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I have a Samsung Laser Printer whose display is 16x2 lcd monochrome, its non backlit so I want to change it with a backlit one, I have attached the image of the PCB, it has 15 pin ribbon cable attached but what I know in backlit lcd, 16th pin is for backlit, may be provides power to it, im a novice so have no idea, if I buy a generic 16x2 (...)
a 16x2 lcd. is not a graphical lcd .. text oriented lcd. Yes, but jhd12864e is 64x128 pixel monochrome graphic display. Glcd library allows to display single characters or strings.
I am looking for a transparent lcd display module of the size approximately of 5cm (W) X 3cm (H). It can be numeric/ alphanumeric. Preferably monochrome. Please suggest some suitable modules and where they are available.
When I needed some large fonts for a 64X128 Glcd, I initially used MikroElektronika font generator ( ), but ended up fine tuning them manually using 1/4" square graph paper. John
Hi all. I recently got a project to replace the old CRT display of a machine with an lcd. the output is monochrome composite signal. the problem is that, when I connect it to the lcd's composite input, the picture keeps on rolling down. the horizontal part is ok though. and the weird thing is that, the picture is ok for the old CRT, (...)
I have a VR3 diving computer with a big problem. The guy who designed it was not too smart. The computer has a metal case and inside there is an 100x64 dots lcd. The spacing between the lcd corners and the case is only 0.5 mm, so the smallest bump on the case will destroy the corner of the lcd and there you have some missing lines. I want to (...)
I need to design and develop menu driven user interface for 128x64 monochrome lcd for DDC. Basically expected to write things from scratch (in C). It should include scrolling menu, pop-up menu, progress bar, some graphs. Cannot afford to include any libraries. Most of the past discussion recommends commercial libraries which may not be useful for
I would suggest taking a look at the Sparkfun website, they provide the schematics, eagle files, firmware: Serial Enabled 16x2 lcd - Black on Green 5V Sparkfun monochrome lcds BigDog
Color or monochrome? What type of microcontroller or device is driving the glcd? BigDog
There is already an lcd library included in codevision, just use the lcd tab in code wizard to set the port and generate the initialization code Alex
Hello! Did you search this site before asking your question? Apparently not. For your info, there are myriads of types of lcd (character / graphic, monochrome / color, etc...). There are also many makers for the controller chip of the lcd. If you add the fact that there is also quite a large choice of processors and of programming codes... (...)
Hi, I'm sure many have asked this before, but I searched the board and could not find an answer. I have a number of graphic lcd displays, 240x128 to 320x240, mostly monochrome, and a couple of colour ones (CSTN). Whilst I have a few epson controller's, as well as a SSD1906 which can drive almost any display I have, I wanted to see if I could m
Hi All, I am using monochrome lcd(240X128 pixels) in my design & have below 3 approch for interfacing lcd. 1)Microcontroller+external graphical lcd driver+lcd(glass of 240X128 pixels) 2)Microcontroller + chip on glass lcd(240X128 pixels) 3)Microcontroller with inbuilt graphical (...)
Bitmap Font Drawer is a free open-source tool for creating monochrome bitmap fonts for lcd/LED or impact printers. Features: * Import fonts installed on your operating system (GNU/Linux or MS Windows or another system); * Export to "C" and "ASM"-likes file; * Export bitmap data in 4 - 64 bit data lengh and differe
Hi LPC2148 is a bit faster machine for the MONO-lcd you have to use lot of delay when writing to the lcd Before starting with the driver check whether the physical connection to the lcd is working, by writing some data (any data like 0x55) to a read /write register on the lcd and read it back - if you read back the (...)
I have used Texas intruments THS8136 10-bit triple video DAC to generate monochrome video from GREEN channel only (by grounding BLUE and RED channels and using video DAC mode). I have displayed the output on analog video TV monitor. But when I connect the output with color TFT lcd (of RCA/BNC input) nothing is displayed on it. The (...)
Hi, I hope following link will help you
hello there, has anyone happen to have seen this type of quasi-notebook ? it's a BROMCOM PRO-xPDA, mainly used (as far as i have understood) in schools for attendance and mark notes, wirelessly. i have bought it just because of its monochrome lcd. it is a very high resolution lcd. i could not count its pixels (simply too many and too (...)
Hi, Many of the modern glcds use single controllers have a serial / spi interface so its usually very simple to physically connect to a micro. The problems for the diy user is that most run on 3v to 3v3 so an interface may be needed, and that they are on either very small pins 0.05" / 1.27mm spacing, that require very fine pcb tracks and so
anybody have some help in C basically i don't want the code , i want the steps need for each section of the above would help.
Hi, I'd like to interface a Z80 cpu to a monochrome lcd display through a dual port sram. The lcd is a 320x240 graphic display but I just want to use it to display 40x25 characters which will be stored in the dual port sram (1KB). I'm thinking of using the following hardware: Optrex F-55157GNF-LW-ASN display, and Cypress cy7c130 dual (...)
hi there I'm planning to build a controller circuit for this 640x480 mono lcd using the S1D13705 lcd driver with integrated RAM. I'll use PIC@24HJ256GP210 (40MIPS, 100 pins) my idea goes like this - the PIC communicates with the host with RS232 or SPI (selected in some way - jumer or dip o
Yes, TFT-lcd are colored lcd and dot matrix is monochrome lcd.
hey guys, found this a while ago actually, but now it's free to download, maybe somebody here could port this for use with other cheaper lcd, i.e. KS0108, T6963C etc.. (and share it too :D )
HI, I have a graphical lcd but I cant find its datasheet it is made in china, So all the ICs at the back of this lcd have no Number there is only one Number written at it: QY-12864BG is this its serial No or this Number just tells us the resolution is 128*64 pixel???? there are also the pin description which is: 1.. VSS
Hello Shraddha, I commited once a project based on CPLDs and a monochrome lcd. The draft schematic and the VHDL source is available here: . You can study this as an example and adjust it to your needs. VHDL code contains some counters, multiplexers and registers, so
There is altera NIOS development kit which comming with lcd 2*16 display. Check Altera website for details
Does any one have any info on the Motorola Accompli 008 lcd??? I managed to get my hands on one of these toys but the problem is that there's no markings on it so its impossible to get any datasheets. The display itself is 320x240 monochrome and is touch sensitive! I'm thinking of interfacing it to a DS89C450 mocro and using it for a home automati
hi: i need hyundai AHB10601NY datasheet.its a graphics lcd.:cry:
i don't know where to put this question. you quide me plz. i have been working with the monochrome lcd of 3310 for quite a while now. it's easy to work with, it's handy, most important of all, it's very small and very cheap and it operates on voltages lower than 3 volts and it's very easy to interface with a microcontroller.
Hi, I had some experience in interfacing normal 2x16 monochrome lcd with a PIC. However, I am planning to try interface a color lcd (320x240) with a PIC but hv no clue on where to start! Can anyone helps? Thanks, Eric
hi, i need to design a 4-bit monochrome lcd controller. can anybody give me some good link/document to start with. thanks -kib
Hello I want to drive a Color STN with UC1681(controlling chip) but I know almost nothing about CSTN. I have driven monochrome lcd before but it seems a lot of difference between color lcd and monochrome lcd, especially in initialization and data patterns. Somebody can give me a simple code in C (...)
Hi all, I looking for a controller (VHDL) for a lcd monochrome 4 Bits + CL1 + CL2 + FLM etc A standard lcd. a SP10Q003-T of Hitachi for information. Best Regards Yodathegreat
Do you know good Displays with about this features: full graphic 320x240 (something like that) monochrome H: 90mm (max) W: 150mm (max) low current, high contrast (if possible) Thanks, sensej
Hi all, i'd like to integrate a graphical lcd controller into an FPGA( already integrating the processor, and some peripherals), in order to driver either TFT or monochrome lcd panel. The video RAM could be external. The idea is to have that integrated lcd controller to behave has an epson graphic controller, so that GUI (...)
Hi all, I looking for a controller (VHDL) for a lcd monochrome 4 Bits + CL1 + CL2 + FLM etc A standard lcd. a SP10Q003-T of Hitachi for information. Best Regards Yodathegreat
Hi very good link for Glcd :)
I am looking for RGB to monochrome lcd dislpay interface, which could work with Epson EG9015D-NZ 640x480 lcd display. Does anybody know any design of such an interface?