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hi everybody i have a problem to simulate my code-vision code in Proteus, when i start simulating, it's come error same as title, my code an Proteus image is below, please help me to solve it. thanks in advanced. 105525 /******************************************************* This program was created by the Cod
Hi Experts, I want to know that "Is this possible to show a running banner on 16x2 lcd". Is there any command which can make the string in moving condition as done in many platforms on bigger lcd's.
Dear All, I have seen a lcd (in a weighing machine) looks like 16x2 but it has 21 Pins.I have searched a lot but not found any 21 Pin lcd,is this device specific?
Recently i have purchase a 16 by 2 lcd display,that is DT1602C. I connected the pins of lcd display to PIC and potentiometer.But the backlight newer turned on despite there is 5V voltage supply. My question is it hd44780 compatible ? Can it interface with a 5V pic and potentiometer ? Thank you.
First read the Temperature senor's value and print it in lcd , Then It's kind of thing your first part is cleared , Now we come at Zig-bee , Download X-CTU from Digikey Website , Then take two X-Bee Modules Declare one as CoORDINATOR ""API"" & another as same as ""AT"" Basically Check with PC only using UART to USB and check for the comm
its a simple lcd 16x02 It's surely hd44780 compatbile, but you should pay attention to the port expander/interface chip shown on the photo in your initial post. It decides if you can use the built-in mikroC libararies or need to write something on your own.
My test setup and the hd44780 pins are below: 96459 96460 What I could understand from Xavier's page is that DF is from the hd44780 chip (which I tried to tap on the lcd), the X is I do not know where it goes, no information is given, the M is supposedly for GND (?) as most of the IC's used in the
Dear All, My Xmega128A1 with hd44780 lcd program does not working It should be much appreciated if any one can advice me /* * My_first.c * * Created: 8/11/2
Hello All, I am trying to simulate a hd44780 in Proteus (or any other program that may have hd44780) but I can not seem to find the 80 pin chip without the character glass. I just want the chip itself for the simulation. Is it possible to make one from the lcd s in Proteus, or is there another way? Thanks.
this can help u
Does any one solve this issue i am getting the same data lines ar blinking in lcd but lcd is not displaying any data if i connect a Led than again same only a dot aside is showing ON. Please need you help.....:-(:-(:-(
hi i bought a new 16x02 hd44780 compliant. I can initialize the display and i display the cursor and move it the second line without problem, but it doesn't show any character.When i swap it my other 16x04 display, every thing works fine. it's pretty weird.Can someone tell me what's going on. here's my code ;=========================
Does mikroC lcd Library work with JHD162A lcd. I am trying to display some text on JHD162A lcd using mikroC 4 bit lcd library and the lcd doesn't disply any thing. The JHD162A utilizes an hd44780 compatible controller, therefore it should be compatible with the mikroC 16x2 (...)
Then you also should learn when to use HDL and when to use something else. :P An lcd like that with a lot of relatively slow sequential control is a far better match to something like an mcu. Not that it's impossible to do in HDL, far from it. Just a poor allocation of resources (aka your development time). But feel free to learn vhdl through a h
Hi, This is a simple stuff and the lcd is based on hd44780. A lot of examples are there. You have to just check the connectivity i.e. (4/8 bit mode). Enjoy!
I tried what you said tpetar. It worked. However, after displaying the text, garbage began displaying on the lcd. Do you know what causes this and how can I remove that? 91541 Here is my circuit by the way. Is there something wrong with the circuit? Thanks I tryed with PIC18F45K22 and w
The back light supply is on Pins 15 and 16 of lcd display where as the VDD supply for lcd module is at Pin 2. The back light will not go if you remove VDD, removing the supply to back light LED Pin 15 and 16 will stop back light.
I assume you're using an hd44780 based lcd, as I could understand from other posts of yours. Before reading you must enable the PIC to read data from the lcd data pins, so change the TRIS registers values to 1 for the lcd pins (except for En, RS, and RW). Then set RW to 1 (READ) - the lcd will return some (...)
Hi guys. I want to make text in lcd to move around. i know is about shifting but due to my poor skills in microcontroller, i not able to do so. Please help. here is the code i'm having. #include #include void Init_lcd(void); //Initialise the lcd void W_ctr_8bit(char); //8-bit Control word for (...)
What about this Why it is not working? I'm not so familiar with Proteus debugging, but you can see that the initialization sequence isn't correct, by tracing the simulation with lcd display diagnosis enabled.

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