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Hello, I am new to FPGAs and lcd devices. I am trying to interface an lcd device with a Spartan 3 kit (lcd module - 2 line-pre connected in it). Does anyone have a basic vhdl code to display a single character / word on the lcd panel. I am finding the (...)
lcd Controller 8-bit interface vhdl code required for Avnet (Memec) Virtex-4 SX board. lcd is of Mytech Corp.
Is there any ready vhdl code to interface 16x2 lcd to said board. I was used lcd in my no of project but mc based. Kit details on
What type interface does your lcd have? There are many different kinds. If the lcd is on a pre-built FPGA development board, what type board is it? The manufacturer probably has design examples that you can download.
Hi all, This time I need to interface 16x2 lcd Display with Spartan 3 FPGA. I basically need schematic for the lcd interface circuit. Let there be a feature of controlling the backlight of lcd. Also need to put a Trim Pot to control the contrast of lcd. If anyone have readymade (...)