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i am using motorola c-168 mobile phone to receive message and display it over lcd.... i am using at89s51 controller for this purpose..... but my doubt is that this mobile phone receive message in pdu format and i will be reading this message and displaying it the problem is the message i will be reading will not be displayed as it is .... so
I got an old motorola V3 and I took both lcds (main and second). I want to use them in my projects (any or both of them), but i haven't experience in interfacing of such type of lcd. Can Anyone set me any site related or have some experience on this particular lcd? Any information is welcome. Thanks for your time. Iuri~
Whi knows how to control a motorola V360 lcd display ?. I do have a new display and want to control this through a PIC micro !. Thanks.
I am connecting a motorola MC68HC908QY2 microcontroller to a Lumex LCM-S01602DTR 16X2 lcd display that uses a Samsung S6a0069 lcd driver. I am connecting the control pins to Port A (R/W, RS and E pins). I am using the unbuffered signal generator to generate the signal for E. I want to use the 4bit mode using 4 pins on Port B. These are the (...)
I had a new motorola cell phone but unfortunately it is now dead because my wife throw it and missed my head :) , I wonder how I can use its color lcd display for some project. So how to run big color cellular lcd displays, any info is appriciated...
Does any one have any info on the motorola Accompli 008 lcd??? I managed to get my hands on one of these toys but the problem is that there's no markings on it so its impossible to get any datasheets. The display itself is 320x240 monochrome and is touch sensitive! I'm thinking of interfacing it to a DS89C450 mocro and using it for a home automati
It was in my own backyard. somebody threw it away .It's a recent motorola verizon .I took it apart . i has a nice color screen and a vga miniature camera . It will be great to do some little project but where can i find a data sheet for the screen or camera .The color lcd says NDAH1015AD .The minute camera has only some leters .Any idea where to
i've got a display from GSM phone motorola m3188 and i would like to know it's pinout and lcd driver, because i wolud like to use with microcontroller. i searched on web, but i found nothing could anybody help me to find infromations about it, please?
I did NOT look up your lcd , but assumes it is "Hitachi HD44780" compatible , most characterbased lcd displays are. 10 seconds with google reveals this I will leave the challenge of interfacing to the HC11 up to you. But it might be a good idea to use "HD44780" as one of the googl
Hi I have this colour lcd (I think that it's from motorola C350, but I'm not sure) I give a pictures, if someone can help me ;)
AFAIK the Nokia lcd uses an SPI (clock+data); you will have to simulate this in software. Look for some AVR code written in C and translate it for the 8051. SPI is common on motorola processors; there will be some data on the motorola website, e.g. the 68332 has an SPI.
I need the MC145453 lcd driver datasheet from motorola (not the MM145453 from Fairchild). Could anyone help, please? :o
Hello, Im searching for specification (like size, dots, what driver is in, pins) for mentioned lcds from GSM phone. I searched with Google with no success. regards, cruix
I am trying to find some one that can make me a small led that has a little pre programmed animation on it. I want to make a mini etch a sketch have a an animation inside it. so need to get a small lcd (like from a audiovox or motorola phone, and have it embedded in a etch sketch preferably a key chain sized one, 1x1.5 inches.. and then i
I am using motorola microcontroller in 1kW and 10kW FM transmitter and facing problems in displaying the character in lcd. I want to know How much reliable if i use Interrupts in controller design. If any then how to protect it. Thanks. :o :x :roll:
Here are some entry points : Request motorola for free Codewarrior SE CD, you'll find a ton of samples for gp32 (lcd........) running on several boards (Avnet...) For C : Try
Try motorola DragonBall series (68K or ARM core): such like as MC68EZ328 (68K core), build-in lcd Controller (software programmable up to 640x512) and the list price is under U$5. If you need more performance, try MC9329MXL/MC9328MX1 (ARM920T core), list price will be under U$10~15.
hi, I need C source for SSD1815Z graphic lcd interface and schematic for interfacing microcontroller.