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Can anyone tell me, which software need to make this kind of code? ;unsigned char code Bmp002: ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; If font display distortion, please check fonts format of setup. ; Source file / text : Lp ?in t K2 ; Width x Height (pixels
I am writing the software in C and I have managed to display English sentence in a 32x122 dots lcd. I written a lcd driver and imported a font table generated from the "font and Bitmap generator". Therefore the code to display a sentence is like char *font_type; (...)
The following is a discussion threads with several font generator recommendations: font generator Bitmap font editor for graphic lcd And a few of my own recommendation
Hi! Does anyone knows a greek font generator software for graphic lcd? Thanks.
graphic font file generated alone is not enough. you should write other lcd command writing codes.
try this link...
The Dot Factory is an open source (C#) free (GPL) font and bitmap generator for dot matrix lcds. There are quite a few of these around but they are either commercial, closed source or lacking. * Generates only the letters required by the user and uses a font descriptor array to access, in O(1), the bitmap for the (...)
Hi, I'm afriad without much more information, I can be of little help here. Most (but not all) graphic lcd's have an in-built controller, with display RAM and sometimes a font generator. Could you please specify the lcd part number. Also, search google for the datasheet, that'll have the pinout. The pinout really (...)
Hi does any body have Software full for lcd editor 128x64 or 128x128 ?
hi you can get this nice tool from link given below support 5x7 5x8 6x8 with some great feature
Hi, anybody has idea about fonts other than english.... which can be used with graphic lcd's i got a font generator from net....but it supports windows font... any document or artical or site would be helpfull Thanks Sadashiv
try here: it's on-line Character Calculator