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What are you looking for, Alphanumerics or Graphic lcds ?
Another possible issue is that lcd modules are slow by themselves. The Enable Cycle Time for hd44780-based lcds are already 1ms. Added to some execution time from your microcontroller and you may easily miss your deadline.
I did NOT look up your lcd , but assumes it is "Hitachi hd44780" compatible , most characterbased lcd displays are. 10 seconds with google reveals this I will leave the challenge of interfacing to the HC11 up to you. But it might be a good idea to use "hd44780" as one of the googl
This is an industry-standard hd44780 based character lcd: Read all about it here: Here's a great article about these lcd's: USING lcd DISPLAYS Part I: Part II:
hi... why dont you change the contrast using the contrast pin and a POT and connecting it some test circuit.... lcd's are not that unstable.... bye
The 40x4 lcd is just like two 20x4 lcds put side by side with two separate hd44780 controllers. While there may be varients depending on manufacturer, What I would do is the use the two controllers independently as 20x4 and see what goes where. It should not be difficult to find out.
hd44780 KS0066U SA60069 Is there any difference in the instruction set of this lcd controllers?
hi to all, i've got EPSON ECM-A0523-1 seems to be a 2x20 character lcd but is it HITACHI hd44780 compatible? it is from old cannon fax machine and there is 17 pins on the lcd. can anyone help with some info? thanks
These DLLs are for the 8051 simulation part only w w lcd simulation(hd44780) I2C simulation (7bit address) Signal generator LED simulation 8051 statemachine Time Measurement
I have 2 sample but the backlight doesn't work. Thanks What type of lcd driver is used on that display? T6963? M50530? hd44780? ..... Regards
if you want to create user defined characters on hd44780 compatible lcd, this very small utility migt be useful: SpecialChar V0.51
Hi all I look for a code source in PBP(melabs) for to convert lcd type hd44780 (protocol // on a serial protocol) with a 16F8XX thank's in advance
How to control a hd44780-based Character-lcd with a PIC, another nice article. Enjoy Tornado
Hello, any character based lcd display from Conrad is OK. All those modules use the same controller chip hd44780 and you can find the routines for this type of lcd on any PIC Web page. Those relatively cheap modules are character based. It means that they have a fixed character set which can be displayed and also they have couple of (...)