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Hello there I am doing a project using nokia lcd 6100 and i am having a reference code that is originally written for PIC18F2620 but i want it to convert for atmega 1284 and modify certain portions with additional functioning.Please anybody could help then reply asap and i can pay for that
only few mobile lcds are "debuged" for micros.... nokia 3310, 6100, ....
I am a electronic hobbyist and i need help to use nokia 6100 lcd(pcf8833 controller with) any atmega microcontroller preferably atmega32. i am stuck and dont know how to write driver programm for lcd. I also downloaded Ardgrafix library but dont know how to use it. I am stuck here,someone please help!
It is an own construction that improves a standard car clock and enlarges the range of presented information. The whole construction is based on Atmega16L processor and lcd nokia 6100 display. The proper clock is the system PCF8
Hi, Has anyone tried to interface to the nokia 6100 lcd (Epson S1D15G00 Controller), using a MicroBlaze microcontroller via SPI ? I'm using a Spartan 3E fpga (60MHz). Can anyone give me any pointers on how to communicate with the controller over SPI. What are the steps involved ? how slow/fast was the communication (SPI)? Any (...)
First of all let me know how is your querry about nokia lcd related to the Microcontrollers as it is posted in the said section?
would like to present testing board for my brother.Heart of the system is Atmeg32 or 16 ( in this case it is atmeg32). It consist possibility of working with those displays: lcd HD44780, PCF8833 (nokia 6100/6610i), LSO20 (siemens S65/cx70), Two 7-leg LED displays LED ruler Mat
I have bought a graphic lcd (s1D5G00) . ANd I have some problem with it.that I don't understand some Command of lcd : Command DISINV (value A7) : Inverse display : but I don't understand it , explain to me more detail about that function thank
Sparkfun has a working examplefor LPC2148and S1D5G00. You can check it from their website
i have a nokia 6610/6100 lcd with philips controller. i am interfacing it with atmega32 at 16mhz crystal and jtag disabled. i am using winavr WinAVR 20080430. this is the code for making a multicolour box at the center of lcd. please help me and correct this code i write(or say modified from the codes available on (...)
Hi , For example , take the 'Pong' sources ... They are all file in it. This fonts and images files are loaded from the pcf8833 driver. #include #include #include Now for get image on your display ... You have first to make the array of points from your image and put them in the image.c file under :
Hello I want to interface nokia 6100 Graphic lcd with LPC2378... so can anyone tell me the rough algorithm of it..... lcd driver/controller is GE8 i.e Epson controller S1D15G00. I m using SSP i.e synchronous serial port (same as SPI) for Interfacing. Thanks and regards Anujaa
help me to use graphic lcd 128x128 of nokia 6100 to interface with my MCU (ARM or 89S52 , or AVR )
Hello Does anyone know where to find a good tutorial to understand the Graphic colour lcd module with any microcontroller? Maverickmax77