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PIC12F1840 + DS3232 Clock + I2C lcd
Good day, Currently i am designing program for editing numbers using a 4×4 matrix keypad and 16×2 lcd display. The code works fine in proteus software.But, when it doesn't function as expected in hardware. Can anyone solve the problem ? Thank you.
I am using 4*4 matrix keypad.I want to scroll messages on lcd. for example if first msg is displayed on lcd then after pressing the 'enter key' that first msg must be replaced by second on... and this should continue until i press 'enter key'.. for this i am writing code but not getting the result...will you plz suggest me a code to run this
Hi all, I'm new to writing code I am trying to interface a 4 row by 3 column keypad to display which buttons are being pressed on the lcd and its being used in a security/password scenario. the lcd is a hitachi HD44780U I am using the C18 compiler on MPLAB and the microcontroller that has been assigned to me is the PIC18F4321 I (...)
this working code of keypad and lcd. I upload schematic in proteus and project in mikroc. This from help of mikroC. It displays the pressed button on lcd and also display times of pressing button. Be free to ask any question.
hello ... simply i use 16f877 and keypad 4*3 for just display on lcd the num pressed. and this is keypad: and my compiler i use is :mikroc pro for pic and my project is successfully working in proteus >>> but in actual connection the lcd not display the correct number wh
hi i want to interface a 4*4 keypad and 20*4 lcd with 89c52 using c code. i searched on the internet, got a lot of codes but none of them contained proteus design, when i try to make the circuit on my own it runs fine for the lcd part e.g. if i try to display hello world etc, but when it comes to keypad (...)
hi what are your requirements? display leds/lcd, scientific/programmable number of keys? :?
i have no skill to do this program for my project. i have to finish a project that :razz:to activate password for security home. so, i need ur help how to do password program in CCS complier and proteus. I must do a keypad, lcd and push button to do this program. Can u help me. I just now learn about proteus and CCS (...)
Hi ,i have interfaced keypad,encoder mm74c922,lcd jhd162a and PIC16F877A to display the key pressed. I am connecting keypad encoder to PIC. I am using mplab ide.and hitechc c compiler. My program is as below.I am using proteus software for simulation.there is no error while building but it doesn't display the key pressed (...)
I am going to do a simple mobile phone which is simply using 1. AT89C52 2. keypad 3. lcd display (SC162D , 16 characters× 2 lines) 4. GM862 with EVK V3 RS232 Here is the connection betwee MCU , keypad and works fine in proteus (kind of simulation software) The type of GM86
hey men what r u doing? u know that proteus is runing simulation, if u want edit something u must stop ur simulation, then u will edit and show by right click. While simulating the samples for PIC.. like Calculator sample. Can input be provided via keypad and seen on lcd?? If i try to click the lcd and/or (...)