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hello that blink , blink led , led blink , adc blink
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Hello! I have never played with the Sitara boards, but an SPI screen is really easy to use. If you find a way to use GPIO (try to blink a LED for example) and a SPI, then you just wire the SPI to the lcd, the GPIOs to the proper places (usually chip select, Data/Command, Reset) and you're on the right way. Usually you can find the initialization p
hello, Does the ouput SQWOUT on DS1307 blink at 1hz .. to check if DS1307 init is OK ? What about config bits settings ? Hardware initialisation ? here is my code (Pic18F26K22 at 10Mhz) to drive a DS1307 and a I2C lcd 4x20 car on same bus.. i use 2,7K pull up reistors on SCL and ADA lines Where do you init the first time the DS13027
Dear masters, Please help me. I have NEC Laptop, model Versa P8100 with Intel Pentium Mobile Celero 1,7Ghz, 2Gb of ram. have trouble the lcd screen is Blank... even Back lgiht not light. And, the power led and charging led was blinking... Fan for cooling system rotate in high rpm. i've browse for trouble shooting in the net, but negative.
hi i`ve write a simple clock program with atmega8 and ts162 lcd. problem is in proteus it works fine but when i made it curser doesnt go away and always blink beside of last character that has been updated! the initial value for lcd is 0c and I know its working but still i have the problem. any idea which part is the problem?
Always a step by step approach will help U to solve these type of issues... Don't connect every thing at a time and test, instead connect a single led, try to blink it and make it sure the controller is working in ur current system. Then confirm all the port bits connected to lcd are working, use some thing like while(1) {PORTX ^= 255; delay(1000)
RS pin is used to select the register in the lcd ie, when RS = 0 , used to send command to the lcd (JHD162A) controller from the P89v51RD2 (command means shift the courser ,blink etc) When RS = 1 ,used to send Data to the lcd controller (JHD162A) from the P89v51RD2 for displaying on lcd. RW is used to write (...)
hi, You have to use delay for every instruction.refer the lcd datasheet
Well, At very first instance before executing code, check if you can see the black boxes in the first row of the lcd. If yes, h/w connection is fine. Then simply send a command to blink the cursor and see if it's there.
Dear Hareesh, Please find the attached file I have written one sample code for your application considering that you have your lcd routines & UART, Timer initialization routines ready with you. I haven't put any comment in the code, that is for your home work Ping me if you want any further help.. :)
i hope you are able to drive the lcd & see some text on it. If this is the case then u can use display_on 0x0C display_off 0x08 commands to blink the lcd
Always try to break the projects in if you want to interface lcd and keypad then first try to interface keypad and blink some leds when the certain key will be press or show some results on the hyperterminal,when you have done this then try to interface lcd and show some messages on it like the famous one "Hello World".Then you (...)
firstly, make sure your hardware is ok, (make a small blink program) then your lcd is ok, (try a Hello world program) I'm assuming that when an Input is low, it means it's free, when it's high it means that it's occupied, //add your hardware, and lcd routines here... void main(void){ lcd_init(); //init your (...)
hi Iam working on project connect nokia to mc i connected tx from nokia to rx from uart and rx --- tx gnd---gnd boudrate 115200 and but when supply the circute the lcd of mobile just blink I write the code with at command bode of the code : char sms="ATDT=\"Xxxxxxx\";"; while (1) { pots(ATDT); delay_ms(100); } so plz help :?::?::?::!
Hi Check your software - something in it continue writing to the lcd after transferring data All the best Bobi The microcontroller specialist
HI, I Wish a Happy New Year to all members in this forum. I am working on a project where lcd(Graphical) interfacing with microcontroller is one of the task. I am using KS0108 128*64 dot matrix lcd.Every thing is working fine.But i am not able to blink cursor at some location i want. In normal 16*2 lcd we will send a (...)
I'm using AT89S8523 microcontroller. I want to put two digits (they are together) to blink but I can only put one to blink. How do I put both to blink? The lcd is a 16x2 and I have to use C language. Off: Hope this is the right place to put this question. Greetings Man, in the datasheet of your (...)