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Hi all, I am learning the custom lcd character which interface withIC 16f628a interface. My code is as below which i refer online. It works, but i am not understand some part of the code which i highlighted. Can anyone try to explain to me? // lcd module connections sbit lcd_RS at RA0_bit; // sbit (...)
Hi all. Tried a search but did not find any answer. My current application is using the pic 16f877 displaying data onto an lcd 2x16 display (can't remember the details about the model). I would like to display a couple of custom characters like male or female, I'm using Micro C. any ideas?
If I define a custom character that uses the lowest (8th) pixel row also, this row is never displayed, although the HD44780 datasheet says this: The 8th line is the cursor position and its display is formed by a logical OR with the cursor. Maintain the 8th line data, corresponding to the cursor display position, at 0 as the curs
Hi guys. I'm relatively new to mplab and i am working on a project using assembly language which at some point requires me to display a custom charactor that i created on the 16x2 lcd in 4 bit mode exclusively. Now i know that i need to first set the cg ram address and then load the combination of bits to the cg ram but I cant figure out a way to d
use graphic lcd instead of alphanumeric one. you can display a custom character (arabic, greece, japan, etc) with graphic lcd...
Dear friends , I am using t6963c controller based 240 * 128 pixel graphic lcd.I am able to scroll the the custom made big size(50 pixel height) character in horizontal mode. I am changing the graphics home address set command for scrolling .The thing is that after scrolling to 30 times the character again comes on screen (...)
Does anybody have an idea. I have googled almost the whole day and cannot find a solution. Every other standard character appears on the lcd with no Problem. I also noted that when I use the customChar() It does clear the position it just does not show the custom character. Suggestions or help will be (...)
According to C syntax rules lcdDat(ptr) should be expected to send the address of the character array rather than the CG data. Try lcdDat(*ptr++) instead. I assume, that the lcd interface functions are working correctly apart from this issue and that the compiler can handle constant arrays and constant array pointers.
is it possible to rotate the display of ordinary 16x2 character lcd by 180 degree. pls help me.
I'm trying to show big numbers on a 2x16 character lcd. For this i defined custom patterns to form big numbers in the CGRAM. But CGRAM is limited so i tried to load the CGRAM with the number that will be displayed at that moment. For example I'm loading 0 to CGRAM and displaying it than i'm loading 1 to CGRAm and displaying it on another (...)
Can i somehow use a character lcd to display graphics? Like i wanna change font of lcd or Display an emoticon?
hello, all my friends I'm using lcd HD44780 I want to build myself lcd character by using the character box but I don't know much detail about it.How do I build them? plz tell me more detail about that problem.And send me some Example. thank you
I'm able to generate custom fonts in the upper half of the CGRAM (character codes $80 thru $ff) of my Optrex DMF5001 just fine while in CGROM mode. My object is to "re-claim" the font space taken up by the standard font foreign, and I understand that I have to re-write a portion of the standard font set to utilize the lower half of the (...)
Did you actually write the patterns to the 64-byte CG RAM? Have a look at this Your should use the following logic for the IF structure: ((charnum >= 0) && (charnum <= 7)) Otherwise, every character code would
In character lcd there are 8 location which you can define custom characters. For more information see it's Datasheet. if you want to show more than 8 different characters at the same time you must use dotmatrix lcd. Regards, Davood.
Do you know how can i creat custom chr for character lcd like 4*20 or 2*20? Introduction for lcd custom character for lcd SOKRAT
Hello!! I want to create a custom character for my lcd 2x16... i have read the description for hd44780 controller, but i do not understand how to write in the GCRAM... my GCRAM address is 0x40.. have you hany example code??? Tks....