all... Thanksss There are some programmers who quite a
Hello everybody I want to design and make a ID caller with 8870 and 8951 and lcd . please help me to makes code asm for conversi DTMF to lcd
Hi, Please has any one the code or program that can be used in a standard 16 x 1 or 16 x 2 display, only displaying V_Bat, Curr, V_out and volt and also a logo many thanks Hi. You don't even mention MCU, compiler, hardware, nothing. You also say that you would like to display a logo? Do you think this could
Hi, There are loads of lcd tutorials around either on this site or the web. Try this site - PIC Tutorial  Three - lcd Modules
plz compile this asm file and uplode hex file, micro controller - AT89c51 , ORG 00H START: LJMP MAIN_PGR ;GO TO MAIN PROGRAMME ORG 002FH MAIN_PGR: MOV A, # 38H ;INITIALIZE lcd LCALL WR_lcd MOV A, #0FH LCALL WR_lcd MOV A, #06H LCALL WR_lcd MOV A, #01H LCALL (...)
Hi there guys, I've recently come across a PCF8655 lcd driver IC that I am trying to control my lcd with. It is not a cascaded application and the PCB-setup is a direct copy of Figure 4 on pg. 7 in the datasheet provided ( ) VDD: 3.3V Vlcd: 0V (also tried Vlcd 3.3V). In the datasheet I
What PIC model are you using? Here's a project interfacing a PIC with a lcd using Assembly Language: Sending Strings to an lcd (asm) PIC Microcontroler lcd Display IO routines These links should get you started in the rig
i want to asm codes for converting the pressed character in PC (PS2) key board to ASCII equivalent displayed on lcdPS2 asm code below. Connect a serial lcd to finish the job. ;read PS2 keyboard using pic12f675 #include ;12f675 has analogue __CONFIG 0x0184 errorlevel -302 ;prevent ba
This is the proper initialization of lcd As per datasheet... But many people are not following this initialization... So can you try with this initialization.. I also sometime faced this kind of problem due to unproper initialization... But i am sure this is the problem... but you could try this one... STEP1: Write Function set into Command
It is easy to see if you code is for the one or the other AVRGCC uses include like this #include #include #include #include codevision uses include like this #include // Alphanumeric lcd Module functions #asm .equ __lcd_port=0x12 ;POR
Hi, Well seems like you are trying to write your own code for the lcd ..? The lcd char, cmd and init routines are very complicated for a beginner to learn. Similarly it is not easy for someone to debug your code when its not working. I have taken that 4 bit code I sent earlier and simplified it so it might seem clearer for you. From
try proton or picbasic,don't bother with asm or C,too many bracket,lines, etc...,to print on lcd in basic ,simply do this : print at 1,1,"Hello" and check help file for other fonction,before in past,i programmed in asm,now i dont waste my time
In your program you had used lcd in PORTA and using the same for input. Either change the lcd port or input port
Hi , could you help me please to understand the assembly code of this lcd tachometer with pic 16F628 for example I don't undersand the use of blades and how it works ?
i'm using winstar 16*2 char lcd for displaying volume byte on screen.this lcd is interfaced with MC9S08SE8 MCU.i'm controlling the volume by pt2258 .after running the asm program and increasing the volume by remote is displaying the correct sequence of volume bytes but when i continue to press the volume button it abruptly stops displaying the
Bitmap Font Drawer is a free open-source tool for creating monochrome bitmap fonts for lcd/LED or impact printers. Features: * Import fonts installed on your operating system (GNU/Linux or MS Windows or another system); * Export to "C" and "asm"-likes file; * Export bitmap data in 4 - 64 bit data lengh and differe
Just check it out Regards Chanchal Added after 2 minutes: check this also out ww
hi, i want to make controlled current source which use max5400 digpot as voltage controller, atm128 used 2 control it by 3-wire, keypad as inputs 2 determined wiper position and lcd 16*2 as display,, the problem is,i lack of any language programming,i used 2 try some of it like asm and C,could u provide me any source code or any link or any suggest
Anyway You may try to decode the pascal program in your reference design here some example for "procedure lcd reset" mov al,0xe8 mov dx, 0x378 out dx,al call DelayProc mov al, 0xf8 out dx,al call DelayProc and relevant pascal code as below according to the reference given lcd_rst; lcd_wrbyte_c($21); lcd_wr
i am making a project on boile in which i have to give the temperature on boiler with the help of keypad and we have temperature sensor which are comparing with the input temp we gave ... and all the result should be shown on lcd .. this project should be made by help of microcontroller at89s52 ... i need code on this on assemply lungage plus schem
Hi, For microcontroller use AVR or PIC or anything else. I suggest AVR. For display, you can use Glcd with controller KS108/KS107/T6963 or you can use alphanumeric lcd with controller HD44780. Tahmid.
Hi, Assume you are trying to do the seven segment instead of the lcd ? You will need all those .inc files but the one for the 84 will need to be changed for your 690 chip including the configuration settings. Those tutorials are really designed to run with mikros hardware etc, perhaps you might find this tutorial a bit more complete and we
Hi, That code should run fine on your 690 with any parallel HD44780 compatible lcd. Although the data ends up in the lcd, there are several slightly different ways of collecting and outputting the data. The Mikro is one way, but do not spend a lot of time trying to understand what is quite a complicated routine - just use it and concentra
I am using a Basic to program. I will describe my problems: 1) When I try to "Print" or "lcdOUT" a decimal, it will convert to HEX value and then "referring to lcd character table" supposed to display something? say like 6... BUT my lcd would display something I can't understand on the first character or display (first small box I guess) (...)
iam facing a problem with pic18f452 how to program lcd & KEY BOARD using Embedded C & asm PRogram iam also facing how to include headrer files that ar required for lcd initialisation santhosh
Hi all, I`m a newbie with the uC, and now i try to interfacing PIC16f690 with TC77, and the result to be visualized on lcd display. Have you any examples of codes for SPI (I prefer in asm, but and C is good)? And can you tell me what i have to do, step by step to do this project ? Thanks :)
Hello All, I wrote asm code for huge project, but it still has few bugs. So I'll try to program it again with C language. Reazon is not working I2C communication between two PICs (Í disscuss with that problem earlier in here). Maybe it is easier with C ?. I use 8 bit data for lcd with this project and E,RW,RS are routed via Altera logic ch
Hi friends I wrote this simple code. the CodeVision compiles it without error but it can't make it: #include #asm .equ __lcd_port=0x18 #endasm #include <lcd.h> void main (void) { lcd_init(16); lcd_clear(); (...)