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Hi all, I'm a beginner with Synopsys DC. I synthesized a particular design and later defined and propagated the clocks via the clock ports into the design. Now, I want to trace the clock tree. In particuar, I wish to do the following: 1. Get the cells in the the clock path (I've tried get_cells -hierarchical -filter "is_combinational==t
Hi I was working on my old lcd TV ccfl power supply. Incidentally the TV was repaired by a non authorized TV repaier technician and now was problem associted with CCFL gate driver, I traced the circuit diagram for isolated gate driver for the MOSFET to be similar to the image attached. however I am unable to read the components value from the
Please let know any website for Non Chinese lcd for Microcontrollers i.e Arduino, PIC, STM32 etc.
This is a multiplexed lcd which needs special multiplex driver generating multilevel waveforms for all lcd pins, review e.g. PIC16F19185 datasheet to see how it works.
Please let me know that I want to program other STM32 Controller via Nucleo , would it be possible and how? And please let me know that I want to interface 480x480 tft graphical lcd to it. How to wire my lcd? ANY guiDE PAPER OR BOOK PLEASE REFER ME. PLEASE FIND ATTACHMENT. 156249 156248[/ATTACH
Hi i have a problem i hope you could help me. :) im interfacing a 4x4 keypad with lcd display using pic16f877a my pic16f877a pic have a infinite loop while waiting for an input causing my i/o port's output voltage to be only 0.7V can u tell me how to solve the output voltage problem, its at PORTD PS: keypad_data returns 00H when what_button
I can easily enter large matrix using previous Microsoft Equation Editor(=limited version of MathType). However I can not enter large matrix from gui of Microsoft Office Equation Editor. For example, how do you enter 6x6 matrix ? I edit OMML(Office Math Markup Language) directly for this purpose. Is there any elegant method ?
Hi every one, I simulate a circuit in cadence and I run a transient analysis. I choose the stop time as 40ms, and it runs until t=40 ms, but when I want to watch the waveforms, they are displayed until 19 ms. Does anyone have an idea why is it so and how I should fix it? The circuit is an 8-bit counter with a clock of 5KHz. Thanks
Hey all, I want to build a power bank that's compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. There are many options available in the market but I want to do it myself so I could learn something. The power bank should have two USB A ports to charge the devices connected to it and one USB B(Micro USB) port to charge itself. What would be the majo
Hello, As the title states I want to pdate a .mif file without the need of compiling each time. Searching I found this intel link Here it says that using this I should be able to do what i want: qua
Your claims don't seem reasonable. How could a residual voltage of '+/-25V' appear on a 12V output? Are you saying it went up to 37V or down to -13V and under those conditions how could your Arduino or lcd survive? Brian.
hellow guys i have a JHD-TFT1.8-16A lcd with st7735 driver in it. i want to run emwin on this lcd using a lpc1788 board. my board has a 32mb external ram and i am sure the ram config is ok. i write the below code to run emwin. but nothing happend when i use gui_setbackcolor function. please if some one knows whats wrong help me. i know (...)
It is possible. I have STM32F103VC which runs emWin on SD1289 320x240. But you need to understand that basically all cpu resources will be used for gui. In your case you have a troubles with interface functions. You didn't provided lcd driver for your application.
a fake Lithium-Ion/Lithium-Polymer/NiCd/NiMH battery Adjustable constant current load (can also be modified by the user) Capable of measuring the capacity of almost any kind of battery (below 5V) Easy to solder, build, and use, ev
im debugging with no success How are you debugging, step by step with break points? Anyway, define how did you came to the conclusion that it is not working, just by not seeing expected characters on lcd, or checking each command sent to the shift register during simulation?
hello freinds . can you lead me to a way to try to convert transfer a hex file to nextion lcd . i can see many have done it but i coul not find a way to figure it out ,any ints tips thanks . the hex is public for a transmittar fm that work with push buttom i need to transfer it to touch screen .i see someone has done it before i have only a pict
Hello all my post readers, I am very new to FPGA, a weak ago started playing with a spartan 6. (Papilio pro). Now connected a 320x240 lcd to it and planning to do something with that as a hello world. I have a decent experience on electronics hardware, digital circuits and embedded firmware development. But first time with FPGA. Learning VHDL no
Hi Friends, I am designing a PCB board which consists of controller, Motor driver and lcd panel. Here the lcd panel input is feeding from the PCB board using FFC connector. Now i am thinking to modify the way of connection. Instead of FFC connector, I would like to integrate my lcd panel with PCB board using BURG STRIP through hole (...)
hi dear, i am new to pic and ccs compiler. i write a code for lcd interfacing and simulating on the proteus. lcd showes nothing. guide me please what and where is the error? the code is as following; #include "C:\Program Files\PICC\lcd1.h" #define lcd_RS_PIN PIN_C0 #define lcd_RW_PIN (...)
Let's say following Yocto project image or embedded linux distribution was created by using remote virtual linux box from windows computer: Image Name: fsl-image-validation-imx Target: Builds an image with a gui without any Qt content. Please refer to section 5.2 in attached i.MX_Yocto_Project_User's_guide.pdf The created filename