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Hi, I need help for Writing some data in MMC the read specific data from MMC and display on the lcd. If anyone shares with me some example it will help me a lot. You will find the circuit with this post. If I press the "Button 1" one string (ex. This is text number one) will write on the MMC. Button 2 will write second (...)
i am trying to interface 128*64 graphical lcd with PIC116f877A. i am succeeded with text, line , rectangle, circle but unable to draw bar and dont know how to display image. If anyone have sample program please upload
Hi, I am working on a project involving a graphical lcd JHD12864E. I have written a library for displaying text as well as graphics using HITECH-C compiler for pic16f; The problem I am facing is that, 1.) The part of the display being controlled by CS1 does not (...)
If you want to print some text like 'A' or "Hello!" on lcd then you need lcd library or code for lcd. See for 8051, PIC, AVR, lcd projects. You will get code and Proteus simulation files there.
use a variable as float and display it on lcd.
Hi, It seems to be a cliche to ask code help for scrolling display. But, mostly the help is available for scrolling LED display or Char lcd display. I am using 128x64 Glcd on which we write data using column scanning. So, scrolling of data from left to right or right (...)
Why are you incrementime k 3 times in the while loop for every check.. That way you will miss some chars. i.e., some chars will not be checked. Just use one k++ in the while loop. Actully it displays so fast that you are seeing only the end of the string read. insert a delay after displaying Change char character=""; to c
Dispa Hi guys, I'm working with TI's OMAP3530 ARM processor based computer on module which is interfaced with 640x480 lcd(NL6448BC18-06F) on it. I want to display texts,Lines and Graphics in lcd display. Did anyone try to tell basic coding for displaying the (...)
Tutorial for scrolling text on 16x2 lcd with 8051
Hi, im new in verilog coding, i need help for the 2-line lcd display in Altera DE2 board I want to write a coding when switch 1 on, it will change the text in display and address value, and for the switch 2 I have compiled the coding and found some error, so someone help me solve the (...)
Hello! I don't really know what you expect, but for example these lines lcd8_Out(1,6,txt0); // Write text in first row lcd8_Out(2,4,txt1); // Write text in second row Delay_ms(100); lcd8_Cmd(_lcd_CLEAR); // Clear display (...)
Hello Everyone! I wanted to use a nokia 3310 lcd as my monitor for my project, but I am having trouble on how to convert the input value into string so that I could display it in the lcd. Please take a look at the last portion of my program. Where I used the WordToStr command, but when I simulated it what comes out in the (...)
i am using motorola c-168 mobile phone to receive message and display it over lcd.... i am using at89s51 controller for this purpose..... but my doubt is that this mobile phone receive message in pdu format and i will be reading this message and displaying it the problem is the message i will be reading will (...)
Which compiler you are using??? Its Help file should contain the Help for lcd
for accuracy, I would recommend using a RTC chip for time-keeping. Two such popular chips are DS1307 and PCF8583. Starting on your project, have you used mikroC to display text on the lcd? Have you used the keypad library to input data from a keypad? If you use the RTC chips mentioned above, you will need (...)
Check the RAM map of the lcd module, it's quite common for the top line memory to be longer than the physical display line and it may be wrapping around to the third line. Same with the second and last lines. As @grieblm states, the shift commands just slide the viewable part of the RAM along the memory map. It isn't easy to fix, the (...)
i am receiving datas from parallel port and to display it in lcd via Xilinx spartan 3E
You are in the wrong forum area but the answer is to put the text in a const array (for example "const char NameArray = {"SAURA VIJAYKN"};) then use a loop to read the characters from the array: for(i = 0; i < 15; i++) lcd_data(NameArray); If the arrays are different length you can use "sizeof(the array (...)
Hi! guru. I'm a challange to FPGA design. Can anyone write the simple VHDL code to display text on 16character 2line text lcd for me? I am learning VHDL and I have a UP2 Development board, using FLEX 10K CPLD. I want to implement and learn FPGA. I studied Microcontroller and I implemented a project (...)
convert the number to a string using itoa() and display. or you can also use printf, in some cases you may have to define the output terminal as the lcd.