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Hi, I am new to all of this. I am a student.I have been trying to interface SIM808 with PIC18f4580.I tried to debug the code using PICkit3 debugger. I sent (ATE0) command to turn OFF echo mode after sending (AT) command. I am using lcd to display the response from SIM808. The problem is whatever I sent is getting (...)
Okay, so i tried to interface PIC16f722A with LM016L lcd. i had wrote the C-code for initializing (lcd) and displaying characters on lcd. Somehow i got stuck when i simulated the program in Proteus. The problems are as follows: 1)When i transfer X number of characters, it just shows (X-1) (...)
I am using a 16*2 lcd display for my design. It works fine initially during long run it displays wrong characters. controller works fine for the other operations i have use PIC16f876 controller. lcd lampex 16200 Anyone help me to resolve this issue
hi all, i need a small help from you all... i am trying to interface GSM module with 89E516RD2 microcontroller. and receive messages and display the content of message to the lcd.. i have written a basic code to test it.... but the things are not working proper... can anybody please let me know where the mistake is... (...)
Could you please explanin me how to initialize lcd under I2C bus? I used PCF8574T based I2C module to interface lcd. However, I am confusing how to write the command and data in efficient manner.
here is a working code for you, but i used PIC 16F877A instead of PIC18F45K22. // lcd module connections sbit lcd_RS at RD2_bit; sbit lcd_EN at RD3_bit; sbit lcd_D4 at RD4_bit; sbit lcd_D5 at RD5_bit; sbit lcd_D6 at RD6_bit; sbit lcd_D7 at RD7_bit; (...)
In the code I see that TC72 CS pin and Serial_lcd_CLK pins uses the same RA5 pin. In PIC12F you don't have sufficient pins to interface Serial lcd, TC72 and DAC. You have to use a PIC with sufficient pins. In the DAC code link it uses hardware SPI. So, only CS pin is defined. THE SDO, SDI (...)
hi everybody, i am trying to interface jhd162A lcd with pic18F25k22 microcontroller. Port A is used to connect lcd control as well as data lines. Initially i used port registers to write outputs but after reading through the forum i changed it to Lat . i am using internal oscillator INTOSC67 in config1 (...)
Hi, All I wants to interface a 2*16 lcd with 8bit mode in assembly language in which the external crystal is 20Mhz in where I have already try but still there is no output, the code samples are below mentioned. So, any one can guide . #INCLUDE R1 EQU 81H R2 EQU 82H lcd_DATA (...)
Hello All, I'm currently building an interface to HD44780 lcd, and needs PWM to drive the backlight. For some electrical rules on PCB, i can only set PWM at P1A/RC5, but i'm unable to get it done, even with ISIS Proteus simulation, its outputs nothing. Here is the code for the PWM for lowest possible frequency, at 48MHz (...)
Hi, I interface GPS module with At89c2051 micro controller and i was able to isolate GPRMC data. However, i just wanted to process further latitude, logitude etc. After modifying the code, again i received other data formats (GPVTG) without processing the data. I want to print the data in second line. So i made the (...)
Hello, I bought GPS receiver VK16E and now i want to interface with At89c2051. This is the first time i am working with GPS and i have poor knowledge on micro C. But I have done several progarmming by using assembly. So i will be very glad if somebody can guide me for following matters. 1. Can i interface VK16E (...)
Here is my code... // Configuration bits /* _CPUDIV_OSC1_PLL2_1L, // Divide clock by 2 _FOSC_HS_1H, // Select High Speed (HS) oscillator _WDT_OFF_2H, // Watchdog Timer off MCLRE_ON_3H // Master Clear on */ //lcd Control pins #define rs LATA.F0 #define rw LATA.F1 #define en LATA.F2 //LC
Hi, I have the code for the keyboard interface and also the code for lcd displaying. But I just find a code to relate between both of them. I tried to write one using FSM and states but I never get the right output. Could you please give me some guidelines? I don't want to display a known sequence but (...)
i am using pic 16f877a and i want to use pwm to control my output voltage using buck converter and i have sucessfully tested pwm and lcd (separately) and it works fine but when i start pwm(PortC) and lcd on PortD then pwm works sucessfully but lcd doesnt display anything. kindly help me in mentioning what is worng 115530
interface IR sensor with arm7 lpc2138 board i have to interface IR sensor with arm7 board lpc2138..i have to send data or message that is read by lcd . please tell me how to write code for IR transmitter and receiver for sending the data in the LPC2138 board.please help me...
Hello Friends i am communicating data from PC to ATmega16 . i am unable to get the is the code please check and help me soon.On my lcd i am getting some values and it is transmitting some junk values. #define F_CPU 8000000UL//using 8Mhz crystal oscillator #define USART_BAUDRATE 9600 #define BAUD_PRESCA
Hi I am really stuggling in displaying a random value,which i inputed manually in a port and then converted it to ASCII digit, on an lcd. The code doesn't give me any error when i simulate it, it just moves the cursor to the 3 positions i want to put the digits in, but does not show anything on the lcd. Here is my code: Can (...)
my objective is to read message sent by some mobile number on the SIM connected to gsm module.. lcd connected to 8051 i did followed so many tutorials all of those are really confusing.. they just explain the setup and then skip to the code.. i just want a step by step explanation for programming for this objective
I have a PICKIT2 clone. I am trying to interface lcd with PIC16F876A. As seen in most of the examples, I grounded the RW. When I used MPLAB HITECH C first , no matter what I did it didn't work. Only showing square black blocks on the first row. Then I tried mikroe C for pic. It worked fine - Great.. but the code (...)