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STC8051+avr+atmega Professional Kit is a high-performance development board with rich board resources. The board has many peripherals such as dot matrix LED, color dot matrix lcd, SD slot, PS2 port, stepper motor driver, DC Motor, infrared sensor and temperature sensor. It reflects fully STC Microcontroller performance. Please see the (...)
I am able to execute commands on my lcd when I use delay instead of checking the busy flag but when I check the busy flag,it appears as if an infinite loop has started.Here's the connections for my 4 bit lcd with the avr atmega 16.Thanks a lot in advance :) (...)
Hello there I am doing a project using NOKIA lcd 6100 and i am having a reference code that is originally written for PIC18F2620 but i want it to convert for atmega 1284 and modify certain portions with additional functioning.Please anybody could help then reply asap and i can pay for that
What is the response given by your modem for the command "AT+CMGR=1\r\n"? #include <avr/io.h> #include <lcd.h> #include <avr/interrupt.h> #include #include "uart.h" #include #define UART_BAUD_RATE 9600 /* 9600 baud */ #define xtalCpu 7372800 unsigned char CtrlZ=0x1A; unsigned char msg
just wanna share this. i got it working but the problem is that its not *that* precise, but its okay for a start, i guess.. the code #define F_CPU 8000000UL #include <avr/interrupt.h> #define USART_BAUDRATE 9600 #define BAUD_PRESCALE (((F_CPU / (USART_BAUDRATE * 16UL))) - 1) #include #include<avr/io.h> #include
There is already an lcd library included in codevision, just use the lcd tab in code wizard to set the port and generate the initialization code Alex
I want to make an mp3 player using avr but I have some questions . I have seen many on the internet using some mp3 decoder ICs. Can the decoding be done on software (16Mhz atmega) aside with controlling a graphical lcd and keypad or pushbuttons (is the processing speed sufficient)? Also do I have to use a RTOS ?? generally how to (...)
Are you making calculator with lcd and atmega16 ?
Guys, I want some opinions from you guys picking right Atmel/atmega controller for my project purpose which following specifications: 1. UART connections 2. lcd display 3. Keypad 4x4 4. SD card write/read data Regards Linspire
Recently I bought a USB ISP for ATMEL avr serires controller. (somewhat Similar to picture attached). I attached the programmer with atmega128A chip with crystal & other basic components, the chip is being written & read, now I want to know for running the hardware which will include a 16x2 lcd I need to detach the ISP & then provide the (...)
The main goal was to increase the frequency range but maintaining the cheapest cost. Large and inexpensive color display has been used. Drzasiek wanted build a mobile device, so he was looking for small elements.
hi all,i need c programming using atmega 128 avr to display lcd,to display spwm,and analog to digital converter,who can help me please?.see you
I have the same problem. But I am using the atmega16. The porta is connected to the lcd1602 dataport and it works fine. When I connect the dataport to PORTC, the lcd display nothing. I've already set PORTC = 0x00; DDRC = 0xff; but nothing change.... I hope someone can help us!!!! p.s. I am using the Codevision (...)
Hello friendz!!!my project on DAS.M using avr for that.the output is displayed on Glcd320*240.I have a problem in interfacin that lcd with atmega16.Please guide me to interface glcd with atmega16.....please i need your help!!!!!
Hello! It's difficult to tell you how to do without knowing the detail. What kind of lcd do you use? What kind of interface do you have? A mouse? A keyboard? Just a few pushbuttons? Is it something like this: ? Well, as you use an atmega, I think the above link should be close
Sorry I worked with C. Many sample codes available for lcd for avr in assembly.
Dear Forum, I need your suggestion and solution. I have problem with my semester project, I make data acquisition using avr atmega 8535 and Delphi 5. This data acquisition use for measure voltage (ADC 10 bits) and the result will be display at lcd Graphic and Delphi Chart. I use four channel ADC from atmega and I use (...)
Actullay I have got STK502 starter kit (extension for lcd avr ) . I don't have STK500 board . The kit has a atmega 169 microcontroller . Can I programm it with this kit .