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This link having lcd interfacing with 8051. If you more circuits search in google.
It is. 1. Connect Tx, Rx and GND between serial port on PC or USB or serial convertor and ur microcontroller board RS232. 2. Set up an interrupt routine for RS232 communication in MCU, so that whenever u type in any letter the transmit receive register will receive the byte, save the byte in RAM and reset the interrupt flag bit. 3. Connect 16x2 lcd
Look here . :)
89S51 (I really dont know why people use 89c51) with keypad, RFID and lcd You have source in C, description, video presentation,... just register its free.
if you like to use C you can try this.. My Embedded World: lcd interfacing with Microcontrollers tutorial - 4-bit Mode
im doing my final yr project.. and i have close to 2 weeks to get this interface working.. Its like this.. 1> Adc0804 goes to uC 89c51 .. to give output in lcd 2*16 this connection is made on bread board the only output tht i get now is "sensor data" after that nothing.. The attachment has all the text files containing the (...)
i want a c program on how to interface ds1307 with at89c51 and display the time on 8 bit lcd(2x 16).. plz help
pull up is necessary and adjust the contrast of lcd and see if you get black box when you turn the pot
I am trying to interface LM35 and ADC 0804 and want to display temperature on lcd 16 x 2. I need sample code in c so that I can change it according to my requirements. Moreover, if someone can guide me about problems to interface 0804 with microcontroller 89c51. I shall be really thankful for this. My email Id
Hi all, i m trying to interface a Glcd with 89c51. i am facing some problem because i m doing it first time. when i power up the circuit lcd back light is on and dots are highlighted but the data is not on display. below is the connection diagram from 89c51 to Glcd i m using JHD12864A (...)
Dear All, I need to interface an ADC0831(serial) to 8051 then to process its value if a certian value is reached then respective messages to be sent to lcd (16X4). Kindly help me for developiongs its prog. in c. Thanks.
This is 4-bit lcd interfacing 80c51: It is C Programming.
For calibration and zero you can use digital potentiometers (See Maxim-Ic web site for data sheets on selected units, example here: ). Here are some examples of connecting lcd display and keypad to 8051-family:
Dear friends, Could any body share the schematic of 89c51 based single board computer. I mean development board with monitor program to download code from PC via serial port and provision for key board and lcd interface. It would be very helpful. thank you.
hello can somebody help me with the code for keyboard and lcd interface with atmel 89c51 chip. thank you.

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